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Thorp Perrow Park Run and social walk
🗓Saturday 9:00am

📍Thorp Perrow DL8 2PS

A new park run, breakfast, a social walk and a pint (or a combination to suit!)

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Mon 20th May at 6:15pm

Last man sanding

York Report written by Vicky Hearson (she/her)

Tonight we named and numbered off saying what we do to relax and look after our mental health, following mental health awareness week last week. Goodgym featured along with drinking stout, wild swimming and doing magic tricks!

We then got into two groups. Mitch led a gang out to Bootham stray and had this to say...

We arrived at the allotments and were given a GG classic. There was an area of overgrown vegetation that needed clearing to make space for a new allotment. We were given an absolute glut of tools (yay!). We had 40 minutes. We then got stuck in.

After lots of digging, lopping, hoeing, wheelbarrowing and jaffa we managed to get the vast majority done!

Vicky's group headed to Park Grove where newbie Sam met us - welcome Sam! We made a good job of finishing the last third of the fence and touched up where the rain hit the last session. We finished off with a play on the climbing wall, then headed back to base.

Thanks everyone!

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