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Helping tame a small community garden
🗓Today 11:00am

📍Bramford community garden, bramford gardens SW18

at Bramford Gardens in Wandsworth

Anastasia Hancock
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Sat 15th Jun at 11:00am

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Mon 17th Jun at 6:30pm

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Thu 20th Jun at 8:30pm

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Wed 12th Jun at 6:30pm

Thistle do, on balance

Hounslow Report written by Anastasia Hancock (she/her)

While we've been waiting for summer to finally show its face, GoodGym Hounslow have been keeping themselves busy about the neighbourhood.

While a few of us supported the WLQP's 10km walk at the weekend (with the fading temporary tattoos to show for it), others of us have been focusing on raising money and awareness for the WWF (the animals not the wrestlers) by running 5km every day for a month. Go Gus!

Last night our attention turned to Chiswick House and garden, where we returned for our regular visit. We met Lauren, who took both us and her massive barrow of tools over to the gardens near the cafe, an are that we have been working on recently.

Our job for the evening turned out to be a very satisfying- if not prickly - one. The thistles are threatening to take over the beautiful garden there, having grown taller than the lovely aliums and grasses. So, donning our thickest gloves, we set to eliminating them and the suffocating bindweed.

Given the wet weather they came out easily enough, and we made quick progress. Just don't ask if I remembered to take a 'before' shot....(oops).

With several ton bags of weeds collected we called it a night and headed over to find a suitable space for our fitness session. No sooner had we settled in were we greeted by two sweet dogs who were keen to be part of our balance for runners drills. After a few tummy scritches they finally relented and we got started. The idea is that the stronger our balance, the better our running style, especially since running involves spending our time either propelling off one leg or in the air. If our balance isn't great, or weaker on one side, this can lead to overcompensation, and injury.

We covered various exercises, including single leg squats, lateral bounds, squat to calf lifts and more. It was interesting to have a think about which side was stronger - whilst trying to stay upright!

Great work everyone. We have a few things coming up, including an evening session tonight to help prepare the ground some more ahead of planting fruit and veg for Hounslow food bank.

Next week we're off to Harvard Hill to help the Friends group with various jobs. Looking forward to keeping our green fingers busy!

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Augustin Lagarde

Thu 13th Jun at 1:46pm

Annh! Sweet shoutout Ana!

Anastasia Hancock
Anastasia Hancock (she/her) signed up to a community mission.

Mon 17th Jun at 12:30pm

Anastasia Hancock
Anastasia Hancock (she/her) signed up to a community mission.

Thu 27th Jun at 6:00pm

Are your green fingers itching to make a difference? The garden at adult disability charity Balance Support Day Centre needs some TLC!

The brambles and nettles are starting to become a nuisance and it would be great to get these cutback/dug up so that service users can enjoy the garden

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Anastasia Hancock
Anastasia Hancock (she/her) signed up to a group run.

Thu 20th Jun at 7:00pm

StephDucatAnastasia Hancock
Anastasia Hancock
Anastasia Hancock (she/her) signed up to a group run.

Thu 20th Jun at 5:10pm

Anastasia HancockStephDucat
Anastasia Hancock
Anastasia Hancock (she/her) went on a mission

Wed 12th Jun at 12:00pm

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