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Severn Bridge Twilight Race
🗓Thursday 11th April 7:30pm

📍The underpass NP16 5TY

Fab race at sunset across the old Severn Bridge

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Ellen went on a group run

Tue 20th Feb at 6:15pm

Cheers for smears

Cardiff Report written by Michael

Tonight was a special run in Cardiff, as we celebrated Darren on his very special

200th Task

This can mean only ONE thing, it's time for the CAPE

We had our usual mix of groups tonight, with some walkers and joggers and a couple running like the wind - that's the power of the cape! We were heading out to help at the Samye foundation again, and as usual they had prepared a list for us.

  • Move a plinth from the hall to the shed
  • Move containers from the office into the attic
  • Change the posters in the display cabinets
  • Vacuum building 252 with good ol' Henry
  • Wash the ground floor outside windows and ledges
  • Put out all rubbish and recycling.

Thankfully there was a good number of us tonight, as 13 volunteers got active and cleared the list of tasks in good time. Dylan and Henry became great friends as the floor and stairs were spotless. Darren and Andrew vanished into the attic along with the containers. Imy and Natasha got artistic with the poster displays - looking great. Emma, Aimee and Ellen moved the plinth in the blink of an eye. Lucy cleaned the mirror until you could see your face in it......wait, hold on a minute???? And then it was all hands to the windows, and ledges, Su, Martin, Llion and anyone else that was free joined to get rid of those smears...Ready for some filming I believe.

We even had time for an additional task as Darren donning his cape, mopped the hall until it was sparkling clean. We got together for some soup and soon to follow on the run - soup stitch. A great evening had by all, thanks you wonderful lot.

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Nathan Swain

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Wed 21st Feb at 4:18pm

Woot Woot!

Ellen signed up to a group run.

Tue 20th Feb at 6:15pm

08 Samye all the way

helping to keep the community feel

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