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Emma Wilkins
Emma Wilkins went on a mission

Fri 15th Sep at 6:00pm

Tied up in knots....

Cardiff Report written by Emma Wilkins

After a quick post work coffee catch up, Michael and I headed to visit Mrs M and Mr C. We'd both run to them on a previous occasion and were looking forward to helping again. Mrs M had prepared a list for us!

Mrs M was pleased to see us and we popped in to say hello to Mr C who had recently come out of hospital.

First up on the list of tasks was trying to swap the hinges on a wardrobe door from right to left in an attempt to make it easier for Mrs M to access the contents. We managed to take the door off but despite our efforts to cajole the wardrobe fastenings out, they simply would not budge. We think they were glued in so opted instead to put the door back on, which turned out to be easier said than done....

Second up was hanging Mrs M's jewellery box onto the wall. Mrs M explained that it had been a Christmas present from Mr C a few years' ago and she wanted it hung on the wall in the bedroom. After much debate over which screws/plugs to use and several checks of the spirit level, we managed to pop the case on the wall. Mrs M was pleased as it was at a level she could reach and she could now store her jewellery in her gifted case.

Third up was replacing the ends of the bathroom pull cords for the light and the shower. Mrs M had purchased some super cute pull cords in the shape of a beach hut. We managed to thread the new springy cords through with the beach huts and gave Mrs M the flexibility to determine the length of the cord.

Finally, Mrs M wanted us to pop the bathroom curtain rail up as one of the rail holders had fallen off the wall. In just a short while, we'd popped up a new wall hanging and the new lace curtains were up against the bathroom window.

A quick glass of chilled water to rehydrate and we were done. Mrs M outlined how much she'd appreciated our help but in fact, it was Michael and I who were grateful for the chance to get out and about and help on a Friday evening after a busy week at work.

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Emma Wilkins
Emma Wilkins signed up to a mission.

Fri 15th Sep at 6:00pm

Small DIY jobs around the home for Mrs and Mr M (Flexible timings) (WK2)

Mrs M would like to fix and rehang some belongings in her home.

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