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John Shirley
John Shirley went on a community mission

Mon 28th Nov at 7:00pm

Easy come, easy grow

Tower Hamlets Report written by Laura Williams

At 4pm the heavens opened. Who'd have thought it.

But still 7 GoodGymers braved the rain at 7pm, to help Ken and Terry plant hundreds of flower bulbs in time for next Spring.

How come we were here?

Forming part of a green corridor project for this specific part of East London, successful funding on behalf of the Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park meant that we were able to join the team tonight in getting these bulbs bedded in for Spring.

A great way of boosting the landscape and injecting some fabulous colour into this well used park, bulb-planting also enabled us to get a decent upper and lower body workout in the process.

Working along the border of the Devons Road stretch of the park, we worked companionably getting tulip, daffodil and snowdrop bulbs into the wet ground (yes, rain, I guess you do have some benefits).

Pausing only to refill buckets and switch spots, we worked constantly for over 80 minutes.

At just after 8:15, we posed for that all-important final pic, said goodnight to Ken and Terry, and headed home to dry out and enjoy a well-deserved dinner.

Well done everyone - another rainy, satisfying Monday night.

Until next time.

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John Shirley
John Shirley signed up to a race.

Sat 17th Dec at 8:45am

Parkrun On Tour (South London Edition): Bushy

A 5k run & to experience a different Parkrun each month with other GoodGymers

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Paul Salman
John Shirley
John Shirley went on a race

Sat 26th Nov at 8:45am

Parkrun On Tour: Catford

Southwark Report written by Sam Lefevre (he/him)

Dave, Ian, John, Kim and Olivia met up to take on November's Parkrun on Tour: South London edition in Catford during the Catford parkrun.

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Paul SalmanOlivia WallerSam LefevreMichelle
Harvey Gallagher
John Shirley
John Shirley signed up to a community mission.

Mon 28th Nov at 7:00pm

THE BIG MONDAY NIGHT TASK: Planting bulbs with Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park team, in Bromley-By-Bow

Come and join Ken and Terry of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, as we plant a lot of bulbs!

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James SmithLatoya StephensPaul Salman
John Shirley
John Shirley went on a community mission

Mon 21st Nov at 7:00pm

The Hedge of Glory

Tower Hamlets Report written by Laura Williams

It’s official: come rain or shine, Monday night is the official blues-beater.

13 chilly GoodGymers joined for tonight’s task, in Bromley-By-Bow.

Although damp, dark and windy (again), the prospect of getting together and getting a decent workout in such an enjoyable environment proved irrestistable to tonight’s study team.

Background to the task

Local schools, parishioners, residents; gardeners, dog-walkers… all are playing an important part in the restoration of this historic, pretty new park area.

Under the careful eye of the Bow Church team, headed up by Larry, the green area, St Leonard’s Priory Park, has recently seen the addition of a new hedge, new grass, bundles of blub-planting; the installation of benches - and new sheds to house equipment.

This garden regeneration means that the park will be able to host events, catering to all: from local primary schools to vibrant community groups looking to appeal to as wide a demographic across the area as possible .

Where do GoodGym come in?

Our Monday evening sessions mean a large group of GoodGymers can tackle tough weeds, clear rubble, fill in fox holes and dispose of litter and timber debris making a clear space for the regular gardening and volunteer team to progress quickly.

What we did

We were distributed along the back wall of the park tonight, removing tree branches, weeding, and clearing rubble and litter as we went.

Timber and rubble were ditched in the bin area; sacks of weeds were lifted to the park entrance, and fox holes were filled.

This is a full-on physical task.

The GoodGymers worked at their usual cracking pace, blitzing the area in no time, leaving time to start tackling the pesky fox holes.

Apart from pausing to pose for photos and pun-polling, we worked non-stop for nearly an hour-and-a-quarter.

At 8:15, we lugged the final sack to the exit, turned off head torches, and posed for one last time.

Fantastic work, team!

Shout-outs to you all, for your productivity and tenacity on a chilly November night.

A special shout-out to Rahul, who came up with this evening’s cracking pun.

Next week, we return to the Devon’s Road area, for The Big Bulb-Plant with the Friends of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park.

Until then.

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