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Area Activator for GoodGym Portsmouth. I swear like a sailor, burp like a foghorn. Human A - Z of Portsmouth. Ultimately charming.


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Jen Stoneham
Jen Stoneham went on a community mission

Sat 18th May at 12:00pm

GG D-Day Decorations!

Portsmouth Report written by Judy Knapp

Another crafting session at MAKE: this time anything WW2-themed, creating decorations for D-Day parties in local Care Homes.

As previously, the crafting led to mindfulness, and then sharing personal stories.

Look out for photos of the decorations when they've been finished at home, including lots of red, white & blue; spitfires, aircraft insignia & maps; and 1940s tea dance-inspired woman & crockery!

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DaveVal Cameron

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Katie Carew-Robinson

Sat 18th May at 6:36pm

Looks amazing, sorry to have missed it.

Jen Stoneham
Jen Stoneham went on a community mission

Sat 18th May at 10:00am

Pond Picking

Portsmouth Report written by Dave

Very nice to see that our continued support at Baffins Pond seems to be having an effect. Much less litter around this time.

The most fascinating piece was a broken fishing rod that had been taken apart and left nicely on the wall. Why not just take it home?!

One wrapper was our nemesis. Staying just out of reach, even with the extended pickers!

The rain stayed away and we got to see the ducklings and the swan on their nest. Plus the goth ducks!

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DaveVal Cameron
Jen Stoneham
Jen Stoneham went on a community mission

Sat 18th May at 8:30am

Pleasant Parkrun Prattling

Portsmouth Report written by Dave

Jen and I took up the tailwalker roles this morning to make sure no runner is left behind.

Jen got her RD head on to start things off and helped add a new volunteer role to the roster. And then glamourised herself with some nail polish.

We had a look at the lake puddle that nearly took Vals wellies during the bad weather. It doesn't look nearly as deep when dry!

We had a lovely brisk walk and chat whilst looking at all the dogs, horses and birds out and about.

Then, turning one of the last corners we found a bench that was either trying to motivate me or call me out!! Graffiti removal task needed!

The task ended with some cone colour coding, much to Jens brains happiness!

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Val Cameron

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Abby (she/her)

Sat 18th May at 8:04pm

Nice to see Jens new graffiti ‘tag’ 😂


Sat 18th May at 8:22pm


Jen Stoneham
Jen Stoneham signed up to a group run.

Wed 19th Jun at 6:00pm

Gardening at St Faith's

Battle the bindweed to make the church garden look pretty!

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Jen Stoneham
Jen Stoneham signed up to a training session.

Mon 1st Jul at 12:15pm