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It's great to combine doing good in the community whilst exercising, and having a lot of fun with like minded people. You don't have to be a fast runner to join, you can be a slow runner, a jogger or even a walker, as I am.


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Collecting for our bug hotel
🗓Wednesday 4th October 6:00pm

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Val Cameron
Val Cameron went on a community mission

Wed 13th Sep at 6:00pm

At least we’re fully charged

Portsmouth Report written by Dave Moore

If you want a job doing, give it to GG!

We were tasked by Green Plan to save 150 AA batteries from landfill and have them recycled properly.

But where's the fun in being limited?! A superb effort from everyone has seen us collect 301 AA batteries, along with a few waifs and strays in the form of triple A, 9v and some coin cells! Great work gang.

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Olivia WallerJaneWilson
Val Cameron
Val Cameron went on a group run

Wed 13th Sep at 6:00pm

Wat-a-poo Sunset 🌅

Portsmouth Report written by Katie Carew-Robinson (she/her)

A sunny evening spent at the beach, what more could you want?

Wilson's evening was made with finds of a 3 blue toy pieces and a cracker moustache!

Nick and Finnuala were wondering what to write in their Google Review of Tipner Beach.

Harry kept it safe, keeping their helmet on for the whole evening!

As the group spread out, some potent poos were found on the beach, inspiring the report title (sorry!). 💩

Thanks to Dave for bringing the litter pickers and the scales so we could calculate how much we collected.

Amongst the many bits of plastic we found socks (of course!), some carpet and a pair of glasses.

Well done to everyone for the clearing. We've definitely picked up a lot of litter from here during 2023.

Tonight's final total was 12.97kg of rubbish.

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Olivia WallerWilson
Val Cameron
Val Cameron went on a group run

Wed 6th Sep at 6:00pm

Just Hanging Around!

Portsmouth Report written by Jen Stoneham

Due to a mass woodchip delivery, there was far less patio shuffling and a lot more weed pulling!

We helped Brian the Caretaker dig up brambles, nettles, tomato plants and numerous other weeds to make space for a more groomed garden area outside the classroom windows.

We learnt a lot more about Aoife's dislike of creepy crawlies. There was no avoiding the critters this evening, from worms and caterpillars to spiders and earwigs, it was basically a David Attenborough Documentary.

Brian also showed us the Wild Area, which GoodGym helped get started. It is looking fantastic, this is such an amazing learning space for the children.

In typical GoodGym style, we had to have a little play on the exercise equipment before we left!

We also got to see Val's 200 Deeds Shirt and Dave's 100 Wings.

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Olivia Waller
JaneKatie LondonDave MooreJudy Knapp
Val Cameron
Val Cameron signed up to a group run.

Wed 13th Sep at 6:00pm

Val Cameron
Val Cameron signed up to a group run.

Wed 6th Sep at 6:00pm

The Great Patio Shuffle - Take 2

Make the school garden safer and tidier.

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Val Cameron
Val Cameron went on a group run

Wed 30th Aug at 5:40pm

50 Good Weeds!!

Portsmouth Report written by Jen Stoneham

Congratulations to Jane for hitting 50 Good Deeds this evening! Welcome to the realms of GoodGym Royalty.

We had walkers, runners and cyclists this evening heading back to Diana House for some weeding action. Check out Katie's Before and After shots, you can really see the difference.

Judy's passion for mindless finicky weeding really came through tonight so even the tiniest little weeds couldn't escape.

A nest of spiders was also unearthed during our task, it was like a scene from a teeny tiny horror movie. Hopefully nobody took any waifs and strays home with them...

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JaneVickyBarbara GriffinLeanne

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Sun 3rd Sep at 6:02pm

Congratulations Jane!! Well done 🥳

Val Cameron
Val Cameron went on a community mission

Wed 30th Aug at 5:25pm

Bags of goodness.

Portsmouth Report written by Julie Blake

We smashed our goal of collecting 21 recycled garments for our ChangeX Green Plan challenge. Thanks to 11 Goodgym heroes, we had 60 lovely clothes items to deliver to our local RSPCA in Fratton, plus another 26 items are incoming this week!

Catherine even went out of her way despite a headache to hand deliver some lovely socks and stockings!

Always happy to support our animal friends and the RSPCA was very grateful for the contribution.

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Katie London