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anne malcolm
anne malcolm went on a training session

Fri 29th Sep at 6:30pm

Harvest Moon Hills

Islington Report written by Simon Fitzmaurice

John, Cloud, Anne and Michelle joined Coach Simon for the first of our monthly hill running sessions on Primrose Hill, Camden- some of the most substantial slopes in Central London!

We jogged together from the Pembroke Castle over to the park, before engaging in a series of endurance specific warm ups (with a focus on arms, shoulders, quads and hip flexors). Next, we took on a series of strides (easy running, gradually moving into tempo effort, and back to easy running) on flat surfaces, and then on the slopes. Our learning point for the evening was about body posture and "pushing into the gradient" when ascending and descending. We also briefly talked about the connection between arm drive and cadence- a super useful tool for efficient climbing and safe descending!

Our crew then took on Simon's "figure of 8" Kenyan Hills loop up to the Primrose Hill viewpoint, and back towards Regent's Park- a great route with excellent climbs and fun downhills. 15 minutes of total interval time for this workout, before some specific stretches and cool down efforts.

Our next session will be on Thursday 26th October, starting at the Pembroke Castle at 6.30pm-

Sign up here!

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Sam Lefevre

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Cloud (She/Her)

Fri 29th Sep at 8:52pm

Great session @simon! Thanks for leading a great session! We will see you next month!

anne malcolm
anne malcolm went on a group run

Wed 27th Sep at 6:30pm

Getting out of a Bind

Hackney Report written by Joel Wiles

lovely dusk task in Clissold Park!

Grabbing as much Bind weed out if tge Rose garden as possible to allow the roses and wild flowers to get a bit of breathing room to grow and flourish!!

we managed to free up a big mound of Bind weed in 40 minutes of weeding action before the light closed in and we rush out of the park before (nearly) we got locked in!

Great team effort!

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HilarySam LefevreJohn Shirley
anne malcolm
anne malcolm signed up to a training session.

Fri 29th Sep at 6:30pm

GG Race Team- Met League Hill Training Session! - September

A monthly hill training group run session led by Goodgymmer and CIRF Simon!

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anne malcolm
anne malcolm signed up to a group run.

Wed 27th Sep at 6:30pm

Clissold Park Love

Helping a magnificent Hackney Park

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anne malcolm
anne malcolm went on a community mission

Wed 16th Aug at 6:00pm

Sam Lefevre
anne malcolm
anne malcolm signed up to a community mission.

Wed 16th Aug at 6:00pm

anne malcolm
anne malcolm went on a community mission

Wed 9th Aug at 6:00pm

Watering Stokey

Hackney Report written by Joel Wiles

A lovely evening to be doing a speedy Tree watering route around Stoke Newington Common!

Keeping the baby trees hydrated for the hot and dry weather ahead! we filled, pulled and poured 1000 liters of water around the common for an efficient 60 minutes of GoodGym action!!

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Jennifer McGill
anne malcolm
anne malcolm signed up to a community mission.

Wed 9th Aug at 6:00pm

anne malcolm
anne malcolm went on a group run

Mon 7th Aug at 6:45pm

Blackstock and Back (4 years of Area Activator Simon)

Islington Report written by Simon Fitzmaurice

It was wonderful to be joined by so many familiar faces and new runners at the Arsenal Community Hub last night- a lovely dry Summer's evening for visiting the Elizabeth House Food Hub. As an introduction, we asked each other what their preferred "frozen iced treat" would be for the upcoming heat wave- top options included:

  • Classic Solero (ice cream and passion fruit)- I remember those
  • FAB
  • Rocket lolly
  • A discontinued US popsicle that sounded awesome
  • Anything chocolately and in a waffle cone

We were happy to celebrate the 4 year anniversary of Area Activator Simon Fitzmaurice, who has absolutely loved setting up tasks and hosting runs over the years!

Here was Simon's first run report as the replacement for Goodgym legend Paul Bown in 2019:

We performed a series of warm up drills together up the Emirates slopes, before setting off as a run-walk towards Elizabeth House Food Hub- a busy and super efficient supermarket style enterprise that provides essentials for families and isolated individuals in the immediate area. We met with Roshni at the main access door for cycle pick-ups and vehicle deliveries, and found a collection of about 9 large parcels of shopping, ready to be dropped off around the Blackstock Estate. In pairs, our crew contacted each household before making short work of these deliveries.

Elizabeth House Food Hub starts to wind down its operations at about 7.30pm onwards, so we all pitched in to get the place ready for more food bank work tomorrow. Ritchie grabbed a broom and got stuck in with sweeping up the hall, and Anne dismantled loads of folding tables. Paul, Adam and Ramona took it in turns to ferry any leftover produce back to the kitchen, while Erayna and Victoria disposed of any overly fresh food in a specific food waste recycling bin outside.

As we finished up our task for the evening, we were invited to bring home any produce that would otherwise go to waste. Between us, we found inventive ways to carry back spring onions, courgettes, bananas, lettuce and oat milk!

Due to the extra weight being carried, we decided to walk back to the Emirates (through the lovely former Arsenal grounds estate off Gillespie Road), followed by a trip to Someday Canteen in Finsbury Park for some celebratory pizza and refreshments. Well done everyone!

Goodgym Islington News

Thornhill Square Gardens - Saturday Session!

Saturday 12th August, Thornhill Square Gardens, Islington.

Come and join the lovely crew of resident gardeners at Thornhill Square Gardens! Expect a fun morning of wheelbarrowing, digging, planting and pruning alongside Anna and the team! Super friendly, and always welcomed.

GROUP RUN: Goodgym x The Running Works - Marvellous Morph Map!

Saturday 12th August, 5.30pm, The Running Works, Aldgate

A social run starting and ending at London's largest independent running shop, passing as many "Morphs" as possible! Aldgate Connect has set up a local art collection, featuring over 70 sculptures of the famous Aardman character, and we are planning on visiting as many as we can!


Caledonian Park Junior parkrun - Summer Time Marshal Help!

The team at Caledonian Road Junior parkrun (a free weekly timed 2km run designed for youngsters and families to run safely and independently - ages 4-14) are in need of more marshals and volunteers to allow the event to happen. Many of the core helpers are away for Summer, so any assistance would be hugely appreciated. It's the best way to start a Sunday!

Sunday 13th August, 8.45am:

Sunday 20th August, 8.45am:

Sunday 27th August, 8.45am:


Weekday Community Mission- Housing21 Aftercare and Retirement Home Gardening, Mildmay

Wednesday 16th August, 11am-2pm (flexible with times)

We had a referral through Goodgym Islington from the team at Mildmays and Housing21 regarding an ambitious gardening project for their residents. The community gardening spaces are in need of some attention for anyone who would be up for some digging, lifting and shifting! Super satisfying task!


Goodgym x Jog On Recycling Clothes Swap and Group Run @ The Running Works

Wednesday 23rd August, 6pm, The Running Works, Aldgate

Come join us for a social group run with Goodgym and The Running Works, in collaboration with Jog On and Athletic Brewing Company! We will be hosting a clothes swap and donation drive for running and athletics kit as well. A great night to be had!


Penn Road Gardens Open Volunteer Morning

Sunday 27th August, 10am - midday, Penn Road Gardens, Islington Every last Sunday of the month, the residents of Penn Road invite keen volunteers to help with maintaining this lovely community spot just off Holloway Road.

Local volunteers will be on hand to direct anyone who arrives to offer their help between 10am- midday. Come on down to enjoy a lovely morning community task!

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Sam Lefevre

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Jack Da Silva

Wed 9th Aug at 12:09pm

congrats Simon!