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Create a new community wildlife garden in Surbiton
🗓Today 6:30pm

📍The Quaker Centre KT1 2PT

Create a community space where people can meet and connect with the local environment. This will also create some great habitat for local wildlife populations

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Tue 29th Nov at 6:30pm

Create a new community wildlife garden in Surbiton

Create a community space where people can meet and connect with the local environment. This will also create some great habitat for local wildlife populations

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KashRachel White
Sevan been cheered 1000 times. 🎉

Sunday 27th November



Sevan been cheered 1000 times.

Sevan is extraordinary; they've received 1000 cheers. That's some serious noise and some serious support. Sevan is an apostle.

Harvey GallagherAdam StephensRachel WhiteKash
Sevan went on a mission

Sun 27th Nov at 2:00pm

Rake it till you break it

Tower Hamlets Report written by Kash

Mrs E was enjoying watching World Cup when she heard her doorbell ringing. She opened the door to see a man and a woman dressed in black who were clearly from West London. They admitted they were looking for her house on the wrong street. She was used to that - her address often got confused with a similar one nearby. The guests didn't admit that was the second mistake that happened to them that day - they had a job to do for Mrs E and were desperate to appear professional.

The arrivals introduced themselves as Kash and Sevan from GoodGym. They were the volunteers Mrs E expected to come and help with the excess leaves in her garden bothering her this autumn. She pointed to her tiny front garden. Sweeping and gathering leaves there looked like a 10-minute job for one person. That was a test. Sevan, who didn't believe that was the whole task, asked if there was a back garden. There was - and it had more leaves than the front one. The second test Mrs E devised was giving the people from GoodGym a hoe for sweeping the leaves. Kash asked for a rake to maximise efficiency. When Mrs M returned with the new tool, she also brought her personalised gin glass full of refreshing water for the GoodGymers.

Mrs E returned to watching football. When she went outside again, she discovered two things: first - the leaves from the front garden were gone, and second - her rake now was two separate pieces. Kash claimed the wooden part was already rotten, so the tool broke apart in her hands. Mrs E didn't seem to be bothered too much by Kash destroying her equipment. She invited the team to the back garden, where Sevan and Kash found more leaves and another rake model. Kash claimed the tool right away, leaving Sevan with bagging piles of leaves and reaching for hard-to-access leaves in the flowerbeds with his hands. In retrospect, it made sense as Sevan enjoys his exceptional manual work and has longer fingers than Kash.

The volunteers stormed through the back garden, leaving no leaves and broken tools behind. Sevan moved the bag of leaves to the front of the house. Mrs E said her garden never looked so great! She bid the GoodGymers farewell and continued watching football that afternoon, while Sevan and Kash were figuring out what was the best way to return to West London.

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Harvey GallagherRachel WhiteBeckyMichelleSevanKash

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Mon 28th Nov at 9:31am

Amazing job!

Sevan went on a mission

Sun 27th Nov at 10:00am

28 Dettols Later

Southwark Report written by Sevan

After initially going to the wrong door which had a cute moggie peeking through the blinds, Kash and Sevan were pointed towards Ms D's house. After being disappointed at missing out on some cat petting first time around, they were thrilled to see that Mrs D had her own friendly feline to keep them company!

Ms D had requested GoodGym to help declutter her flat and today's ask for Kash and Sevan was to work on 2 cupboards. As the cupboard doors were narrow, they decided to split. Upstairs for Kash and downstairs for Sevan where Ms D kept him company.

When they each opened their cupboards, they were amazed by the amount of things crammed into them. At the top of the stairs, Kash found her's chock full of pillows, kitchen towels and cleaning supplies, while under the stairs, Sevan found a freezer, cat food and even more cleaning supplies. It looked like Ms D had been preparing for the apocalypse, but she explained that she'd been in hospital for months and had planned for being less mobile by stocking up beforehand.

Kash worked away uninterrupted, removing everything from the cupboard. Her most interesting discoveries ware a chandelier hidden amongst the bottles of Dettol and a lifetime supply of council-provided bin bags. Once the cupboard was empty, Kash used her own initiative to refill it in a sensible, organised way.

Downstairs, Sevan too had been asked to empty his cupboard. He found bottles and tubs of bleach and detergent that'd been crushed under the weight of other bottles and tubs. In total there were 6 bottles of disinfectant, 6 boxes of dishwasher tablets and 6 packs of laundry detergent, plus a lot more. Sevan was asked to put any spares at the back while keeping everything within easy reach. He tried to explain that this didn't seem possible, but nevertheless did his best to build a new and improved jenga tower.

At the end of almost 2 hours, our protagonists thought they hadn't really done much other than reorganising some items. Ms D was really happy though with the first steps in decluttering her flat. We hope that she will eventually regain the space to allow her grandson to stay with her.

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Harvey GallagherBeckyRachel WhiteMichelleKashSevan
Sevan went on a mission

Sat 26th Nov at 2:00pm

Build me beddy one more time

Ealing Report written by Kash

Once upon a time, there was a couple. He was a hard-working man wearing a uniform, and she was a petite lady who believed that doing good for others will be rewarded. They fell in love and got married. They settled in Ealing, had children, and lived happily ever after. The end.

Or is it? One day Mr M, this is the husband's name, went to the dry cleaners to make his uniform neat and crisp. When he was crossing the road, a car bashed into him. Mr M was taken to the hospital with a broken leg. Fast forward four weeks he was ready to go back home. Unfortunately, he still couldn't walk and needed a hospital bed - and there was no space in his home for it. The end.

Or is it? This is where Sevan and Kash entered the story to fix the ending. They met Mr M's wife at her house and were given two things: the instructions on how to make space on the ground floor and the Love Story Repair Kit. The instructions were as follows: move Bed A from one room to another on the first floor, then take Bed B from the ground floor upstairs. Seems easy, right?

Both beds were big and heavy, while the doors were narrow, and the passages between rooms bendy. Sevan and Kash were not up for tactical manoeuvres or relying purely on muscle strength and luck. They opened the Love Story Repair Kit and found spanners, Allen keys and screwdrivers. They decided to dismantle entire beds, move them to their destination points and assemble them again. When Sevan used the term "structural integrity", Kash had no doubt they had some decent engineering skills in their team!

The tools were excellent - even the tricky bolts Sevan and Kash saw for the first time were no match for them. In absence of instructions, the team was having lots of fun while solving two sets of bed construction puzzles. To make sure the mission contains a physical element to it, the GoodGymers moved a heavy sofa that was blocking the bed's emergency exit from the room.

After the job was done, the beds built and all nuts and bolts screwed tightly, Mrs M invited Sevan and Kash for a cup of tea. She offered some snacks - they couldn't say no to more nuts that day - this time the edible ones! Mrs M told them about her husband's accident and about her life. She was not only the main administrator in the family but also spent years caring for her parents-in-law and her brother-in-law. She was making regular donations to several charities and still does it for a few of them.

Mrs M was a great inspiration in doing good for Sevan and Kash. They wished for Mr M's fast return home and speedy recovery, then set off for their next ventures to acquire some good karma. The end.

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Harvey GallagherSevan
Sevan went on a community mission

Sat 26th Nov at 1:00pm

A tale of lost mobiles and keys to the door

Ealing Report written by Harvey Gallagher (he/him)

The things you stumble over when you're out leafleting with GoodGym for the Reduce and Recyle Hub in Acton! Jonathan found someone's mobile phone on the ground. As he was on his way to hand it in at the police station, the relieved owner called the phone and Jonathan was able to hand it back safe and sound. Well done that man!

Then, Harvey walked up to a front door to put a leaflet through the letterbox and the owner's keys were still in the lock - with their car keys on the keyring too! He popped the whole set of keys through the letterbox (along with a reduce/recyle hub flyer, of course), judging that the risk of the owner being locked out was less than the risk to their home and car of the keys being left out.

Kash and Sevan rattled off several streets of flyering before heading off to their next task, whilst Divya, Harvey and Jonathan finished off the streets around Acton Town station.

Surely that must count as several good deeds from this gang today?!

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Harvey Gallagher

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Emily Oldfield

Sun 27th Nov at 12:44pm


Sevan went on a community mission

Sat 26th Nov at 10:00am

Harvey GallagherKash
Sevan signed up to a mission.

Sun 27th Nov at 2:00pm

Sweeping up leaves for Mrs E

Will keep her garden clean and tidy and avoid slippage hazards

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SevanRachel WhiteKash
Sevan signed up to a community mission.

Sat 26th Nov at 1:00pm

Promoting the Reduce and Recycle Hub for Acton Market

It will promote the hub and increase awareness of their activities and increase recycling and reduce waste

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Rachel WhiteKashSevan