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Make Walpole Park shine 🤩 ahead of filming Antiques Roadshow! 🎬 Planting task!
🗓Today 10:30am

📍The Rickyard W5 5BS

Help Ealing park rangers with planting next to a listed wall of the Walled Garden

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Wed 24th Apr at 6:30pm

Weeding and other jobs

at a local church and youth centre

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Sun 26th May at 2:00pm

May session @ Bixley Field Allotments 🌱

Help out a lovely community allotment in Southall

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Kash signed up to a community mission.

Sat 22nd Jun at 10:00am

GoodGym Ealing x Great Get Together: Grove Farm Conservation Day!

Improve the biodiversity of the beautiful place for people to visit & relax

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Kash signed up to a community mission.

Sat 25th May at 10:00am

May Grove Farm Conservation Day

Improve the biodiversity of the beautiful place for people to visit & relax

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Kash signed up to a community mission.

Sat 1st Jun at 10:00am

Kash signed up to a mission.

Sun 21st Apr at 11:00am

Document Sorting for Mr M (flexible)(wk1)

Mr M would have more clarity and feel more at ease in terms.

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Kash went on a mission

Thu 18th Apr at 6:00pm

Treasure Aisle

Camden Report written by Kash

Would you ever expect to meet a pirate in Russel Square? I didn't. When I climbed the stork's nest (or the 5th floor of a town house if you like), I saw a sailor lady with an anchor-shaped tattoo above her eye. Having a closer look, I realised that anchor was actually an arrow.

"How did it go?" I asked. "I thought you were going to have an eye surgery today!"

The sailor, who turned out to be Ms F, told me a story about yet another of her operations that hadn't happened. This time it was cancelled as wrong lens had been ordered. Poor Ms F! She hadn't been eating for the most of the day in anticipation of the surgery, and now felt a bit dizzy, even after having a sandwich. She needed rest, so I was determined to make the shopping quick.

Ms F concluded she had been eating too many ready meals and now it was time to start cooking more healthy meals from a scratch. No ready-made chicken korma or spinach and ricotta cannelloni on the list this time! The plan for the homecooked meal included mushrooms and organic chicken. The organic chicken must have been popular as it had been already sold out by 6pm. I called Ms F and found out that the free range breast was not enough, so I caught some fresh haddock instead.

At the checkout, I went to the same cashier as durimg my mission last week. I don't know how she does that but she's one of the kindest people I've ever met. A lovely mood for the evening guaranteed!

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Bristol runner

Fri 19th Apr at 12:34pm

I reckon haddock is a good alternative for pirates!

Kash signed up to a mission.

Thu 18th Apr at 6:00pm

StephDucatEmily OldfieldSevanAnastasia Hancock
Kash went on a group run

Wed 17th Apr at 6:30pm

A hole lotta love

Hounslow Report written by Anastasia Hancock (she/her)

After a short hiatus over the dark winter evenings, we were back for our first visit to Chiswick House and Gardens to lend a hand last night.

This amazing local space is run as a charity and free for people to enjoy, but the team have a lot of work to keep it as safe and welcoming as possible. So, after a warm up, we ran the short distance tot he estate garden and met Chris, the lead gardener, who had a very exciting job for us to do.

As we pushed our barrows over to the site in question, we got to know Vivien, who had joined for her first session - welcome to the group, great to meet you! We arrived to find several logs and a big pile of leaves and branches. The task for the evening was to build a hibernacula - in other words, a safe habitat for amphibians, hedgehogs and other creatures which increases biodiversity.

The first step was to dig a big old hole - or as it controversially became known, a shallow grave! Then we lowered the trunk into the pit, and started loading it up with smaller branches. meanwhile posts were being hammered in a circle around the hole, before weaving the leaves and twigs round them. have a look at some very impressive before and after pics!

After all that work we created one successful hibernacula and still had time to knock out a intense tabata section. Sorry about my notes disappearing half way through! Frogs, power lunges, shuttle runs, and half burpees were all executed with great form, well done everybody.

Next week we're back to a local church to help with a tidy up outside, hope to see you there! Don't forget we also have our weekly visit to help out at Hounslow community foodbox, and an upcoming green area tidy up - there's plenty to get involved in!

All the very best of luck to Steph who is running the marathon on Sunday, and to all those supporting on the day.

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Anastasia HancockHarvey Gallagher
Kash signed up to a group run.

Wed 17th Apr at 6:30pm

Back to Chiswick House!

Spring is here and we're resurrecting our regular visits to Chiswick House and Gardens

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StephDucatEmily Oldfield