13 Goodgymers helped their local community in Cardiff
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Tuesday 9th January

Report written by Michael

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On a night where the air was biting at our ankles, an impressive 13 goodgymers braved the weather for the Cardiff January Challenge.

We were back to the Samye Foundation, our last visit was decorating for Xmas... except for Michael and Darren who managed to pop along for their Fayre. Tonight would be very different though, and would soon warm up the group.

We were in three groups tonight, the walkers led by Michael, the runners led by Darren and Adam and the third group, still running but a shorter distance.

We arrived and got straight to work, no standing still in these temperatures. The 3 Xmas trees had to go back into the loft, there were tables and chairs to rearrange, bags and bags of rubble, wheelbarrows of rubbish and an array of tile bits to pick up.

Out came the lights and gloves for safety, we split into groups and got busy, so busy in fact that we managed to finish off the tasks with enough time to get a bit of vacuuming done too.

Tools down, warm up.

We popped inside for a catch up and some snacks, more water (hydration is important even in the cold).

We are nicely on track for our target of 100 deeds in January, but a few more km needed, so don’t forget to get Strava going on your walks, runs or bike rides. NEXT week we will be splitting into ploggers and litter pickers to tackle the City Centre. Get signed up here. We are also heading for food afterwards but need to book so you will have to sign up to this too

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The Mindfulness and Well-Being Centre for South Wales is a compassion-based mindfulness training centre in Wales. They have been operating as a charitable company since 2006. Their large, fully-equipped premises offers complete range of on-site holistic therapies and conference services. They offer mindfulness classes, meditation retreats and well-being services to the people of Wales and the rest of the UK. They are a centre mainly staffed by volunteers and rely on the goodwill and generosity of volunteers to run our mindfulness and well-being activities.

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17 Group Activity - Return to StarGarAllot
🗓Today 6:20pm

StarGarAllot gives food to the Oasis centre, Tremorfa Community Pantry and Splo-Down Food Coop.

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