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Spreading the word about the That's A Wrap project
🗓Wednesday 6th December 6:30pm

📍Chiswick Town Hall W4 4JN

Help raise awareness for this amazing charity

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Alan Armstrong
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Wed 6th Dec at 6:30pm

Spreading the word about the That's A Wrap project

Help raise awareness for this amazing charity

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StephDucatAnastasia Hancock
Alan Armstrong
Alan Armstrong went on a group run

Wed 29th Nov at 6:30pm

Fancy plants

Hounslow Report written by Anastasia Hancock (she/her)

GoodGym is so much more than numbers. The effect of so many people coming together to do good in their community can not be measured, and who can possibly count all the kilometers we have run together?

However, if we were to try to get the figures down, here what last night would look like:

9 hardy GoodGymers met at Turnham Green in Chiswick, wrapped up in many, many layers of thermals, gloves and socks to brave the

1 degree weather. We met Kathleen who told us

11 000 was the original number of bulbs that Friends of Turnham Green had to plants. Last night we spent

1 hour planting daffs, snowdrops and many more varieties of flowers which will come up in Spring to brighten the place up after a long cold winter. Over the course of the evening we spotted

2 dogs in Christmas jumpers, and dug

innumerable holes in the sole, with several interested passers by asking what we were doing and thanking us for our efforts. With frozen fingers and toes, and with the pub and all its delicious Thai delights wafting out from within, it was decided that there would be

0 fitness sessions happening that night. But next week we will be delivering flyers for That's A Wrap, so expect to cover a lot of ground as we work our way round the neighbourhood spreading the word about their amazing mission to give every child in Hounslow a present who wouldn't otherwise receive one.

For all you do, despite the freeing conditions, a million thank yous!

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Alan ArmstrongHarvey GallagherStephDucatKash
Alan Armstrong
Alan Armstrong signed up to a community mission.

Sun 10th Dec at 8:40am

🎵 Rockin' Around the Acton Junior parkrun Course 🎄

Get children active and having fun on a Sunday morning

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Emily Oldfield
Alan Armstrong
Alan Armstrong went on a community mission

Sat 25th Nov at 11:00am

Reed all about it

Hounslow Report written by Alan Armstrong

A morning of good-deedery as I cycled straight to this task from marshalling at Gunnersbury parkrun. Joined the Friends of Harvard Hill Park on a beautiful clear, cool morning to plant lots of flowers, shrubs, reeds and bulbs.

I focused mostly on the area near the main gate, starting off on pansy-planting duty before burying lots of multi-lobed bulbs which apparently will yield what are known scientifically as “tall red things”.

Rewarded with biscuits by the lovely locals and look forward to coming back to see what those red things look like.

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KashHarvey GallagherSevanMichelle
Alan Armstrong
Alan Armstrong signed up to a group run.

Wed 29th Nov at 6:30pm

Planting loads of bulbs by Turnham Green church

Help make this a beautiful place come Spring!

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