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Clean-up at Wolf Fields nature reserve 🐺
🗓Today 2:30pm

📍Wolf Fields UB2 4JS

Help creating a nature reserve in Southall

Harvey GallagherKashSevan
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Kash went on a community mission

Sun 26th Mar at 2:30pm

Kash went on a community mission

Sun 26th Mar at 9:00am

Pitshanger Puddle Marshals

Ealing Report written by Sevan

Kash and Sevan made a last minute decision to help out as marshals at Pitshanger Juniors this morning. They were surprised to find Raj there too as a timekeeper as he wasn't on the roster either last night. As marshals, Kash and Sevan's main job was to warn runners about the puddles around the course, which Sevan was doing for the second week in a row.

10 minutes before the start, there were lots of volunteers without any children to run the course. Like the weather, the children arrived in drips and drabs, having recovered from 1 less hour of sleep last night due to the time change and also seeing that the streets were soaking wet this morning.

In the end there were 31 runners and a special occasion for the volunteers, it was Laurence's 250th time volunteering at Pitshanger Juniors. The majority of those times, Laurence had been in the tail walker role as today. It wasn't only the other volunteers that knew this and gave him a cheer, the children and parents too waited for him at the funnel to congratulate him as he completed the course. What a great achievement!

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Alan ArmstrongJenni HSam Lefevre
Kash signed up to a community mission.

Sun 26th Mar at 2:30pm

Clean-up at Wolf Fields nature reserve 🐺

Help creating a nature reserve in Southall

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Kash went on a mission

Sat 25th Mar at 2:00pm

The Hunt For Blue Doc-Holder

Hammersmith and Fulham Report written by Sevan

Special Agent K and Agent S arrived at Mrs Z's house to help her with a covert mission. Mrs Z needed to defect from being a public transport using comrade to a capitalist taxi hailer. Her medical conditions meant that she could no longer stand in solidarity with her brothers and sisters on the bus. The fact was, she had trouble standing at all and couldn't walk more than a few hundred metres.

Mrs Z needed a Taxi Card and a Blue Badge to get her to freedom and allow her to live her life unencumbered. The most important entitlement to achieve this for Mrs Z was the Taxi Card. K and S knew what a Blue Badge was, it provides the holder an entitlement to park in disabled bays, but they'd never heard of a Taxi Card before. In this area, the agents lacked experience, so they did what any agents would do, search online and hope that the big G in the Cloud wasn't tracking their phone activity.

K got to work on her laptop, setting up an encrypted channel then checking out the application process for the Taxi Card. As expected with anything governmental, red tape and bureaucracy stopped them in their tracks. The application process needed a form to be printed. And a pen (blue or black). The completed form needed to be posted. In an envelope. Using a stamp. 😱😱😱

Given that Mrs Z was off grid and didn't have a computer, she was unlikely to have a printer either. Neither K nor S had packed one into their Agent's running bags this morning. Mrs Z's daughter lived across London, so she couldn't help either. K and S kept their cool and decided to focus on the Blue Badge application first.

K had helped with a Blue Badge application before and she remembered that it was a complex process. The agents had to earn Mrs Z's trust to show that we weren't in fact double agents before she would share her multiple medical conditions with them. Being undercover, they didn't carry any ID, so they unzipped their jackets and flashed their black GoodGym tees to prove that they were vetted to the highest level by the DBS.

Now Mrs Z felt happier sharing her documents and lists of medications with the pair, each of which were recorded on the Blue Badge application page. Mrs Z was being tested too by the questions the site posed, each of which sounded similar but subtly different to a previous one. She thought that it was trying to catch her out, to trick her into exposing that her story may be false. K and S helped as much as they could, though they couldn't be sure of the motives of the Blue Badge branch of the secret service.

As the questions became more and more complex, perversely, Mrs Z had to go up and down the stairs to fetch more supporting documentation to prove that she had trouble walking and that she needed the wheels that only the free world could provide. Some historic documents that would have cemented Mrs Z's status had been long discarded, so K and S made to with what they had, submitting the application, willed along by Mrs Z's hopes of future independence.

With the Blue Badge application completed, the agents took another look at the Taxi Card process. They found that as well as not having a hard copy of the forms, Mrs Z didn't have the correct credentials to hand to allow her to apply. They advised her to lie low for now and contact her handler once she was ready with the paperwork. GoodGym agents would be back in contact when the time was right.

Mrs Z was thankful for the help, yet unsure of what the near future held without the ability to hail a London cab. Another covert mission will be attended by GoodGym agents imminently.

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Latoya StephensElizabeth
Harvey GallagherSevan
Kash went on a community mission

Sat 25th Mar at 11:00am

There Must Ben An Angel

Ealing Report written by Kash

It was the third time GoodGym Ealing visited Grove Farm on their conservation day and the first time we saw the wood anemones (wooden enemies), which we had been defending from the brambles. It was also the first time Penny came to a community mission in Ealing. Penny used to run with Lambeth before she moved to the area - give her a cheer 📣

Last but not least, it was the 100th time Ben did something good with GoodGym! 💯 Ben has been coming to our Tuesday sessions as a group run regular, and recently topping up his good deed score with frequent City Harvest shifts - impactful tasks that fight food waste and poverty in London. Fantastic work, Ben! 💪 While some of us ran to the task today, Ben flew over to Greenford on his new and upgraded GoodGym Wings. He looked divine wearing them - check out the photos!

Despite the rumours about clearing the ditch at Grove Farm in March, there was still plenty of work to do with the brambles. We have been equipped with shears, loppers and rakes to send the thorny invaders where they belonged - to the Hedge of Death (or a dead hedge, if you prefer). The terrain was slippery, the brambles prickly, and the tools sharp (some of them), so Anna from Friends of Grove Farm gave the newbies the health & safety instructions.

We think we should come up with our own GoodGym Health & Safety rules:

  • Don't let the brambles get into your fluffy wings, Ben! 🧚
  • Don't fall into the ditch, Madhan! ⚠️
  • Don't cut everything that has thorns, Harvey - it's a rose bush! 🌹
  • Don't pop the dodgy fungus on the tree, Sevan - it's a ticking bomb! ☣️
  • Don't spill that hot tea, Jenni! 🍵
  • Don't take photos while holding the shears, Kash! 📸
  • Don't be shy, Penny - you're welcome to GoodGym Ealing! 🫶

Who would have thought we would grow into 7 GoodGymers visiting Grove Farm one Saturday? There were enough biscuits 🍪 (yes, that's one of the perks!) for everyone, and we all fitted in the group photo with other volunteers. Maybe the numbers will go even higher at the April conservation day? Save the date and sign up now!

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SevanMadhanKashHarvey Gallagher
Kash went on a community mission

Sat 25th Mar at 9:00am

Broccolitter Pick

Ealing Report written by Sevan

We had 5 amazing GoodGymers come along this morning for the weekly Mill Hill litter pick with the Acton Litter Collective. With the weather improving, Madiha was able to cycle over to Acton too and it was great to see her again.

As we were in greater numbers than expected, the organiser, Elisabeth, had to go and find more equipment. Once we had our litter pickers and waste bags in hand, we headed off to find what the streets of Acton had to offer this morning.

Normally we find something unusual on the otherwise respectable streets around Mill Hill and today was no different. Kash and Jenni paired up to find some still packaged broccoli that was past its best and a marijuana grinder (or so we're told). Sevan and Chikako covered a different set of streets whose litter was no less odd, including a tyre and a laminated card containing the photo of a deity.

With the other volunteers we collected a total of 12 bags of litter, leaving Acton's streets a bit cleaner and more enjoyable for the residents.

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MadhanKashHarvey GallagherNathan WoodSevan
Kash signed up to a mission.

Sat 25th Mar at 2:00pm

Help Mrs Z with a Blue Badge/Taxicard application

This will enable her to attend hospital appointments on time, and a chance to take part in local activities and reduce isolation.

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Emily OldfieldMadhanSevan
Kash went on a group run

Wed 22nd Mar at 6:30pm

Logging another good deed

Hounslow Report written by Anastasia Hancock (she/her)

Last night we had been looking forward to our next step helping create a learning area at Cavendish School but sadly the delivery of the aquatic plants we had been due to put in was delayed. However, when we got there and saw there was still several feet of murky water in the pond we were slightly less disappointed!

We have been making regular visits to the school and the area has slowly changed from an unsafe, overgrown tangle into a nice, clear garden with several new habitats for animals.

An ongoing battle has been with the blackthorn which, if left to its own devices, will take over the space and leave little room for all the big plans of the volunteer group. So while the team got on with pulling up the thorny, persistent shoots, several others got busy transporting logs from outside the garden into a corner by the pond to create a habitat for amphibians and reptiles. In the past we have seen several newts dotting about the place, and this will help create a safe and warm home for them going forward.

After making good progress we ran back to Turnham Green where we undertook a fitness challenge. The idea is that we had the A team and the B team and two different sets of exercises. The job of one team was to beat the number of reps each time, while their partner cheered them on. It was great to see the energy and effort being shown and the power of positive motivation was more than evident!

Next week we'll probably be planting bulbs but I'm just waiting for final confirmation - so watch this space!

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Bethan CritchleyHarvey GallagherSam LefevreKashMadhan