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Writing Christmas Card for Care Homes
🗓Tuesday 12th December 6:15pm

📍Glassworks, Westminster Bldg CF10 1AG

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Lucy went on a group run

Tue 5th Dec at 6:15pm

Trees a Crowd

Cardiff Report written by Michael

Unlucky for some, but not SAMYE as 13 goodgymers got together on a chilly evening to volunteer their time and get active. Split into groups, walkers, runners and cyclists we made our way to help our friends one last time for 2023.

The cyclists meeting us at the task as they made their own way, Nathan leading the runners from our start location, with Michael taking the walkers for a jaunty stroll through the city.

But before we head our ways, we have just enough time to . . . .

Welcome Neda

We arrived at Samye and headed straight into the warmth, as usual our tasks were listed on the white board;

  • Move the glass bookshelves from library to cafe.
  • Get the bookshelves out of the loft and put together.
  • Clear out under the stairs, putting everything into the magnolia room.
  • Get Christmas trees out of the loft and set them all up.


we split into teams to tackle each of the tasks, as a team vanished up into the loft, and one under the stairs. Once the stairs had been cleared everyone split into 3 tree groups to tackle the most important tasks of all.

Finally, all trees were ready and in their positions. Whilst the goodgym crew sat down to some food Michael ran around getting photos of those trees.

Thanks to everyone for coming out tonight, and a BIG thank you to SAMYE for their continued support of goodgym and all of our members.

Join us next week for the very last goodgym group task of 2023.

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MichaelNathan Swain
Lucy went on a community mission

Sun 26th Nov at 9:00am

Lucy signed up to a party.

Sun 17th Dec at 6:30pm

Lucy went on a group run

Tue 17th Oct at 6:15pm

Paint it BLACK

Cardiff Report written by Michael

We see an old fence and we want to paint it black.......

Well it turns out our last trip of the year to the community hall was not as we thought, we returned to help with the mighty task of painting the fence.

11 goodgymers huddled together on a chilly evening, ready to take on the WORLD

Back for their second time was Chloe, welcome you regular you. And we had the return of one who started us all those years ago...... Benjamin


Off we went on those mean streets of Cardiff (not really mean, us Welsh are very nice) and we had a nice steady pace to St. James Community Hall.

Tonight's task, to wire brush the fence that we had previously freed from the ivy..... Whilst the rest of us painted as much as we could in the time we had.

You could definitely feel the Autumnal crisp chill this evening, but we were soon warmed by the gratitude of the choir as they came out from the hall to see what we were getting up to. Impressed by the amount of us, they even offered us the food they had left.


We made our way back to the Daffodil, to warm up and catch up. We will return one more time this year.... As its a BIG fence.

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FloMichaelJihaadNathan Swain
Lucy signed up to a race.

Wed 18th Oct at 6:45pm

Orienteering - SWOC Llandaff North

Combining the joys of jogging and orienteering

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Lucy signed up to a community mission.

Wed 18th Oct at 6:15pm

Lucy signed up to a group run.

Tue 17th Oct at 6:15pm

Painting at St. Paul Community Hall

Keep it looking it's best for those wonderful groups that use it.

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Lucy went on a community mission

Sun 24th Sep at 9:00am

Olivia WallerFloMichael
Lucy signed up to a party.

Sat 16th Dec at 7:30pm

Lucy signed up to a community mission.

Sat 16th Dec at 10:30am

FloMichaelNathan Swain