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Andrew Skelton
Andrew Skelton went on a group run

Tue 4th Jun at 6:20pm

Scouting for weeds

Cardiff Report written by Michael

Why is the Scouts motto and honey the same?????

Tonight was a BRAND NEW task, as we helped out at the 19th Scout Group in Cardiff. We had received a request to help and tidy up the outside of the hall, ready for some planting - currently they are measuring the growth of beans.

We were tasked with removing the weeds, brambles etc all short and stumpy, unlike the long and slim beans. None of this could be done though, not until we had figured out the riddle of the gloves..... As Darren revealed his magic trick of only pulling out one type of glove, it even made me question if I had put both right and left in the bag earlier.

For the brambles we dug as much as possible to hopefully stop them coming back in the future, some weeds could be pulled up by hand. Secateurs and loppers were used at the far end as we began to cut into the jungle of brambles, the scouts have a friends group coming on Saturday to help with this section. But many hands make light work, and it wasn't too long before we were cutting into the section ourselves.

It was time for a quick group photo, and to show off the mound of greenery that we had removed. A couple of photos, some chocolate treats from the oragniser and it was time to make our way back to the start location.

Join us next week for a great work out here

Wondering about the question at the top? Answer: They're both Bee prepared!

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Andrew Skelton
Andrew Skelton signed up to a group run.

Tue 4th Jun at 6:20pm

23 Group Task - Tidy up our scout hall and gardens

This will be a huge help to our already stretched team of volunteers and will create a safe and lovely space which the children will use all summer.

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Andrew Skelton
Andrew Skelton went on a community mission

Thu 30th May at 6:00pm

Our paint drips don’t lie

Cardiff Report written by Imy Hopkins

After the previous GoodGym Tuesday Foodbank task, which was meant to be painting the sofa, had to be changed due to the rain - a bonus Thursday task was arranged to get the job done. The pressure was on to make sure we didn’t leave the back of the sofa half painted as the Foodbank Annual Volunteer Party was coming up in four days time!

With a great playlist recommendation from Cara, skilful paint pouring from Andrew, and after a lovely group photo was taken by Imy’s work colleague Terence, we were ready to start. Everyone got to work painting away, chatting about a range of topics, from how Cosmeston has brought out the competitive side of Dylan (no glasses), to the impressive number of Sharika songs that we were listening to. Although we all enjoyed being motivated by the Spotify Y2K hits, and were fuelled by some slightly stale Spider-Man cake, so the two hours passed in no time and we got the job done!

All that was left was to do balance a phone in a trolley to take a self-timed after group photo (as Terence had sadly gone home!) and we were on our way. Photos of the finished paint job were sent to the Foodbank staff group chat and everyone was very impressed with the work of the five Goodgymers.

Also as you can see from the photo with the decorations, it looked great at the volunteer party!

Task credits/awards: Attention to detail (Jonny), Paint pouring (Andrew & Jonny), Security aka door locking (Andrew), Quality Playlist Suggestion (Cara), Snacks and photography (Imy), Most improved (Dylan), Report title pun credit (Andrew), Group photo credit (Terence)

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Wed 5th Jun at 6:49pm

Love this, and a good pun title too

Andrew Skelton
Andrew Skelton signed up to a community mission.

Thu 30th May at 6:00pm

Painting the Foodbank Palette Sofa

Improve social area at the Foodbank warehouse in time for Volunteer Party

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Andrew Skelton
Andrew Skelton went on a group run

Tue 21st May at 6:20pm

Food Bonanza Bank

Cardiff Report written by Michael

An unfortunate start to our Tuesday task as the sky opened and poured like a big ol' leaky tap. But still, a good 12 goodgymers arrived, not put off by some rain, and ready to celebrate on our birthday week.

The run, was a good simple straight run with very little stopping. Our task organiser, our very own Imy, had thankfully come up with alternative plans for bad weather. Once we arrived, the group were taken in and put too work, whilst Michael remained outside waiting to welcome our cyclists.

Our tasks for the evening were sorting the donations, dating them with marker pens and placing them into the correct baskets, and as the rain had passed, three of the team went outside to help to weed and tidy the volunteer area ready for their party in a few weeks time (we may also have a return community task to tackle the painting that was put off due to the rain).

We stayed a little longer than usual to get as much done as possible, and because it's our birthday week......that's right, we are 7 and you are all HEROES.

Imy had plenty of volunteers taking part with her engagement activity, and lots to talk about for the run back. Now it's time to celebrate goodgym Cardiff way with a night at the open mic night.

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