Scottish Half Marathon and 10k!

It's time to cross the border!


In 2019, GoodGym will finally be heading to Scotland to race the Scottish Half Marathon and 10k.

Our final big race of the year offers the chance to run a "flat & rapid" half or 10k - the organisers claim that if you want to set a personal best for a half marathon or 10K, then this is the event for you. The races start just outside Edinburgh and finishing in the final furlong at Musselburgh Racecourse.

Most likely we'll head up on the Saturday, and those that want to can stay over on the Sunday to enjoy some Edinburgh hospitality.

*If you want to come to the race PLEASE ENTER YOUR DETAILS ON THE SPREADSHEET HERE - I'll use this to get in contact with people so if you don't fill it in you may miss important information. Please note that we've now made accommodation arrangements - get in touch if you're still looking to come and we'll see if we can help *

Date and time

09:00 - 10:30 Sunday, 22nd of September 2019
21km total distance


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What to look out for

Age Restriction

GoodGym welcomes anyone aged 18 or over. If you are under 18 then you will be unable to participate in any GoodGym activity

Make sure you've read our general guidelines for safety when running and at a task.

This event is not organised by GoodGym and GoodGym takes no responsibility for your participation in the event.


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Led by

Frances Powrie

Frances Powrie
Regular Camden runner, "not a real Islington person" and ex GoodGym Race Team Chair

Who's going

  • Frances Powrie
  • Alex Brown
  • Bath runner
  • James Gilbert
  • Sam Ollason
  • Lorna Gott
  • Stefan Durkin
  • Abi Perrin
  • Abigail White
  • Elizabeth Pang
  • Aidan Padfield
  • Katie Allan
  • Alejandra Sanz
  • Sally
  • Katie Kibbler
  • Sarah Caswell
  • Fiona
  • Islington runner
  • John Shirley
  • Fay McKnight
  • Sarah Moore
  • Sophie Harper
  • Tracey
  • Camden runner
  • Kat Kelly
  • Rosie Ashworth
  • Liam
  • York runner
  • Fatima

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