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Gardening at Bedford Fields
🗓Wednesday 28th June 6:00pm

📍Headingley Enterprise & Arts Centre LS6 3HN

It will provide areas for local residents to harvest free soft fruits

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James Tilburn
James Tilburn went on a community mission

Sat 3rd Jun at 10:00am

Getting the hang(er) of things

York Report written by Lucy Knight

Six Goodgymmers had a lovely morning at Acomb Community Clothes Swap, providing a bit of extra help at this fabulous community event.

Our main task was to keep the racks full of clothes and make sure everything stayed tidy - while having the occasional cup of tea and nosy around for some new (old) clothes.

It was great to meet new Goodgymmer Sophie, who really enjoyed helping at the event.

It was a bonus to get some new items for my wardrobe!

Becca and Antonia upped their sartorial skills, learning a fancy new way to put jeans on a hanger and expertly arranging the children's clothes rack, which promptly fell apart... only to be given a classic Goodgym fix by James, who cunningly tied it back together with a tie from menswear.

Tay found what would have been the perfect pair of red trousers... if they had been several feet shorter.

Once things got a bit quieter, we had a last look over the clothes before heading off to enjoy the rest of (what I can only assume would be) our extremely stylish weekends!

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Paul Kelly
James Tilburn
James Tilburn went on a community mission

Thu 1st Jun at 6:30pm

A run report - because I've run out of novel puns about books

York Report written by James Tilburn

Six Goodgymmers ran, walked and cycled to the Tang Hall Library once again to set up the monthly book sale.

Initially it looked like there wouldn't be much to do this month because the sale was already set up. Plan B was to get everyone doing laps of the building but luckily for the rest of the group, it turned out there was plenty they needed help with.

We got to work setting up more tables and sorting the books that were already out and in the end added another twenty or more boxes to the sale. Even with Mitch getting distracted by a tiny book of Victorian smut we managed to finish ten minutes early, a great team effort.

This task has been going for several months now and it was pleasing to see the Jeremy Clarkson book remains unsold. There were plenty of interesting new finds too - if you're into both horses and alternative medicine get down to Tang Hall tomorrow and you'll find plenty of books combining those interests in a pleasing if scientifically unproven way.

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Paul Kelly
James Tilburn
James Tilburn signed up to a community mission.

Wed 28th Jun at 6:00pm

Gardening at Bedford Fields

It will provide areas for local residents to harvest free soft fruits

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James Tilburn
James Tilburn signed up to a party.

Sat 27th May at 9:00am

Parkrun, picnic and walk

Enjoy a day in the great outdoors.

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