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Mon 27 Sep
Sun 26 Sep
Sally went on a community mission
Community mission

River run and testing times.

Fri 24 Sep
Report written by Paul Salman

A few good gym members looked to help test local water sources for pollution specifically phosphate and nitrates. our results should help provide an understanding of how clean our rivers and lakes are over time.

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Sally signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Support World Car free Day and spread the word for the 22nd September

Wed 22 Sep 07:00 am
Not Known, ???, ???
Cut down pollution, emissions and encourage physical activity.

September 22 has been named World Car-Free Day. A car-free day is such an impressive gesture – regardless of whether it has a big impact on emissions, symbolically it demonstrates a strong commitment to sustainability, and is a great way to energize the conversation about emissions reduction in our community.

Besides trying to not use a car please spread the word. Any further ideas welcome for that day. Please sign up in support.

Could it be a day when neighbours have a street party? Or a day when a family cycles together in a local park or cycle way or just go for a walk? A day when we reflect on how we can slow down our lives. Engage as a community? A day when we take a walk in the countryside? A day when a parent walks a child to school. Spend some time chatting to someone on the street. Wash our electric car. Read a book, binge on a box set. A duvet day! Take a day off of work. Catch a bus or a train. Could we close down a couple of streets and let our kids cycle freely? Breath some fresh air. Walk to a local shop. Walk to work. Plant some flowers or trees. Maybe people would gain some different perspective on how we live our lives, use our time and affect our environment.

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Sally went on a group run
Group run

Cax me if you can

Mon 20 Sep
Report written by Simon Fitzmaurice

Last night, 5 Goodgymmers met up with Area Activator Simon outside the Arsenal Community Hub for a 5km total run to Caxton House Community Centre. Benedict, Steve, Alfie and Rachel made their way up Sussex Way (passing friendly neighbourhood cats on route) before meeting up with the rest of our crew in Archway.

Goodgym Islington have been visiting the Caxton House Community Centre pretty frequently over the past few months (3rd visit since August), pitching in with a big green renovation of lovely plot of planters. The idea is to shift many wheel barrows full of hardened soil from small growing beds, and to move this all to a larger planter. Fresh compost and soil will be added and mixed in at a later date, ready for spring vegetables. Alison, Steve, Benedict and Emily took on the arduous digging and forking task (and did a smashing job- especially after all the hot weather we had), while Aidan was the main wheelbarrow driver and successfully navigated the stairs to the drop off point.

The rest of our team (Rachel, Sally and Alfie) were offered pavement picking tools (skinny brushes on sticks) and knee cushions, and were tasked to chip away at some persistent weeds growing out of the path to the garden. These tools proved to be effective, and we were able to brush a bag of eco-friendly weed deterrent into the cracks to keep the place looking tidy through Autumn and Winter.

We did a smashing job over the course of an hour. Thank you to everyone who brought head torches too- this really makes such a difference for your fellow runners.

6 runners joined us for the return run back to the Emirates (down hill this time!), and we enjoyed a stretch and a chat together to close the evening.


Next week, we will be visiting The Rose Bowl Youth Centre.

Sign up here to get involved:

Also, check out the wonderful work our GG Islington group did at Crouch End Open Space on Sunday here!

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Sally went on a training session
Training session

A (virtual) pint of the dark stuff

Sun 19 Sep
Report written by Bethan Greenaway

A HUGE number of Goodgymers rose to the challenge of completing a 10K over the weekend with the aim of becoming world record holders, watch out Mo Farrah!

We will know soon whether the challenge of setting the record for the most people running a virtual 10K run in 2021! Fingers crossed!!

If nothing else us Goodgymers seem to have had a fabulous time. I've very much enjoyed the pictures of ice-creams, beautiful views and gorgeous smiling faces which have been popping up in my inbox.

Well done everyone!

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Sally signed up to a race

Manchester Marathon and Half Marathon

Sun 10 Oct 07:30 am
Manchester centre, Manchester, M28 7XW
Race, or cheer on your Goodgym pals.

Join this event if you have signed up to take part in the Manchester Marathon or Half Marathon on 10 October. Or if you'd like to come along and cheer!

Use this page to arrange car share (if comfortable with this) or to travel to the race together. Arrangements for meeting up pre/post run TBC...

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Sun 19 Sep
Sally completed a training run • Coldham’s Common Parkrun
Sat 18 Sep
Sally completed a training run • Afternoon Run
Thu 16 Sep
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