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Tracey completed a walk • Catanger Llama Trekking
Sat 18 Sep
Tracey completed a training run • Morning Run- cool down
Sat 18 Sep
Tracey completed a training run • Watermeadows Parkrun
Sat 18 Sep
Tracey completed a training run • Morning Run- Warm Up
Sat 18 Sep
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Tower Hamlets

Mile end park run and social coffee

Sat 25 Sep 09:00 am
Mile End Stadium, Burdett Road, London, E3 4HL
Back to our local park run and then social coffee

Join us for a return to park run in mile end for a 5km run and then we'll head to the nearby international comrades cafe for a coffee together. It's a run not a race all abilities welcome. After the run we'll gather near the coffee van and then walk to the cafe.

I couldn't list the location for the meet up point - mile end park run starts on the canal side of mile end stadium in the park.

Course Description The course consists of a two laps always running on the left hand side of the double paths. Starting in front of Mile End Stadium through Mile End Park and over the Green Bridge. Along the canal towpath turn right to loop behind the Art Pavilion then follow the path over the Green Bridge back to the stadium. A "turning point" will be marked; turn and repeat for a second lap. Finishing on the grass in front of the stadium

There's no warm up so do your own written you arrive early. The event starts by welcoming new comers and thanking the volunteers. And the run starts at 9am (so get there early). There are volunteers to show you the route which is straightforward as you just follow the people in front of you. If you've registered online (which is free - but if you haven't registered you can still run) and brought a printed bar code you will have your bar code scanned at the end and your time will be emailed to you a few hours later. More information can be found here:

And to register go here

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Community mission
Tower Hamlets

Return to Stepney City Farm

Wed 22 Sep 17:30 pm
Stepney Way, Stepney, E1 3DG
Make the area even more beautiful for local visitors.

Stepney City Farm is a three-acre working farm in the heart of Tower Hamlets. It gives children and adults a chance to meet farm animals, learn how to grow food and try out arts and crafts. It's an educational charity with an extensive education programme, used by over 5,000 school children and young people every year.

In the past, Goodgym have worked on all areas of the farm: carrying, lifting, digging, shovelling and doing a lot to create the beautiful, calming pond area, as well as relaxing afterwards in the excellent cafe.

Sneak out of work early on Wednesday and join us again. We'll even finish in daylight!

(If you arrive a bit later and you can't see us, phone John on 07395 817789).

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Community mission

Guiding for Goodgym

Thu 16 Sep
Report written by Simon Fitzmaurice

4 VI guide runners (including 3 Goodgymmers from all different boroughs) met up for our weekly group run with Achilles International in Green Park on Thursday evening.

We had a smaller crew than usual, as a few of our regular VI runners were about to race the Big South 10km this weekend, or were approaching taper time for other endurance events. Tracey and Simon were on hand to coordinate, navigate and support, while Emily tried guiding for the first time with regular attendee Katy, aiming to run on softer surfaces where possible. She did a smashing job! London Marathon runner Richard was joined by long-time guide runner Adam too, to enjoy a few early evening laps together.

We will be back again next week- 6pm at Green Park Underground Station. See you then!

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Thu 16 Sep
Tracey completed a training run • Morning Run
Wed 15 Sep
Tracey completed a training run • Morning Run
Wed 15 Sep
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