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Wed 29th May at 6:30pm

Changing blooms

Hounslow Report written by Anastasia Hancock (she/her)

Hounslow Foodbox do incredible work in the local area providing a lifeline and support to families struggling with the cost of living by providing emergency food and other resources.

They are based in Brentford, where they operate out of a community centre. It would normally be a little too far for us to get to on a group run, but when they let us know they had a huge job to tackle the grounds around the centre, we knew we had to work something out.

So as a special group run, we met directly at the centre rather than our usual meeting spot, which meant we had a little more time to take on the challenge - but we still got a good length run on the way back.

When the first few of us arrived, we saw that Steph had beaten us to it by quite some margin and was already busy at work! With the area very overgrown with nettles, weeds and other undesirables, there was no time to lose.

We grabbed tools and gloves and began the transformation. As we worked we discussed all the great running you've been doing - well done especially to Matt and Eloise who smashed a very hilly trail half/full mara last weekend and still had what looked like very fresh legs for the session last night!

After a good stint, the transformation was like somewhere featured on the tv program 'Changing Rooms'. What was once an overgrown and unsafe area had changed into a much more pleasant and welcoming space for people using the invaluable facilities. The team at the foodbox were pleased with what we had been able to get done. Great work everybody!

Next week we're back to normal, except that we have two great tasks for you to choose from! Opt to head to Cavendish School to help with their nature project or head to Chiswick allotments to do some clearing and planting. Looking forward to seeing what we can get done. Happy GGing everybody!

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