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It's great to combine doing good in the community whilst exercising, and having a lot of fun with like minded people. You don't have to be a fast runner to join, you can be a slow runner, a jogger or even a walker, as I am.


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Val Cameron
Val Cameron went on a community mission

Wed 30th Nov at 6:00pm

Can we bring it?

Portsmouth Report written by Katie London

10 wonderful Goodgymers added a little weight to their group run this week by bringing along an can and a carrier bag to give to the lifehouse. As always goodgymers go above and beyond and we had cases of coffee, bags of bags and loads of cans! All dropped off to the Lifehouse to make up their care parcels for those in need. Makes me feel very proud to be a goodgymer!

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WilsonBarbara Griffin
Val Cameron
Val Cameron signed up to a community mission.

Wed 30th Nov at 6:00pm

Collecting for Lifehouse

Helping provide food parcels for the homeless

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Judy KnappBarbara Griffin
Val Cameron
Val Cameron went on a community mission

Sat 26th Nov at 12:30pm

Flash bulbs!

Portsmouth Report written by Judy Knapp

Abby, Jules Val & I flash-planted the North End street garden.

It took just half an hour to plant 5kg of daffodil bulbs, 50 tulips and hyacinths, plus some cuttings from Abby's garden.

Look out for plenty of colour in the Spring!

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Barbara GriffinLaura Barrett
Val Cameron
Val Cameron went on a community mission

Sat 26th Nov at 10:00am

Great Salterns litter hunt

Portsmouth Report written by Jo Kitching

We met for our regular end of month litter pick at Great Salterns this morning. We were minus Katie due to an 'eventful' dog walk yesterday where a tree won ☹️. Speedy recovery soon Katie. Jo met up with Sinéad and Laura who had run parkrun beforehand, whilst Aoife was bar code scanning and Tony was tail walking. Val, Judy and Tess soon arrived and we grabbed our pickers and bags and headed towards the bushes near the golf course. Usually a lot of litter accumulates here due to the wind but we found it quite clean. We headed around the perimeter and picked what we found which wasn't as bad as it usually is although we still found bags of dog poo which were left on benches. Its obviously getting colder as we didn't find any items of clothing but collected plenty of recycling and rubbish.

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Barbara GriffinLaura Barrett

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Katie Carew-Robinson

Sat 26th Nov at 5:54pm

Well done everyone! I love the selfie group pic, you all look so happy 🙂🙂

Sinéad McCarthy

Sat 26th Nov at 7:11pm

I think the mushroom is a shaggy parasol