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John Shirley
John Shirley signed up to a community mission.

Mon 4th Dec at 10:00am

Help a friendly community garden

The refurbished area will become a hub for food growing, gardening and wildlife activities

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John Shirley
John Shirley went on a community mission

Mon 27th Nov at 6:40pm

Lean mean carpet cleaning machines

Tower Hamlets Report written by John Shirley

Writes Fiona,

We headed to a local primary school in Bethnal Green to help out with some much needed tasks.

Upon arrival the group split in two with the indoor volunteers in charge of cleaning carpets.

Not just your average carpet but those colourful corners where the children sit everyday to read and learn!

It was quite the workout for a Monday evening as we went from room to room spraying and vacuuming with our special machines.

Meanwhile the outdoor team...

Writes John

John, Martin and Rohan peeled off from the main gang to perform the standard GoodGym task – shovelling and wheelbarrowing.

There was a difference this time though: all the wheelbarrows were in perfect working order.

We had to push the wheelbarrows to a park, shovel woodchip from a pile there, and transport it back to the school garden (which wasn’t at the school, actually). Rumours that we were actually stealing the woodchip from the park were swiftly rebuffed.

John and Rohan made numerous trips, wheeling the heavy woodchip to the garden, where it was deposited on cardboard to prevent weeds growing underneath.

Martin, meanwhile, took on the vital task of preventing anyone in the deserted park stealing the shovels while we were away wheeling.

Eventually, we returned to the school in our muddy trainers, but miraculously we avoided mucking up the newly-cleaned carpets.

Tonight's pun also courtesy of Fiona :)

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John Shirley
John Shirley went on a community mission

Mon 27th Nov at 12:15pm

Our work wasn't all in rain

Camden Report written by John Shirley

It was drizzling when we started, there were a few minutes of showers, but there were also dry spells as we raked up fallen leaves, shovelled them into a wheelbarrow, and added them to a pile in the corner of the community garden.

These will be composted for a year or longer.

Then we all went for a coffee and lunch.

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Harvey GallagherSam Lefevre
John Shirley
John Shirley went on a community mission

Sat 25th Nov at 12:00pm

A Row, A Row of Roses (and a couple of shrubs)

Hackney Report written by anne malcolm

With winter setting in, the Kyverdale community garden was ready for its next stage in development - planting roses and shrubs. Three goodgymmers were on hand to help Rita the project lead and a few residents who clearly love the garden and time outside.

The main task was turning the soil and digging 7 holes along the way for 5 heritage roses of various colours and 2 shrubs with beautiful red leaves. These were to be planted time about, along the perimeter fence. As the volunteers dug, some bulbs planted last years were unearthed and set aside for planting elsewhere on site ready for the spring.

When it was time for the big event - planting the first rose - Rita gave an excellent presentation on how to prepare the soil in the hole, how to handle the plant, how to carefully encourage the roots out of their restricted pot shape so that they spread out and the plant can establish itself in its new home, and how to tuck the plant in to its new bed. We were then all equipped with the knowledge to finish the task.

In less than an hour and a half, the holes were dug, the plants were in and various residents dropped by to lend a hand, admire the hard work and provide very welcome refreshments. We all look forward to seeing the new plants take root and put on a wonderful display next summer.

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