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Duncan Anderson
Duncan Anderson went on a community mission

Mon 8th Apr at 6:30pm

Everything but the kitchen sink!

Southampton Report written by Lauren

We returned for our second visit to George Williams YMCA this evening. After successfully ensuring we could enter the garden at last weeks visit we decided to start tackling different sections of the garden this evening.

It was lovely to be joined by Lucy and Duncan this evening who had travelled from Portsmouth to brave the hideous rain and lend a hand! Thankyou both.

Duncan and Hannah split into a team litter picking the vast amount of litter in the garden. Top finds from them were a knife and fork!

Lucy, Helen and Grace decided to tackle the bramble bush of doom which was just inside the door. Grace earned top marks from Lucy for her bramble technique and the team soon uncovered a shopping trolley(which was repurposed into a rubbish holder) two washing up bowls and a whole other mountain of litter.

I decided to use one of the bowls to collect glass in, there was so much it seemed to never end! In the end i called defeat on squatting down for glass after yesterday's marathon squatting escapades and once litter mountain was uncovered started to make an attempt in disposing of that.

Overall it was a very wet but enjoyable evening. Much rubbish and brambles were cleared and we look forward to returning soon!

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Val CameronJudy KnappDave

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Judy Knapp

Wed 10th Apr at 1:36pm

Well done for smashing through the '50' target!

Duncan Anderson
Duncan Anderson signed up to a community mission.

Mon 8th Apr at 6:30pm

Garden clearance at the YMCA George Williams House

Access to a garden will help mental health of residents

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Val Cameron
Duncan Anderson
Duncan Anderson went on a community mission

Sun 7th Apr at 8:45am

A Walk In The Park

Portsmouth Report written by Jen Stoneham

We had volunteers coming out of our ears at Junior parkrun this morning - both the regular EJPers and the GoodGym contingent.

Lots of roles were covered, from set-up to parkwalking, marshalling to barcode scanning.

Well done team!

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Val CameronDaveJudy Knapp
Duncan Anderson
Duncan Anderson signed up to a community mission.

Sun 7th Apr at 8:45am

Val Cameron