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Last trip to Ashton Park to free the trees
🗓Monday 26th February 6:15pm

📍York CVS, Denham Room YO1 6ET

Help maintain the park environment

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Mon 26th Feb at 6:15pm

Steve Rice
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Mon 5th Feb at 6:15pm

GoodGym go down to the wire

York Report written by Ed Woollard (He/Him)

After an exhausting January challenge, an impressive 23 GoodGymers turned out for the first group run of February. We celebrated those who had run at the weekend including a cheer for the absent Nikki Gover who ran a PB at the Dewsbury 10k 🍾. Well done Nikki! We then numbered off by naming our favourite things with pips in them 🍋 Then it was off to the task...

James looks like a criminal - Leanne

The team picked up where we left off after our last trip out to Ashton Park, and armed with saws and bolt cutters quickly got to work. Pete and James aka 'The Muscle' took care of the heavy duty stake removal with their crowbars in tow.

And then things got a bit messy. Some of the tree guards were easier to remove than others and so we ended up with a surplus of people trying to free the final tree from its intertwined wire guard.

Too many cooks spoil the broth - James

So with too many GGers and not enough space around the final tree we started the fitness session a bit early. This week it was a Squid Game inspired session featuring a fitness version of Red Light, Green Light. First up it was a lunge race, then a high knees race, followed by a squat race.

There's no nice way to say this, so I'll just be honest. Abigail is terrible at Red Light, Green Light!

With the final tree still not free from its wirey prison, Leanne led a team back to CVS whilst Ed waited around for the rest of the group to get the job done. Lo and behold a few minutes later the final tree guard was removed and we could finally head back to base

Great job everyone!

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