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FoodCycle Dinner and Chats
🗓Tuesday 16th April 5:00pm

📍Hightown Baptist Church LU2 7QZ

Bringing people together and providing a hot meal

GillMartin R
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Gill (She/her) went on a mission

Thu 11th Apr at 2:00pm

Hanging on the Telephone

Luton Report written by Gill (She/her)

Mr D was beaming when he opened the door to me, and I was thinking it was because the sun was shining in - "Yes," he said, "if it was warmer we could sunbathe." It was lovely to see him in such a buoyant mood.

He said he was pleased I had come as he had a couple of things that had been puzzling him and asked if I could help him sort them out. #1 his boiler had packed in again and he was confused with the messages that had been sent telling him when the engineer would come as they seemed to keep changing. I was able to read the texts to him and explained the engineer was now coming between 2 and 6. ✅ #2 confusing letter form NHS but he couldn't see any date on it and wasn't expecting an appointment. It was just a circular which I had also received so I showed him that it didn't have his name on and it was just asking for volunteers for a research project. So that went in the bin. ✅ #3 strange voicemail from the Medical Trust that referred him to GoodGym asking him if he wanted to be paired with another older person . He wasn't sure why he needed to be paired with another person as he was happy seeing me on his own. So we phoned back the number and he spoke to the receptionist who had completely got the wrong end of the stick about the new Coach Pairings and thought he was being paired with the other Mr D who I visit. It took me a while to explain the process to her and that I would have two separate pairings with these lovely gents. ✅ #4 listened to another voicemail from the surgery informing him of an appointment next week. He wasn't expecting an appointment next week and was worried it was a scam as when he had tried phoning the number back it was unobtainable. I was concerned too that someone might visit pretending to be his doctor so suggested we ring the surgery directly and ask about it. They confirmed it was a bonafide appointment for a GP home visit from the medical group doctor. ✅ #5 the gas man texted to say he would be 15 minutes - so I read the text to Mr D, and when the gas man arrived helped Mr D explain what the problem was. The gas man did some tests and was fitting a new valve so that the heating would work again. ✅ And by the time all this was sorted we had only just managed to squeeze in a cuppa and a jam tart, but it was then time for me to go.

Mr D apologised that he hadn't had much time to talk about my week but said he had been really appreciative of all the help I'd given. So despite it being busy I was pleased that it was a really successful, useful visit.

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Nick Moore
Gill (She/her) went on a mission

Wed 10th Apr at 1:00pm

Abim Adejumo
Gill (She/her) went on a community mission

Tue 9th Apr at 10:41pm

A Flower of Strength

Luton Report written by Gill (She/her)

I was asked to take a delivery of groceries and cleaning products to FoodCycle today. Then once again I got the call to help out with food collection for the FoodCycle session this afternoon. There was anew volunteer on collection duty but I'd been asked if I would meet her at Sainsbury's to introduce her to the relevant staff members and show her the ropes. I waited near the pick up point but she was unfortunately delayed. There wasn't too much food to collect but once again there were dozens of bouquets of flowers which although not much use for eating, would provide a nice gift for our guests. I filled a couple of Ikea bags full of blooms, leaving the food for Kate to collect later. On arrival at the church there was no one else around, so I had to muster my own strength to carry the bags of food, tins of tomatoes and boxes of cleaning products inside. But I knew that later both the food and the flowers would be well appreciated by the volunteer teams, and the guests.

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Abim AdejumoJudy KnappDuncan
Gill (She/her) went on a community mission

Tue 9th Apr at 5:00pm

Another Newbie at Foodcycle

Luton Report written by Gill (She/her)

Two of our regular Goodgym FoodCyclers had already signed up to cook this evening, but as the day wore on the organisers were worried about the number of regular volunteers for hosting the meal and put out a plea for any extra help. Having posted this on our WhatsApp group it was great that Derrick was free this evening and willing to sign up to the Foodcycle website, complete the training and sign himself up to help with the hosting. Gill and Mayra had arrived early to start on the cooking with three of the FoodCycle Team and dinner preparations were soon underway. Myra was tasked with peeling and chopping an enormous number of leeks ready for the leek, potato and cauliflower soup. She just have enjoyed it a lot as she was soon weeping with joy... yes I'm sure they were tears of joy and not that the leeks were making her cry! Gill and Jordi got busy preparing a Quorn based Bolognaise while one of new friends Harrison put together a delicious apple and pear crumbled with an oaty topping. Around 6pm Derrick arrived and we welcomed him into the fold - although his welcome was more like being thrown into the deep end, as service was underway. He was given the briefest of briefings, and then dived straight into serving up steaming bowls of soup, clearing tables, serving the mains and puddings. Although he was only able to stay for part of the shift his help was appreciated by guests and hosts alike. Another delicious meal served with care and kindness to around 48 guests down to GoodGym and FoodCycle 's great partnership. We're hoping we can encourage a few more GoodGYmers to take a turn at FoodCycle as it's a great team with a fab atmosphere.

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DuncanDani C
Gill (She/her) signed up to a mission.

Thu 11th Apr at 2:00pm

Social Visit for Mr D who has an interest in cars

This will reduce his social isolation and cheer him up.

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Gill (She/her) signed up to a mission.

Wed 10th Apr at 1:00pm

Friendly chat with Mr D who plays the violin

It will lift his spirits as he will have something to look forward to.

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DuncanLizzy Burch