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Run regularly to see an isolated older person.

Visiting an older person as part of your weekly run can make a huge difference to their life. Over a million older people are always or often lonely, going for months without seeing friends or family. You could make a massive difference to their life by dropping in for 20 minutes as part of your run.

How it works

Many GoodGym runners are paired with isolated older people and they run to see them each week for a quick neighbourly visit.

We call the older people our runners visit coaches because they help motivate our runners to run and they share their wisdom with them. It's amazing what you can learn from your coach.

Coach runs can be fit around your schedule and don’t need to take up more than 20 minutes of your time per week.

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I really enjoy getting to know my coach, she's such a live wire, so full of stories and keen to hear about my life too. Oh and she keeps me fit too!

Sharon - Coach Runner

How to get involved

To start running to a coach, you need to become a member and get coach verified.

It's simple and we'll guide you through every step.

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Becoming a member

If you become a member we'll help you get fit by doing good. You get the support of your local trainer and help to set and achieve fitness goals and a new GoodGym New Balance technical running top. You also get 20% off at

All aspects of GoodGym are free to participate in. Most Goodgym members donate an optional £9.95 a month which go to the GoodGym Charity to help us reach more older people. We’ll ask you if you’d like to donate when you join.

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Becoming coach verified

We work to make GoodGym as safe as possible. Part of this involves you providing references, doing a short online training module and getting a background check.

Getting verified only takes a few hours of your time over 2 weeks.

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Meet our coaches and runners

Wondering what it’s like to visit one of our coaches? Here are some of the stories that have come out of the relationships between GoodGym runners and older people.


I was very lonely. You've opened up a whole new world to me. Being a runner's coach is wonderful. They've given me the confidence to get out there again.

Kevin and connie

I’ve never been a morning exerciser. Being paired up with Connie has given me that motivation to start the day with a run. Getting to know her has been a breeze compared to the run there!"

John and flo

The first question Flo asks me every Friday morning when I turn up at her flat is, “Do you know me?" This is then normally followed by “How did you know I was here?”.

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