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Brighton Marathon 10k
🗓Sunday 2nd April 9:00am

📍Preston park BN1 6SG

The course is flat, scenic and great for a PB!

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Sun 2nd Apr at 9:00am

Brighton Marathon 10k

The course is flat, scenic and great for a PB!

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Adam went on a group run

Wed 15th Mar at 6:45pm

First they were three

Woking Report written by Woking runner

James and Laura joined me to go for a 7 kms run as our Group Run was cancelled again. Holly had a surprise birthday treat so could not join us and only two GoodGymers had initially signed up.

Despite the rain, the three of us met at the leisure centre and decided to do the David Lloyd Route with a twist: going along the Hoe instead of Westfield Avenue. Adam would join us later as he had been working late. We messaged him to keep him updated (as well as the whole Woking GG runners) but we could not see him.

To add to the adventure and to give Adam time to catch us up, James included some Fartlek training.

Then we convinced Lauren to do the loop a second time to give Adam time to meet us. This is when, along the Hoe, we saw many many toads on the path… James picked one up but neither Lauren nor I wanted to kiss it…

After all, it was a toad and not a frog, so no chance for it to turn into a beautiful prince. Finally, avoiding the crowd of toads and running a few miles, Adam joined us for our last long stretch of running.

Well done to Lauren who had trained a lot all week and finished this double circuit with a big smile. All good to get ready for the Brighton 10 kms in two weeks!

Bravo to James and Adam who ran the Surrey Half last week, to Wayne who cheered all the runners as I was volunteering at the finish line.

Best wishes to James who will take part in the Weymouth 10 kms on Sunday.

Next Wednesday we will meet at the Leisure Centre, then cycle or walk/run to Beaufort Primary School to do some gardening. See you then!

Next week we are heading to Beaufort Primary school. If you are wanting to ride your bike then please bring it along and I will put a route out for you to take which is longer than the run.

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Adam went on a race

Sun 12th Mar at 8:00am

Surrey Half Marathon 2023

Woking Report written by Wayne

Surrey Half Marathon… 🏃🏼‍♂️

This morning was the day of the Surrey Half Marathon its great to have this iconic race in our home Town and it was wonderful seeing so many familiar faces taking part as well as volunteering.

I myself didn’t participate today as was not 100% fit but I did manage to run 14k this morning to the event where I along with Anne carried out volunteering duties as well as support and cheer Goodgym runners James, Adam, and Andy.😄

The atmosphere at the event was amazing with plenty of food stalls as well as a band providing entertainment. In total there was about 4,000 runners who took part this morning the Half Marathon and the 5k.

The 5k runners began at 8am, and I must say there were some pretty quick runners. Just before the Half started all runners gathered around the stage for energetic warm up this certainly got the crowd going. 💪🏼

After the warm up all runners gathered at the start line and off they went. The weather was perfect for a run this morning.

James finished with a time of 1hr 46 and considering he’s just recovered from a injury this was very impressive.Andy also did an amazing time 1hr 46 with Adam coming in 1hr 47. Fantastic times by the Goodgym Crew.

Hopefully next year I will take part as the whole event looked amazing with plenty of support along the streets of woking. Well Done Everyone…. 👏🏻

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Sun 12th Mar at 4:45pm

Great job everyone 👍🏾

Woking runner

Sun 12th Mar at 5:30pm

Excellent report, thank you Wayne!

Adam went on a community mission

Sun 19th Mar at 8:30am

Woking junior parkrun 208

Woking Report written by Woking runner

72 children took part in the Woking junior parkrun 208 and 27 got a PB!

It was lovely to see so many parents running along their children this time, especially as 10 of them were taking part in junior parkrun for the first time.

Victoria and Richard came to help set up the course which was slightly different as the grass on the usual starting line was very slippery. Anne cheered the runners giving them encouragement to tackle the hill.

Well done to James who completed the Weymouth Half in record time! We will celebrate his PB at our next meeting…

This Wednesday we will meet at 6:45pm at the Leisure Centre before running to Beaufort School.

Have a great running week.

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