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Katie J
Katie J went on a group run

Wed 22nd Mar at 6:45pm

Toad-ly awesome digging

Woking Report written by Holly

***Last night we headed to Beaufort Primary School in Goldsworth Park to help clear some raised beds ready for planting vegetables .*

Wayne, James, Lauren, Katie, Kirsty and I met next to the canal to head out for a 3km run to Beaufort Primary School. With Wayne on his bike leading the way and clearing the path. Thank you to James for being a super back marker.

James was determined to get a new fast segment time along the bridge, with Kirsty close behind.

We were greeted by Hannah and Lauren at Beaufort Primary. Lauren a reception teacher at school showed us the task, we were to clear four large raised beds ready to be topped up with new compost and then after the Easter Holidays they were then going to be planted with some vegetables. We all got to work quickly and in no time the beds were cleared, Wayne brought along some tangy treats for everyone, which were enjoyed and much needed by all.

It was then time to head back down the canal. The path had been taken over by lots of toads, they didn't seem to care about being in the way and stopping in the middle of path. So the extra task was to look out for shiny eyes reflecting on the torch. A big well done to everyone for turning up... I know the weather was tempting to turn back around.

Next week we are joining the run company for a litter pick - please the time is slightly early.

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Kirsty Raynes

Thu 23rd Mar at 6:45pm

Love the title! Hurry back AFB 🐸

Katie J
Katie J went on a group run

Wed 1st Mar at 6:45pm


Woking Report written by Wayne

Firstly a big congratulations to Madamme Anne who become a grandma to beautiful Elodie.

Hopefully we will all get to see her soon. 🍼

Tonights litter pick run was a chilly one. Wayne completed a 10k run before the task it and it was his first 10k since returning from injury 😄.

Wayne was met in the park by Kirsty, Alys, Katie, Anne arrived with Adam and James and despite his injury and his limited ability to run James still came along to join in the banter.

Before we headed off we all picked a quick warm up exercise to get us warmed up, we had Jumping jack, Squats, to gorilla kicks.

Once we were all warmed up with litter pickers and bags in hand off we headed towards the football ground. We picked up plenty of strange items from Broom heads 🧹 to a baby dummy 🤔.

While running talk turned to how everyone’s training was coming along for the various races that are coming up.

James hopefully with rest should be ready for the Surrey Half, while Kirsty’s running has improved greatly.

After gathering two bags full of litter we headed back to the park. James and Adam headed off to the Pub for a cold beverage while the rest of us headed home.

This Sunday Volunteers are needed for the Junior Park Run.

Next Wednesday we are gathering some food donations that need to be delivered to a collection point at a local supermarket, a run with some extra weight. 😤

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Woking runner

Thu 2nd Mar at 8:01pm

I like the "Gr-Anne'! 😂 Merci Wayne.

Katie J
Katie J signed up to a group run.

Wed 22nd Mar at 6:45pm

Katie J
Katie J signed up to a group run.

Wed 1st Mar at 6:45pm

Litter Pick

Litter pick around Woking

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