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Spreading the word about swift boxes
🗓Wednesday 6th March 6:30pm

📍Chiswick Town Hall W4 4JN

For Wild Chiswick

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Wed 6th Mar at 6:30pm

Emily Oldfield
Emily Oldfield went on a group run

Wed 7th Feb at 6:30pm

Second to nun

Hounslow Report written by Anastasia Hancock (she/her)

It was a quiet, more mindful task last night in Hounslow as ten of us ran to the Comboni centre for Spirituality for our Wednesday group run. We had an enthusiastic welcome from the incomparable Sister Natalia, who explained all the jobs to be done.

While one half of the team tackled the weeding, edging, pruning and tidying at the front of the centre, the second group were taken round to the back of the building and got started on various tasks.

There was plenty of weeding to be done, and also the small matter of two very large pots to be moved from the back of the building to the kitchen, where Sr Natalie hopes to grow herbs. It seemed simple enough, but when Chris and Emily tried to lift them, they quickly realised that there was no lip to hold onto. After some consideration, the pair created an effective rolling system which - after a bit of practice - worked a treat!

As this is a spiritual place, we were careful to keep noise to a minimum within the garden, and concentrated on the work itself. before we knew it, 45 minute was up and it was time to leave, but not before a group photo - with Sr Natalie in pride of place of course!

We took a speedy run back to the Town Hall and found a spot for a short leg blast. With five minutes, eight exercises, and no breaks, it was intense but effective, especially with the dreaded squat finisher!

Next week instead of a group run we will be doing a Wednesday community mission helping out at Gunnersbury park, so meet Chris and Tish at the North Lodge in Gunnersbury park at 18:45 for a spot of Valentine's bramble bashing!

We also have two missions coming up which need a few pairs of helping hands. Could you spare an hour to help litter pick at Manor Gardens allotments on the 18th?. There is also a fun session to shovel horse manure with Cultivate at the riding school on the 24th. Happy GoodGyming everybody!

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Emily Oldfield
Emily Oldfield went on a mission

Sat 3rd Feb at 2:00pm

Picas-so clean!

Camden Report written by Emily Oldfield

I cycled over to meet Mrs V who has had several visits from GGers before to help her sort through her belongings with a view to reducing how much she keeps before moving out. The main part we tackled today was a pile of art and papers, deciding which bits can be recycled, bits that can be moved to be more accessible, and the rest to store. Once it was sorted through I was able to do a quick clean as there was a lot of dust! After that we took some recycling down to the bins and I bid Mrs V farewell. She was very grateful for all the help.

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Emily Oldfield
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Sat 3rd Feb at 2:00pm

Help Ms V to sort & dispose so she feels prepared to move to sheltered living (Wk1) (Flexible timings)

Ms V is thinking about the future as she would like to move to sheltered living within the next year, so wants to feel prepared & less weighed down.

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Emily Oldfield
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Wed 7th Feb at 6:30pm

Helping with the Comboni Garden Project

A quiet task lending a hand at this centre for spirituality

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Emily Oldfield
Emily Oldfield went on a group run

Wed 31st Jan at 6:30pm

Branching out

Hounslow Report written by Anastasia Hancock (she/her)

Great to see so many lovely GGers turning up to spend their Wednesday night supporting local communities. Did you know that recent surveys have shown that 77% of volunteers believed their mental health has improved due to volunteering and that 78% of them said it reduced their stress levels? Couple that with the benefits of getting active and it's no wonder we were floating zen-like through our task for Friends of Turnham Green!

We met at the Town Hall before heading over to the rockery to meet Kathleen, who had our jobs ready for the evening ahead. First up Tish and Jon volunteered to go round the perimeter of the park clipping off all the plastic ties in what eventually turned out to be an epic job. The next group opted for leaf picking, while some of the others did the same for the branches (some of which definitely identified as logs) and the remaining group shuttled the boxes and wheelbarrow back and forth to the collection points.

It's always amazing to see how much we can get done together, and after 45 minutes we had created an impressive pile of leaves and wood ready for chipping, leaving the ground ready for the spring flowers to burst through. As there was no run involved we had plenty of time for a bumper fitness session, which began with five sets of strides during which we focused on various technical points.

It wouldn't be a Hounslow fitness session without an element of competition, so we moved on to the whole body workout with a twist. A quick round of rock/paper/scissors decided who was going to take on the challenge first, and we worked through squat thrusts, step ups, side planks, tricep dips and dynamic squats with each person trying to outdo the last. There were some incredible numbers being achieved, you're all machines!

Next week we have a mindful task helping with the Comboni garden project, and there is a community mission to help paint at the Sea cadets HQ on Saturday.

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Emily Oldfield
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Wed 31st Jan at 6:30pm

Jobs at Turnham Green

with Friends of Turnham Green

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Emily Oldfield
Emily Oldfield
Emily Oldfield went on a mission

Sat 20th Jan at 2:00pm

At the coalface of a GoodGym task

Camden Report written by Emily Oldfield

I walked over to meet Mrs F to help clear out a cupboard where there has been a leak from a pipe so that a technician can have access to fix it. The cupboard was actually the old coal cupboard with a chute that opens up right next to the front door so that coal could be delivered into the home many many years ago. There was at least a decades worth of items in the cupboard (we were able to date it as we found some old drinks with a best before date on) and a lot of it was dirty and damp. Mrs F and I chatted away whilst I got to work. I filled up lots of rubbish bags and although most of it was ruined, there were a few items we were able to save like a useful toolbox, an extension lead and some brand new winter boots! Thankfully the communal bins were nearby and I managed to deposit everything before I left. Now that the cupboard is empty hopefully Mrs F can get the leak fixed.

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