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Area Activator for GoodGym Portsmouth. I swear like a sailor, burp like a foghorn. Human A - Z of Portsmouth. Ultimately charming.


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Pick with Pride!!
🗓Saturday 11:00am

📍Southsea Common PO5 3AE

Litter picking at Portsmouth Pride Festival to keep things spick and span.

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Jen Stoneham
Jen Stoneham went on a community mission

Wed 7th Jun at 6:15pm

Katie London
Jen Stoneham
Jen Stoneham went on a group run

Wed 7th Jun at 6:00pm

Earning Ourselves Some Brownie Points!

Portsmouth Report written by Jen Stoneham

First of all, thank you to Dr Jo for providing delicious treats that also gave us a title for the Run Report!

We teamed up with some of the staff from Trafalgar Medical Group as well as some local counsellors for this Heavy Duty GoodGym Task. Tony and Dave got to work with a heavy duty hammer and crowbar to lever up the paving slabs at the front of the Health Centre, whilst the rest of us tested our biceps to the limits carrying the slabs round to the back garden.

Maura and Judy worked hard tidying the borders and outside of the Health Centre, removing plenty of litter and lots of twigs and leaves. The rest of the team spent their time shovelling stones in to a central pile, which we will transport round to the front during our follow up task on Saturday - sign up here if you'd like to help out!

The team from Trafalgar Medical Group were incredibly grateful for our help. Dr Jack has sent over the following message of thanks for us all. Well done everyone!

Thanks for all the help today, you were all brilliant. Got some good news. The workmen on the road outside have agreed to turn over the earth at the front and drop a load of top soil down for us tomorrow. Please feedback to your fellow GoodGymers - it's all coming together!

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Jen Stoneham
Jen Stoneham went on a community mission

Wed 7th Jun at 10:45am

Watering Saplings Makes Thirsty Work!

Portsmouth Report written by Jen Stoneham

A quick trip to Kingston Rec with 20 litres of water for the little saplings put in by the Tree Wardens in April. They were looking a little parched after the recent dry weather!

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Dave Moore
Jen Stoneham
Jen Stoneham signed up to a community mission.

Wed 7th Jun at 6:15pm

Jen Stoneham
Jen Stoneham signed up to a community mission.

Thu 6th Jul at 6:15pm

Help Brownies gain their first aid badge

Create confidence and Instill new essential skills

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Jen Stoneham
Jen Stoneham signed up to a community mission.

Wed 14th Jun at 6:00pm

The Great Trainer Donation Station

Keep old running shoes out of landfill.

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Jen Stoneham
Jen Stoneham went on a group run

Wed 31st May at 6:00pm

Nice evening for a Barbie

Portsmouth Report written by Katie Carew-Robinson (she/her)

First up, was the greatly anticipated Golden Trainer....

1km, definitely no watches, predict your time, run or walk (or both), closest to their predicted time wins.

Here are the results from this year:

  1. John 1 second faster than predicted
  2. Jo 6 seconds faster
  3. India 10 seconds slower

India and Sasha were the only two who went slower than their predictions.... everyone else underestimated their ability or (more likely) the effect of a bit of "friendly" competition and a stopwatch on their speed!

The full set of results can be seen as an image in the photos.

Part 2 - litter picking

The good deed part of the evening involved a litter pick around Kingston Rec, always a rich hunting ground for discarded items. Rachel was keen to find the usual items to really know that she was back in Pompey - there was definitely plenty of cigarette butts and a few full poo bags but did we find any clothing?

Other gems included a "diamond" (useful for proposing to a dog apparently), a broken brollie, a moped in a bush, half an avatar figure and a plastic crocodile. Find of the night was a Barbie who had a lot more street cred than any Barbie I owned when I was a kid, she matched Jen's outfit pretty well but had 1 more shoe than normally seen on Jen!

Many bags of litter and one bag of recycling were collected. Thanks to Vicki for taking the recycling back to her green bin.

We met up with Anna from Fratton Big Local and a couple of the friends of Kingston Rec who'd been doing a great job picking up litter in the park area. Anna brought snacks so once the golden trainer winner had been announced, easy peelers and biscuits were passed round and shared.

Great job by everyone. And lots of good pics tonight too (apologies that I didn't get everyone in action, I thought you'd probably be more interested in me pressing the stopwatch at the correct point!!).

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Dave MooreVal CameronWilson

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Dave Moore

Wed 31st May at 8:25pm

We’ve done DIY, been on road trips and holidays together, and yet my running capabilities are the cause of the first argument 😂😂

Katie Carew-Robinson

Wed 31st May at 8:33pm

Have more faith in yourself Dave! Next time you'll know to go with your gut instinct!!


Wed 31st May at 8:40pm

That was great fun with so many of us.... that pesky trainer will be MINE next year 🤣

Jen Stoneham
Jen Stoneham signed up to a community mission.

Sun 18th Jun at 10:00am

Slow Ways Route Check - Fareham to Portsmouth

Ensure the new walking routes website is providing excellent information.

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Val Cameron