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Fri 29th Sep at 1:00pm

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Wed 25th Oct at 6:30pm

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Wed 27th Sep at 6:30pm

Rake it til you make it

Hounslow Report written by Anastasia Hancock (she/her)

We had a new task location last night in Hounslow, so after a warm up and a race to beat the falling light, we met Auberon from Cultivate at some of the beds they take care of on Chiswick High Rd.

While some of us took the more direct route, the other group opted for a more scenic way and a little bit of extra mileage, but we all ended up in the same spot ready to tackle the job in hand!

Local charity Cultivate has stewardship over several large beds, but it has turned into a bit of a litter hotspot as its on a main thoroughfare. Our task for the evening was to pick litter and clear leaves, making it a much more pleasant and healthier place for passersby. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, the council had paid a visit earlier that day and done a sweep of the area. That meant all we had to really concern ourselves with was the leaves.

We collected bag after bag, which not only means the plants in the beds aren't fighting for sunlight and can thrive, but also that the collected leaves can be turned into mulch which Cultivate can then use. Everyone's a winner.

We enjoyed a steady run back to Turnham Green before the fitness fun commenced. First of all was a run round our familiar circuit at a good pace, recording individual times. Then we turned our attention to our previous GG fitness challenge where we had to complete a full set of various reps. It was absolutely amazing to see every single one of you beat your previous time! A huge well done. If that wasn't enough, we finished off with another sprint, this time even faster than before now our major muscle groups were fired up. Great work everybody. Next week's session is just being confirmed, It'll be up asap, so keep an eye out!

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Tue 3rd Oct at 11:00am

Drop-in lunchtime gardening session at Dean Gardens

Improve the green public space for everyone to enjoy

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Kenny WongStephDucatCharlotte Proud
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Wed 27th Sep at 6:30pm

Anastasia Hancock
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Sun 1st Oct at 1:00pm

Removing weeds and cleaning the back garden for Mr L (Wk1)

Mr L would like to access his garden. Unfortunately, he is unable to clean his garden by himself

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Tue 26th Sep at 6:45pm

The Itchhikers Guide to Elthorne Park

Ealing Report written by Kash

A gang of Bodacious Burdock Bashers met today in Hanwell, a new, trending location for young* thrill seekers. They were blessed by the unexpectedly warm weather and an abundance of burdock in a nearby park. For a bunch of cool kids like Madhan, Sevan, Steph Ducat, Harvey and Kash, there's nothing better than hanging out in a park after dusk and bashing some dried burdock.

*under 60


They ran from the Hanwell Clock Tower to Elthorne Park through the woods by River Brent and along the towpath. No one fell into the canal but it was still fun. In the park, they opened the container where Ranger Jon held his treasures and found a wheelbarrow. It was one of the models that never got a flat tyre, and the crowd instantly fell in love with it. Only Divya, who just arrived on his bike, had a ride that could compete with the barrow. The gang loaded the barrow with loppers and headed uphill to engage with some burdock spotting.

They couldn't find any burdock in the area GoodGymers had cleared at the beginning of August. They must have done a great job back then! Or it was too dark already to spot burdock...

They fired up the head torches and portable lights and moved further down the path. They found giant burdock plants that hadn't been cut down by anyone since GoodGym's last visit. The gang ruthlessly chopped the burdock into small pieces to fit it into tonne bags they had found in the container. The stems made squeaky noises when cracking. A series of kicks and stomps put the protesting burdock in its place. Soon, two big bags were full of burdock and hauled to the container.

The GoodGymers checked if there were no remaining naughty plants in the nearest area but all of the burdock was on their gloves, shoes and running kit. It turned out that the people with the most exposed skin tonight were at an advantage. Paradoxically, they were less attractive to burs that had nothing fluffy to hold on to. No one escaped the itchiness of the skin - a farewell gift from nature's velcro, which god knows how got under GoodGymers' t-shirts.

Next week Ealing GoodGymers are running back to civilisation - to help St Mary's church in the heart of South Ealing. Sign up now!

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John ShirleySevanKashMadhanHarvey Gallagher
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Sat 30th Sep at 11:00am

EWG Photo Exhibition Grand Opening @ Walpole Park - Meet and Greet

This will inspire the local community to engage with our green spaces, nature and wildlife.

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Tue 26th Sep at 11:00am

Fork it - Make it - Do it - Makes us - Harder - Better - Faster - Stronger

Ealing Report written by Kash

When Kash arrived at lunchtime at Dean Gardens, the new recruit Issy was already forking out (I mean working out!) her muscles on the rather dry soil of the community garden maintained by Cultivate London. The GoodGymers met Angel from Cultivate, who was in charge of the task at the time, and another volunteer, Chris.

The whole quartet received some thumbs up from the public - including a member of the Ealing Council who knew both Cultivate and GoodGym charities. He revealed himself as a driving force from the Council side to secure a grant for initially setting up GoodGym Ealing! Looks like you can spot some legends passing by West Ealing at lunchtime on Tuesdays!

Today's job was pretty simple: turning the soil around the plants, removing the weeds and sprinkling the whole flower bed with fresh compost. The tricky part was to spare the bulbs that, as Kash found out, had been buried quite shallow in the soil.

What are we going to do next week at Dean Gardens? Who knows! If you are curious, sign up here and join us next Tuesday!

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Harvey GallagherCharlotte Proud
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Sat 21st Oct at 10:00am

October conservation day at Grove Farm! 🍁

Improve access for the conservation work volunteers and visitors

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Paul SalmanAnastasia HancockMadhanStephDucat