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Getting on a bit but trying to keep up the energy levels to work with children and young people! I much prefer cross country running


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Setting up a Tiny Forest for York
🗓Sunday 28th April 12:00pm

📍Somewhere in York YO?

Let's work together to launch a Tiny Forest in our area

Tristan FeatherbyRadu ChirvasutaMikki SwannSteve Rice
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Jenna Drury
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Sat 1st Mar 2025 at 10:00am

Tibthorpe Loop half marathon

Release and enjoy endorphins, improve your running, enjoy the scenery and get together with friends

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Vicky Hearson
Jenna Drury
Jenna Drury went on a community mission

Fri 5th Apr at 6:00pm

Path builders

York Report written by Michal Czekajlo

We had a group run like attendance at the task this evening and I'm grateful for that, as we really needed every available muscle to make a dent in the 19.2 ton rain water soaked pile of sub base material. Welcomed by Jan, Callum, few other volunteers from the Friends of Group and Daisy the dog we were promptly involved in a GoodGym classic, namely spadework and wheelbarrow racing, all with the aim to create a path making Fishponds Wood accessible to all. A big number of barrow rounds was completed within our one hour task slot, however a lot of sub base material still remains for those who are keen to give it another go and see the path to completion.

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Vicky HearsonPaul KellyEd WoollardLaura Barrett
Jenna Drury
Jenna Drury went on a community mission

Fri 5th Apr at 11:45am

Refuse, reps and refreshments

York Report written by Vicky Hearson (she/her)

7 goodgymers came out in the sunshine to do a spot of litter picking.

We got armed with bags and pickers and split into team Holgate park and Acomb Road. After 45 minutes we collected quite a haul including a pair of pants and a trainer!

It was Vicky's 400th good deed so she celebrated with Barbara by doing some hill reps whilst the others enjoyed a bit of sun.

We then headed to a local cafe for lunch and said our goodbyes just before the rain.

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Vicky HearsonLaura Barrett
Jenna Drury
Jenna Drury went to a social

Thu 4th Apr at 6:30pm

Positive People pop to Poppleton for Pizza and Pints

York Report written by Nick Griffin

23 gorgeous GoodGymers gathered at the Poppleton Community Centre for Springtime Shenanigans.

Big Pete set off first with the 15kish fast pace group (actually nearer 13k) followed by Little Babs leading the 7kish not so fast pace group (actually nearer 6k) and Old Nick with the 10kish sexy pace group (OK this was actually over 11k)

Heading across the fields towards Moor Monkton we enjoyed the post solstice lighter night even if the weather wasn't exactly springlike.

There was mud

There were riverside paths

There was slipping

There was a barky dog

And a small horse

There was rain

There was sliding

There was more mud

but then there was Beer and Pizza back at the Poppleton Social!

If you missed this edition no worries we are going to be having a social trail run on a regular basis through the Summer so keep your eyes peeled for next time

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Ed WoollardLaura BarrettPaul KellyVicky Hearson
Jenna Drury
Jenna Drury signed up to a community mission.

Fri 5th Apr at 11:45am

Laura BarrettVicky Hearson
Jenna Drury
Jenna Drury signed up to a party.

Thu 4th Apr at 6:30pm

Poppleton Pizza Run

Celebrate the arrival of the lighter nights - Run (or don’t run), eat pizza, drink beer

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Vicky Hearson
Jenna Drury
Jenna Drury went on a group run

Mon 1st Apr at 6:15pm

Not eggs-actly easy to come up with a pun for this one

York Report written by James Tilburn

A small but talented group of Goodgymmers broke off from their second day of eating chocolate for an Easter Monday trip to Rowntree Park.

With three tasks to complete, we split into groups. The first task involved securing the logs in the sitting circle with stakes, screws and tools. Martin was definitely in his element with Radu, Barbara and Michael ably assisting. Speeding though the task, they were also able to join in the second task, barrowing woodchip to be placed around some of the saplings in the park.

With Neil shoveling (and eventually Martin and Michael as well), Leanne, Barbara and Radu were able to shuttle the woodchip to Jenna and Nick. They took charge of ensuring it was laid correctly. The woodchip is intended to reduce the weeds that would otherwise grow up around them and reduce their growth.

The final task was to dig out the nettles that were already starting to grow around the circle. Paul, Claire and Jamie attacked the area on the left whilst Lucy, Abigail and Hannah dealt with the nettles on the right. The ground was soft but the nettle roots were deep as usual so some of them put up a lot of fight before accepting they were coming out. Hannah managed to pull out some incredibly long roots so hopefully the nettles will remain gone for a good while.

With lots achieved in a short space of time, we put the tools away and played an exercise themed game of cards before heading back for some well earned brownies courtesy of Barbara.

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Laura Barrett
Paul KellyVicky Hearson
Jenna Drury
Jenna Drury signed up to a group run.

Mon 1st Apr at 6:15pm