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Tree planting at Monk Stray
🗓Sunday 3rd March 2:00pm

📍Opposite Wilco Motosave YO31 9LT

Help the biodiversity of Monk Stray

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Laura Barrett
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Mon 18th Mar at 6:15pm

Last trip to free the trees at Ashton Park

Help to tidy up the space around Ashton Park

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Laura Barrett
Laura Barrett signed up to a group run.

Mon 11th Mar at 6:15pm

Laura Barrett
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Fri 24th Jan 2025 at 4:00pm

January Weekend Away 2025

Weekend of doing good, partying and getting fit

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Laura Barrett
Laura Barrett signed up to a community mission.

Tue 5th Mar at 6:30pm

Barkchip Spreading at Woodthorpe Primary School

Help maintain the nature areas for the children to access

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Laura Barrett
Laura Barrett went on a group run

Mon 26th Feb at 6:15pm

Mud on your face, you big disgrace, rolling your log all over the place

York Report written by Ed Woollard (He/Him)

Monday evening meant it's time for another GoodGym group run, and this one had everything that we love here in York. Logs, mud, digging and a pet dog were all on offer but before all that we needed to warm up on a chilly February evening. So this time, in honour of Johnny Cash who was apparently born on this day in 1932, we named our favourite black or at least very dark things and we had everything from Black Metal to Blackberries!

Vicky and the party pace crew set off early before Ed led a group, backmarked by Nikki, to join them. At the task we met Kristina from City of York Council as well as Jan from the Friends of Fishpond Wood, and Callum from Forestry England together with his dog Dylan. We were then led deeper into the woods to a particularly boggy area that will become a drier path through the woods in due time.

It was then time to get to work. Half the team armed themselves with spades and began digging a drainage trench, whilst the others began shifting logs to form the outline of what will become the path. There was some interesting log lifting going on with Martin favouring the over the shoulder look (one for the GG calender) and others preferring the rolling method

I've got a lady log 🪵- Abigail

The trench digging got boggier and the logs got heavier but the GGers were up for the challenge, albeit with some taking an occasional break to stroke Dylan the dog, and before long we'd run out of logs and were ready to head back to base for a spot of fitness.

Tonight's fitness involved two lines of GGers shifting a cone from the front to the back of their line through twisting their core or reaching up and squatting down. But it was no contest with Nick's team finishing comfortably ahead of Jenna's. Once all was said and done we said our goodbyes with some people heading to Dom's pub quiz, rasing money for Mind. Good luck in the quiz, guys 👍

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Paul Kelly
Laura Barrett
Laura Barrett signed up to a community mission.

Sun 3rd Mar at 2:00pm

Tree planting at Monk Stray

Help the biodiversity of Monk Stray

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Laura Barrett
Laura Barrett signed up to a group run.

Mon 4th Mar at 6:15pm