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Buff Wales Trail 10k & 5K
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Trail run with two distance options - a great start to the new year!

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Andrew Skelton
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Tue 22nd Nov at 6:15pm

Andrew Skelton
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Tue 22nd Nov at 6:15pm

Samye Mindful Centre

Help to tidy up and clear

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Andrew Skelton
Andrew Skelton went on a group run

Tue 15th Nov at 6:15pm

Card & Fast

Cardiff Report written by Michael

A great new task tonight, with the wonderful Christmas for CAMHS, making Christmas special for Young People I in mental health units.

Our task was to create some cards for the charity to use, Christmas Cards For CAMHS. The aim is to send a homemade Christmas Card to EVERY young person receiving inpatient mental health care this Christmas.

Can we help?


Michael waited, eagerly to see how many turned up as there was going to be a pre run before heading to the location to get comfortable for crafting. 4 were meeting us at the task, 2 of our group were walking, whilst the rest were ready for a run. Just a short 2 (ish) km to get the blood pumping and the creative juices flowing, then we made our way over to the lovely Littleman Coffee Shop to drink coffee, eat cake and get crafty.

All we had to do was make a homemade card (or two…!), write a lovely message inside for the young person, and then post it to us via the address below to arrive by the end of November.

Michael had already been to get a lot of supplies, some of which had been donated by lovely people. At first the group seemed quite intimidated by the task, but once the coffees were flowing and people had started it was great. The worries flew away as the glue and glitter (biodegradable and plant based - of course)flew around the tables.

There were some truly wonderful cards tonight, just take a look in the pictures at the creations. And we managed a brilliant 53 cards.

Once finished, we cleaned up after ourselves before heading out into the cold night for a quick social.

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Andrew Skelton
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Tue 15th Nov at 6:00pm

Get your docs checked

Meet Michael at Big Moose Coffee Co

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Andrew Skelton
Andrew Skelton signed up to a group run.

Tue 15th Nov at 6:15pm

Christmas card making

We will be making cards for children in hospital

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Andrew Skelton
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Sat 10th Dec at 10:30am

Pen y Fan - pre Christmas Party Hike

A good workout before the Christmas party

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