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๐Ÿ—“Tuesday 18th June 6:45pm

๐Ÿ“Bodyline Studio W5 2AB

Encourage children of all abilities to play together

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Tue 11th Jun at 6:45pm

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Tue 2nd Jul at 6:45pm

Group run: Bramble bash @ Walpole Park

Help the park ranger keep the brambles at bay

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Sevan went on a community mission

Sun 9th Jun at 8:40am

Cone I Take These Home With Me?

Ealing Report written by Sevan

GoodGym were back volunteering at Acton Junior parkrun, which coincided with another beautiful morning. This might've been the reason for the bumper turnout (reader, you can decide yourselves if it was the weather or GoodGym presence).

There were 87 runners in total who completed the course, with the regular volunteers being amazed at how the numbers had increased recently. GoodGymers too had turned out in numbers, with Harvey, Alan and Joanna marshalling, Divy making a late entrance as a barcode scanner, while Sevan took Divy's place as timekeeper and Chikako was today's VI guide.

There were 2 other GoodGymer marshals who stopped a serious crime. There was a cone thief disguised as a Junior parkrunner at today's event. Michelle and Kash foiled their audatious bid to steal cones from the funnel, that would've sent the children behind them straight past the funnel and running off the edge of a cliff like Wile E. Coyote. Well done Michelle and Kash ๐Ÿ‘

We'll be back at Acton Junior parkrun next month to cheer the runners and possibly foil more crime.

That's all folks!

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StephDucatKashHarvey GallagherAlan ArmstrongSevan
Sevan went on a community mission

Sat 8th Jun at 10:30am

High Lo, High Lo, It's Off To Work We Go

Ealing Report written by Madhan

It's part 2 of the painting task and the same team assembled like the previous one. We had two more GoodGymers joined this time. Nishy ran from Hanwell and Alaa joined us for her first GoodGym task.

Welcome to GoodGym Ealing, Alaa

We didn't have a problem wearing the aprons as we had experience from last time. Mandie got us some watermelons, pineapples, and water bottles to keep us refreshed. It was getting warm after some time.

Kash, Nishy, and I used the big rollers and went up and down whereas Claire, Clare, and Sevan focussed on touchup using small brushes. Tbh using the small brushes was a niche work and required more effort and care. This time we got a ladder and Claire was covering the top of the walls for some time. It was Alaa's first painting task. She took regular rollers and covered the area near the windows.

We got lost in time and it was almost noon. We then wrapped up and Claire owned the cleaning up like last time. Sevan was busy finishing up his artwork and was going at it till the last minute. We had some bites of watermelon before the team dispersed.

So if you feel like you missed this one don't worry as we will be coming back for another painting session sometime end of this month or next month.

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StephDucatSevanBeataMadhanHarvey Gallagher

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Sat 8th Jun at 11:54pm

Thank you for leading a fun and rewarding session Madhan! Welcome Alaa! ๐Ÿ˜Š


Sun 9th Jun at 12:07pm

It was great working with you guys! Thanks for the warm welcome! :)

Sevan signed up to a community mission.

Sun 23rd Jun at 8:40am

Pitshanger June-ior parkrun

Fun, fresh air and fitness for young people

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Sevan signed up to a community mission.

Sat 22nd Jun at 10:00am

GoodGym Ealing x Great Get Together: Grove Farm Conservation Day!

Improve the biodiversity of the beautiful place for people to visit & relax

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Sevan went on a group run

Tue 4th Jun at 6:30pm

Sew of Silence

Ealing Report written by Kash

The run from Ealing Broadway to the office of Action West London in Acton takes 4km each way. Tonight was not one of our easy-going group run evenings as we really wanted to make it on time. Mary, Yvonne and Lone - all the big names of Ealing Repair Cafe - prepared a special workshop for GoodGym Ealing! It was a follow-up of our previous collab with Mary. We really wanted to finish the upcycled GoodGym flag and give more GoodGymers the opportunity to learn how to sew and create more bunting for Acton Market.

How much bunting does Acton Market, Acton Carnival and community groups need?

"My friend says: there is never enough... But my cousin says: burn it all!" - Mary

We took Mary's friend's perspective and created four strings of bunting out of old jeans! Steph and Sevan cut the fabric into triangles, and Divya operated the sewing machine.

In the meantime, Paul and Kash took up the challenge to sew the GoodGym logo to the flag's background.

"How confident you guys are with hand sewing?"
"I had it in school." - Paul

Indeed, Paul's and Kash's sewing was supposed to be all manual and needed some coordination between the duo to not hurt the quality of the flag (and not hurt each other).

"You can remove the pins once you have sewn the letter. That way, you have less stabbing potential" - tip from Mary

Everyone worked with utmost concentration.

"I have never been on a task that's been so quiet." - Paul

That said, we've been bursting into laughter on several occasions, especially after hearing the pro tip about regularly stroking the thread to avoid knots. I wonder why!

Before running back to Ealing, we popped into ActOne Cinema. To watch a film? No. To use their community space? No. We chose the cinema's bar as a place to chat without noise and celebrate...

Steph's 300 good deeds!

Our famous racer, the Unstoppable Steph, raced his way to that milestone in a year and ten days. Incredible!

Next week we are running to a less remote part of Acton for an epic litterpick, followed by a GoodGym Ealing bowling party!

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MichelleSam LefevreMadhanSevanKash

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Wed 5th Jun at 9:41am

Well Done Steph!!! Cruising through ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘


Wed 5th Jun at 2:31pm

Thanks Madhan

Alan Armstrong

Thu 6th Jun at 4:26pm

Congratulations Steph! Amazing work


Thu 6th Jun at 8:29pm

Cheers Alan