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Social run with pub food: Heslington
🗓Wednesday 6:30pm

📍The Charles YO10 5EA

Run different routes around York in good company!

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Wed 24th Jul at 6:30pm

Social run with pub food: Heslington

Run different routes around York in good company!

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Mitch went on a community mission

Tue 16th Jul at 6:30pm

Digging Debris and Detritus

York Report written by Mitch

The Terrific Trio Tackled the Towering Tonne of Trash.

Sharp Shovels Scooped Soil. Brute Belligerence Broke Branches. Ruthless Rigor Removed Rubble. Contaminated Compost Cleared.

Cumbersome Compost Cleared ✅️

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Vicky Hearson
Mitch went on a group run

Mon 15th Jul at 6:15pm

Hull be there for you

York Report written by Ed Woollard (He/Him)

A small but perfectly formed group of GG Yorkies met for this weeks Monday night group run. Whilst numbers might have been low, spirits were high as we celebrated the weekends achievements with a round of applause for those who taken part in the Normanby Hall 10k on Sunday, including a couple of PBs. We then named and numbered off by celebrating the birth of Dutch painter, Rembrandt whilst naming our favourite TV show theme tunes (there is a link there, promise!)

Then it was off to task with Ed leading the group and Abigail backmarking with Vicky riding along side us as we headed to Hull Road Park for an evening of soil shifting. We were met at the task by Kristina from City of York council's environment team, who set us up with shovels and wheelbarrows and directed us towards 5 big sacks of soil which all required shifting into the play area were the removal of some old play equipment had left a rather large hole that needed filling.

Vicky took on the chief raker role and was joined throughout the task by Abigail and Jackie, whilst the rest of the gang got to work with the shovels and barrows.

One by one the sacks were emptied to the point of being dragable and the hole quickly filled up. But with time running down and Ed setting up the cones ready for another fitness sesh, it was touch and go whether all 5 sacks would be emptied in time. With literally seconds to spare the last sack was dragged across ready for stamping down with the whole team jumping up and down on top of it, apart from Mitch who was desperate to start a mosh pit with anyone he could.

After a quick team photo it was then time for a fitness sesh involving burpees, star jumps ,sit ups and a sprint finish. And it was Team Holgate who came up trumps with some rapid working out

Great session everyone

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John BourtonLaura BarrettPaul KellyVicky Hearson
Mitch signed up to a group run.

Mon 15th Jul at 6:15pm

Bark chip spreading at Hull Road Park

Keep the flower beds looking their best

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Laura BarrettVicky Hearson
Mitch signed up to a community mission.

Tue 16th Jul at 6:30pm

Clear the cumbersome compost corner

Clear the area so it can be safely used

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Vicky HearsonVal Cameron
Mitch went on a group run

Mon 8th Jul at 6:15pm

Hungry Hungry Heroes

York Report written by Ed Woollard (He/Him)

On our first warm summer's evening in what feels like forever, a stonking 25 GGers turned out for this week's Group Run to Hull Road Park. Before heading off we awarded the GoodGymer of the month gong for June to the amazing Abigail who not only regularly volunteers her services for back-marking duties but also recently completed her Taskforce training. Give her a big cheer (even if she wasn't on brand) 👏

Vicky then set off with the steady pace crew whilst the rest of the gang celebrated Mark Cavendish's achievements at the Tour de France, numbering off by naming the field in which they could set a record in. Turns out a GG York like food, a lot! Then it was off to the task 💪

At Hull Road Park we were greeted by Kristina from the City of York Council Environment Team who split the group into 3 teams:

Team 1 would be removing Verbena seedlings from the flower beds so they could be replanted elsewhere

Team 2 were getting edgy on the paths, removing overgrown grass and weeds

Team 3 were on bush trimming duties, removing unwanted plants from the hedgerows around the basketball courts

My face is in bush and I'm covered in hairy balls - Michael

Team 3 soon realised the perils of getting stuck into bush task as they came out covered in sticky, hairy ball type things. I'm sure they have a name but we were being too childish to look it up

Team 1 did such a good job removing the verbena seedlings that they soon ran out of plant pots. That didn't deter Sarah though who resorted to keeping the seedlings in the pocket of her leggings (possibly to take home to plant herself 🤫)

Meanwhile team 2 did a superb job on the path edging. Despite starting in the wrong place, they did a great job and uncovered loads of pathway that was previously lost the overgrown grass.

With the task coming to an end, some of the crew made a start on the bark chipping that is set to feature in next week's task. After a quick team photo Vicky led the steady group back to base whilst Ed set up this week's fitness sesh.

is this like the human centipede - Lyndsey

With the cones dumped in the middle of a circle of GGers, there was only one thing for it - a game of human Hungry Hungry Hippos. With people split into pairs and adopting the wheelbarrow position, the aim was to collect as many cones as possible. Turns out then some serious core strength is required, especially when reversing! Martin and Michael were the victors and their prize was to gather in the rest of the cones. Well done guys!

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John Bourton
Paul KellyLaura BarrettVicky Hearson
Mitch signed up to a group run.

Mon 8th Jul at 6:15pm

Various tasks at Hull Road park

Help keep the area looking smart

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Val CameronLaura BarrettVicky Hearson
Mitch went on a group run

Mon 1st Jul at 6:15pm

Blue Monday - GoodGym have got it covered

York Report written by Nick Griffin

19 GG folk met to brush up on their painting skills at Park Grove School. we welcomed Claudia to her very first GoodGym and were also joined by Amy for her first group run.

After owning up to our favourite Karaoke songs - Boney M Lucy - really? and a quick leg swing warm up we headed off to meet the gaffa Vicky at the school

on arrival Mitch along with 3 other GGers went off to the Secret Garden to help out Tracey of Fairy Trail Fame. They were tasked with clearing a pile of compost, rubble and other fly tip to clear the area for a new garden to be installed.

They got straight to work digging, bagging and trying to find the strangest item (tied between computer mouse and tiny bathtub...).

Meanwhile back at the school the rest of the crew had moved some heavy podiums and were painting up the old rainbow fence while Jamie showed his sense of hue-more with a steady stream of paint themed puns. Laura was caught blue handed wearing the cape of good deeds while painting - congrats on reaching 400 awesome good deeds Laura!

we got a good chunk fence painted and then it was onto the sports field for a quick round of squats and burpees to AC/DC's Thunderstruck before we had a mini sports day.

Abigail's team won the well known quoit on the head relay race with some dubious use of the hair bun, Lyndsey exhibited an extremely unorthodox lunge technique in the quoit on the head lunge relay and Claire really came into her own with some very dainty backwards running in the famous quoit on the head backwards running race.

it was then just a short trot back to base before no-one went to the pub - the horror!

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John BourtonPaul Kelly
Laura Barrett
Mitch signed up to a group run.

Mon 1st Jul at 6:15pm

Val Cameron
Laura Barrett
Mitch went on a community mission

Thu 27th Jun at 6:30pm

Surely thistle be the last time…

York Report written by Amy Woollard

When Maeve from St Nicks got in touch to ask if we could help with the infamous Fishergate Triangle it didn't take much convincing for us to wrangle together a few keen goodgymer's.

The 5 of us met Maeve who started explaining what plants we should and shouldn't weed. It was quickly agreed that we could all identify dandelions, thistles and grass so we kept to these.

There were a few wildflowers that had successfully grown since last year including some lavender. Hopefully in a few years the wildflowers will be able to fully bloom - but they might require out support a few more times to weed out all those pesky thistles!

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Laura BarrettPaul KellyVicky HearsonJohn Bourton