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Junior Parkrun - Hove Park
🗓Sunday 11th June 9:00am

📍Hove Park BN3 7BF

Come and run with your family to this 2K parkrun for junior runners!

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John Shirley
John Shirley signed up to a community mission.

Sun 11th Jun at 6:00pm

John Shirley
John Shirley signed up to a community mission.

Sun 9th Jul at 2:55pm

Participate & highlight an event for Climate Change awareness.

Supporting charities working on sustainable initiatives.

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John Shirley
John Shirley went on a group run

Tue 6th Jun at 6:45pm

Building fitness at goodgym Barnet

Barnet Report written by Paul Salman

Eight goodGym members came together to help the Phoenix cinema by distributing leaflets for the latest feature films. As usual, we gathered at the cinema itself to chat and get ready. As part of the fun Niki suggested we stated our favourite building. They ranged from the Eiffel Tower to Bazalgette sewer system! We warmed up in a nearby green space and split up into teams of walkers and runners. The runners led bye,Cloud made a race of it and finished quickly. ( John suggested it was his favourite leafleting run ever, with over 800 good deeds, that’s saying something!) Both teams met up again to do some 'fart' like training around a residential square.  The position on the start line was determined by your height as your suggested building. Antonio as the London Shard started with Bazalgette sewerage system at the back. ( I know it’s complicated! ) we did a few laps and then warmed down before walking back to the cinema. Most of us stayed at the cinema for some discounted refreshments.

Thanks for coming running and doing some good!

Next week is green week, highlighting how we can be more sustainable in our community. Goodgym Barnet will be promoting itself and Tiny Forest at events and helping out in Highgate Woods on a Tuesday group run. Check out the events and please look to support and share.

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Harvey Gallagher
John Shirley
John Shirley signed up to a group run.

Tue 6th Jun at 6:45pm

helping a charity Cinema (Phoenix)

Help preserve a historic centre for the community

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Paul SalmanTam
John Shirley
John Shirley went on a community mission

Mon 5th Jun at 7:00pm

Part and parsley

Tower Hamlets Report written by Laura Williams

A gorgeous night for it.

16 GoodGymers gathered together at The Soanes Centre this evening, ready for an active, useful task in the beautiful Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park.

What we were doing?

We met with the Friends of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park team first, to collect wheelbarrows and gloves – and instructions. Park Manager Ken whizzed through the park’s fascinating facts, covering everything from wildlife to top cow parsley-plucking tips.

We then made our way through the centre of the park, to the area near The Big Green Pile (as it sounds) where we covered the basics of tonight’s task: pulling out cow parsley.

Why were we doing it?

Cow parsley can be invasive, taking up light and space. Without any control, the plant and its seeds spread quickly. Removing the flowering stem in late Spring helps manage this plant in this huge, much loved, historic cemetery and nature reserve.

How we got on

The team worked - you guessed it – tirelessly as usual. Getting to grips very quickly with these tough stems, the area started to look transformed very quickly. Working in groups on both sides of the park path, GoodGymers filled barrow after barrow with armfuls of the cow parsley.

With all that squatting, plucking and wheeling, it proved to be quite the Monday night workout. The time sped by, and before we knew it, it was well after 8 and we were wheeling the final barrow back to The Big Green Pile, to pose for one last picture.

We strolled back to base, grateful to Richard from the FOTHCP team for taking barrows and gloves off our hands.

Another fantastic night - well done everyone.

The big shout-outs

…To Giorgio, Yelda, and Alex who joined us for the very first time. You did such a great job, and we hope to see you again very soon.

To Emma who worked hard at Cow Parsley pun research.

To our Task Force (John, Chris, Fiona, Aine and Emma) who project manage-d tonight; helped plan the next few weeks, and who generally do loads behind the scenes.

…And to the whole team tonight, for such a fabulous start to the week.

Until next time.

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Paul SalmanKatie HullHarvey GallagherTamSam Lefevre

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Olivia Waller

Wed 7th Jun at 8:59am

Lovely photos, thanks Laura!

Laura Williams

Wed 7th Jun at 3:25pm

Great to see you Olivia! Well done for a brilliant evening!