Samye Mindfulness and Well being Centre

The Mindfulness and Well-Being Centre for South Wales is a compassion-based mindfulness training centre in Wales.

The Mindfulness and Well-Being Centre for South Wales is a compassion-based mindfulness training centre in Wales. They have been operating as a charitable company since 2006.

Their large, fully-equipped premises offers complete range of on-site holistic therapies and conference services. They offer mindfulness classes, meditation retreats and well-being services to the people of Wales and the rest of the UK.

They are a centre mainly staffed by volunteers and rely on the goodwill and generosity of volunteers to run our mindfulness and well-being activities.

177 GoodGymers have supported Samye Mindfulness and Well being Centre with 59 tasks.

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Trees a Crowd

Tuesday 5th December

Written by Michael

Unlucky for some, but not SAMYE as 13 goodgymers got together on a chilly evening to volunteer their time and get active. Split into groups, walkers, runners and cyclists we made our way to help our friends one last time for 2023.

The cyclists meeting us at the task as they made their own way, Nathan leading the runners from our start location, with Michael taking the walkers for a jaunty stroll through the city.

But before we head our ways, we have just enough time to . . . .

Welcome Neda

We arrived at Samye and headed straight into the warmth, as usual our tasks were listed on the white board;

  • Move the glass bookshelves from library to cafe.
  • Get the bookshelves out of the loft and put together.
  • Clear out under the stairs, putting everything into the magnolia room.
  • Get Christmas trees out of the loft and set them all up.


we split into teams to tackle each of the tasks, as a team vanished up into the loft, and one under the stairs. Once the stairs had been cleared everyone split into 3 tree groups to tackle the most important tasks of all.

Finally, all trees were ready and in their positions. Whilst the goodgym crew sat down to some food Michael ran around getting photos of those trees.

Thanks to everyone for coming out tonight, and a BIG thank you to SAMYE for their continued support of goodgym and all of our members.

Join us next week for the very last goodgym group task of 2023.

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They call it mellow yellow (Quite rightly)

Tuesday 12th September

Written by Michael

A couple of last minute arrivals, a change of task because of a change in weather... It's all go with goodgym tonight.

As it was a nice evening it was decided to get our paint on... But not until we rock the bin bag look.

On the metal arch, with a very drippy gloss one coat paint were Cecil, Dylan and Sophie. Trying their best not to splatter the floor as they went.

In the office, painting a very lovely mellow yellow wall was Holly and Su. Fans blasting to keep them cool.

And last but by no means least, on the vacuuming duty on the stairs.... The one and only Jihaad.

Our 30 minutes flew by and it was time for a few sandwiches and crisps whilst catching up with our friends at Samye.

Our run tonight, a nice 2.5km each way (sandwiched with the task) for a good total of 5km. The group at the front led by Michael, on a speedy finish. And our chatty group with Su have a lovely time.

A great way to spend a Tuesday, fun friends, fitness and volunteering.

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Raise it up, raise it up

Tuesday 30th May

Written by Michael

Two start locations again tonight, our newest start option at the Daffodil in the City Centre where seven plucky goodgymers met. We left at 18:30 for a nice pleasant jog through the park and over to what used to be our start location - Sport Wales National Centre, where we picked up another 2 goodgymers. Our final two for the evening where to meet us at the task, so no time to waste chatting - lets continue the walk / jog and get to Samye.

We arrived at the Samye Foundation with plenty of time to spare, which was good as tonight was the registration for the VERY popular Cosmeston Relay Race (Sells out within 30 minutes!)

Our first few minutes were spent clicking away online, hoping to get through in time, as ALL joggers and runners in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan tried to do the same.


At last, everyone was in and it was time to get to our task for the evening. Tonight was going to be some hard volunteering.

  • The old path slabs were to be removed, so that some new fruit trees could be planted
  • The Soil that used to house all the shrubs needed some heavy digging and leveling
  • There was compost to carry from the front of the building to the back
  • An array of plant pots needed to be filled with the compost
  • Some of the remaining shrubs needed a heavy prune

The task was a good old workout, all in aid of the upcoming open day that they will be having at Samye later in the year. A new double width path will be laid on all of our hard work, accessible to wheelchairs, planting with new fruit trees and some smaller plants to help bring in those pollinators and look spectacular.

After all that volunteering, the soup and sandwiches that the lovely lot had put on were a much welcome sight. I'm sure we will be back soon to help out with more, this seems like a big job.

Until next time.....

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Broom Broom Broom Broom, I want you in my room.

Tuesday 7th March

Written by Michael

With the threat of SNOW on the horizon, 6 extra special goodgymers met up for some chilly volunteer work and a chance to get active.

We welcomed back into the fold, Katie.


And it was another celebration as Dylan made his fifth task

High Five

No walkers in the group tonight, so to keep the group warm Michael led them on a longer route than usual for those extra active points..Just on time, we got to Samye at 7pm ready to meet our two cyclists and the lovely Lorraine. We popped inside to keep warm and top up our water levels, before heading out for the task at hand.

It was time for a general tidy up of the outside space, with weeding and sweeping of old leaves so that it was all spruced up and looking like new.

Time to head inside and warm ourselves again, this time with some delicious SOUP.

Mmmmmmmm, Two Soup Tuesday!

Two Soups

Join us next week as we head to help at Cwtch. Click the link to sign up.

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dig leaf

Tuesday 18th October 2022

Written by Michael

Well, Autumn is most certainly here and you could tell as we arrived to Samye for tonight's task. Our tasks were ready on our goodgym board, as usual;

  • Sweep the leaves from the front of the building
  • Move two of the larger plants from the pergola
  • Cut down the veg patch and mint
  • Dig the new uncovered part at the back
  • Remove compost from the bin and dig into the back
  • Remove the tomato plants and put into the compost

Straight to work, as Stuart and Llion put themselves on sweeping duty. Can you dig it? Marie can.

Lydia, Su and Adam removed the plants from the pergola and moved them to the back.

Nathan and Andrew started on the compost, it was a little tough to remove, but with a few bumps and smacks it soon started to fall.

The compost was being moved over to our digger and put into the soil being dug. Soon enough, Andrew joined Marie to help with the digging. The compost was empty and ready to have the tomato plants put in.

The tomato plants were removed from the greenhouse which now housed the plants from the pergola to keep them safe over winter.

The final jobs, as the leaves were bagged up, were added to the compost bin also. A quick bit of pruning and cutting in the veg patch and we were done. Compost bin once again full as nature did it's wonderful job of creating the next growing material.

We all head in for some snacks and water, refueling before our journey back.

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Let’s gloss over this task

Tuesday 16th August 2022

Written by Michael

14 goodgymers got together for another Tuesday Volunteer task.

A short run in the rain tonight, as we made our way back to Samye. A mixture of tasks outside and in, but at least the outside was under cover still. Upon arrival we made our way straight in for some water and to warm up, as usual the wonderful Lorraine had made us a list to make our way through as best we could.

  • Sweep up the leaves.
  • Clean the tables.
  • A little bit of weeding.
  • Painting the skirting boards and door frames up in the flat.
  • Sweeping the library and corridor and then vacuuming.

It was great to catch up with everyone, even in the rain and the work we completed was worth every damp moment. Plus we had some food and a lovely chance to chat after the task, and before our travel back.

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