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Volunteering at Woking Juniors Parkrun
🗓Sunday 12th February 8:45am

📍Woking Leisure Centre GU22 9BA

Supporting young people getting into running

James McCloudWayne
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Wayne signed up to a community mission.

Sun 12th Feb at 8:45am

Volunteering at Woking Juniors Parkrun

Supporting young people getting into running

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Wayne went on a community mission

Sun 29th Jan at 8:45am

Woking junior parkrun 202 on a frosty Sunday morning.

Woking Report written by Woking runner

82 children took part in the Woking junior parkrun 202 and 5 GoodGymers braved the cold and frosty morning to help.

Our hero James was the run leader and organised Adam, Alys, Anne and Wayne’s duties along the course.

Our dedicated photographer did not appear keen to take a photo of the group, but another volunteer saved the day!

The children seemed to enjoy taking part in the 2 kms circuit and appreciated the GoodGymers’s cheering, congratulating and highfiving.

Prior to helping at junior parkrun, Wayne cycled to Guildford and back; Adam ran with Rich tracing “FRED” in support of Fred Bell (a long-time supporter of parkrun) who is not well and Anne did a 5 k in preparation for the Winter Run.

Adam will devote the next few weeks to train for the Surrey Half. This Wednesday we will meet at the leisure centre. Alys will lead us to “litter-pick”. We hope to see you there as the saying goes: the more, the merrier!

Have a great running week.

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LaurenMaya De ThabrewHolly
Wayne signed up to a community mission.

Wed 22nd Feb at 6:00pm

Wayne went on a group run

Wed 25th Jan at 6:45pm

The GoodGym Blazin' Squad

Woking Report written by Rebecca McAlees

Remember Blazin' Squad? The 00s hip hop group with at least 10 members.

That's what GoodGym was like on Wednesday night as the whole crew descended on the food bank to undertake a community mission.

The popularity of the food bank mission is obviously due to the fact it is tangibly doing good in the Woking community by alleviating food poverty. It may also have something to do with the fact it is indoors and warm on a dark and cold January evening.

Nevertheless we all got stuck in to the various jobs in perfect hip hop harmony. Adam, Ben and New James did a fantastic job of cleaning the floor.

Wayne and Becky had the mucky task of cleaning out the fridge including a split bottle of milk.

Anne and Lauren cleaned the baking area followed by the toilets with the assistance of New James. Mia hoovered the entire ground floor. Holly took the role of lead singer and kept us all in check (including Jack and Indy).

Not quite sure what James did. Perhaps a backing dancer? To be fair, he emptied a bin.

In any event, the result was a top 10 hit!

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Woking runner

Thu 26th Jan at 10:13pm

Great report Becky and thank you for the brownies!