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Sevan's next session
Help Setup Ealing Animal Fair @ Hanwell Church - Saturday
🗓Today 8:30am

📍Hanwell Methodist Church W7 1DJ

It will be an enormous help to the organisers and stallholders.

MadhanKashSevanBryon Chan
4 GoodGymers are going - no space left 😢
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Sevan went on a community mission

Sat 2nd Mar at 8:30am

StephDucatSamSam Lefevre
Sevan went on a mission

Thu 29th Feb at 6:00pm

A Mug's Shame

Brent Report written by Sevan

Mr B was in trouble. His wife of 50 years had gone on a long trip and told him to keep their home tidy. Meanwhile, the council had come and given him a shiny new kitchen (good) and left the items from his kitchen cabinets on the living room floor in bags (bad). And they were dusty (badder). Mr B realised that he needed to make this right before his wife returned 😰

Mr B was worried that the new kitchen had less storage space than the old one, so today GoodGym had sent one of their top Tardis physics experts, Sevan, to help Mr B store away his belongings. Sevan worked through each bag, removing items slowly, giving Mr B the chance to decide whether to keep it or not. Sevan soon learned that Mr B wouldn't be discarding anything. Instead, potentially discardable items were placed in a bin bag to be reviewed by Mrs B when she returned.

Sevan also learned that:

  • Nigerians love to give personalised gifts as mementos
  • Apparently you can never have too many food containers, even if the lids have gone walkies
  • There was a secret cabinet door that Mr B didn't know about. Tardis physics delivered ✅

Sevan discovered, amongst other things, many pots and pans, lots of food containers (mostly empty), 3 teapots (S, M and L) and bags full of glasses and mugs. 4 unused travel mugs were also found.

Mr B was a generous guy. He offered Sevan mugs and glasses, which were politely declined. As each travel mug was found, Mr B hopefully asked if Sevan wanted it? Maybe Sevan's partner would want one? No and no, but thank you.

With the cupboards magically increasing in capacity, Sevan managed to store away all of the essentials. He was proud that Mr B managed to fill a large bin bag of items that he was considering discarding and with the living room floor cleared of belongings, no shame would come from his housekeeping efforts when Mrs B arrived home.

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Sam Lefevre
Peter Van TongerenKash
Sevan signed up to a mission.

Sun 3rd Mar at 12:00pm

Tidying up the garden for Mr J (flexible timings*) (Wk1)

It would be a relief for Mr J as he would have a clean and tidy garden.

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Sevan signed up to a group run.

Tue 12th Mar at 6:45pm

Mulching Our Fruit Trees

Ensure the health of community orchards along the Grand Union Canal

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StephDucatAngela Shaw
Sevan signed up to a mission.

Thu 29th Feb at 6:00pm

SamMadhanAngela ShawStephDucat
Sevan signed up to a mission.

Sun 3rd Mar at 3:00pm

Sevan went on a group run

Tue 27th Feb at 6:45pm

Fairy Log-quit

Ealing Report written by Kash

On a dark Tuesday night, a couple of officers from Ealing Patrol Service sat in their car, watching hypnotising flashes of the lights mounted on top of their vehicle. It was the most exciting sight they could hope for in the tranquillity of nighttime Walpole Park.

Suddenly, three wheelbarrows rolled in front of their car. The officers blinked in disbelief.

Are those wheelbarrows?!

We are a volunteer group called GoodGym. We borrowed some tools from ranger Jon to help in the community garden across the road. We know it's dark and that it looks weird.

The people with wheelbarrows disappeared into the darkness. The officers weren't sure whether they were hallucinating or not.

In the neighbouring Lammas Park Enclosure, fairies were having a party at the wooden circle in the middle of the community orchard. When they heard loud wailing, they hid in the holes of the trees and under the bark of old logs surrounding the party area. No one would tell that the pixies were having a good time there a few seconds ago. Only a blue plastic carrier bag with an empty beer can inside rolled through the orchard like tumbleweed.

The wailing noises were coming from a wheelbarrow borrowed from Trevor of Ealing Transition, the mastermind behind tonight's movements in the Enclosure. And there were quite a lot of movements happening! First, the GoodGymers, the people who brought the haunted wheelbarrow and three well-behaved barrows, moved the old, rotting logs from the fairies' circle into a dedicated log decomposition zone. They replaced the decommissioned logs with new ones that would make nice seats for the fairies. The GoodGymers even built a coffee table in case Tinker Bell and her mates needed some caffeine to pick them up the next day after the night out. Finally, they spread woodchip from a nearby pile onto the ground at entrances to the Enclosure. Fairies didn't need it to avoid walking on muddy paths. They can fly over the mud after all! The woodchip carpet was made of milled thuja that brought an irresistible forest scent into the Transition Garden.

Once the GoodGymers were gone, the fairies resumed the party, wrecking the new wooden furniture in their magic circle and rolling in thuja chips.

Next week, the GoodGym crew will be wheelbarrowing a different cargo - check out the session in Acton here. We hope to see you there!

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MadhanSam LefevreStephDucatKashSevan
Sevan went on a community mission

Mon 26th Feb at 6:30pm

Letterboxing Clever

Ealing Report written by Kash

Steph, Sevan, Pippa, Kash, and Beata met on Monday evening at Acton Town tube station to distribute leaflets promoting the Reduce and Recycle Hub happening this Saturday.

They ventured towards the new development buildings Northeast of Bollo Lane to post flyers in the residents' letterboxes. There were some real jackpots scored as the GoodGymers encountered large clusters of letterboxes outside the buildings.

Despite the cold wind, the team worked quickly and efficiently, chatting and joking as they went. They completed their task in no time, spreading the word about the monthly event promoting reducing waste and ecouraging circular economy. They left Acton Town with a sense of accomplishment and looking forward to their next session together.

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Angela ShawSevanHarvey GallagherSam LefevreKash
Sevan signed up to a community mission.

Mon 26th Feb at 6:30pm

Leafletting for Reduce and Recycle Hub for Acton Market

It will promote the hub and as a result will increase recycling and reduce waste in the area

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SamPeter Van TongerenKashMadhanStephDucat
Sevan went on a mission

Sun 25th Feb at 4:00pm

It's Butter Being Home

Camden Report written by Sevan

Ms F was a GoodGym regular until suddenly, her missions stopped being listed a few months ago. Today's was the first since she'd returned home from a spell in hospital and she explained that the carers who were shopping for her didn't bring her the exact products that she wanted. Looking in her fridge, we discovered whole milk instead of semi-skimmed and it was from Tesco, not Waitrose! 😮

Ms F had a very precise list ready to keep her going for the next few days. It took Sevan 30 minutes to note it down, catch up with Ms F and - shock horror - discover that her Waitrose app now didn't contain any vouchers for her to use.

List prepped and product photos taken, the actual shop was straightforward. Sevan found the exact milk, butter and clementines that Ms F wanted along with a side mission to Boots. The only item that was sold out were the hot cross buns which were on offer and would have gone perfectly with the fresh tub of spreadable butter. Maybe next week...

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StephDucatHarvey GallagherSam LefevreKash