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I've always loved outdoor stuff from Scouts as a kid then Air Cadets in teens before joining the Army, hobbies= running,cycling,camping


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Sun 7 Aug
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Sun 7 Aug
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Sat 6 Aug
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Gardening in York Cemetery

Mon 8 Aug 18:15 pm
York CVS, Denham Room, 15 Priory Street , York , YO1 6ET
Keep the cemetery lovely and tidy for visitors

Welcome to GoodGym York 🙌

🏃‍♀️🏃We're a friendly and social group who combine exercise with helping out in the local community. Every Monday we meet to get active and do a physical task to help the charities or community organisations in our city.

TONIGHT 🌱We’re helping the Friends of York Cemetery tonight, weeding the hedgerows.

THE TASK 🧤 We've been warned that there could be nettles and/or brambles so definitely don't forget your gardening gloves.

WHERE WE MEET 🎒 We meet at the Priory Street Centre and our usual room is the Foxwood Room. As you approach the front of the Centre, turn right and go to the car park area. The room we use is locked whilst we're out so you can leave your bits and bobs in there.

😷 If you would like still to wear a face mask when entering the building to drop bags off, that's fine.

🚲There is cycle parking as you approach the Centre and a 10 bay pay and display car park is available behind the nursery block, to the left as you approach front of the Centre. In addition, on street parking is available on Priory Street.

RUNNING AND WALKING WITH US 👏GoodGym is for everyone. We welcome runners of all abilities and if the task is close enough we have a walking group too.

👍We always have a back-marker too so nobody will get left behind - no matter what your pace is.

POST-RUN SOCIAL 🍻We normally head to The Ackhorne Pub on St Martin's Lane after our run for a spot of liquid refreshment and a good chat. Please join us!

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Thu 4 Aug
Stefan Durkin completed a ride • Morning Ride
Thu 4 Aug
Stefan Durkin completed a ride • Morning Ride
Wed 3 Aug
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Group run

Plankety plank

Mon 1 Aug
Report written by Nicky Woodall

🌫️ 24 glorious GoodGymmers met on a mildly muggy Monday for our group run this evening, several of whom were on an impressive double good deed quest, having done a pre-group run community mission at a nearby community garden 🍈

🤓 We chatted about our bumper week coming up, with many more opportunities to get fit and do good 👌

👸🤴We named and numbered off while saying what period of history we'd have liked to have lived in, given the choice. There was much contentment with the present, dreams of the future, nostalgia for the recent past and desires to walk with dinosaurs and forage with the Romans 🦕

🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️ Pete led the run to Greenfields Community Garden where Louise swiftly set us to work, dividing is into two groups to conquer tonight's tasks 👍

🥭 Some people were armed with litter-pickers to pick not litter (slightly confusingly - some people had already started doing just that as it appears to be an automatic conditioned response as a GoodGymmer, to start picking litter the moment a litter picker appears) but plums. A successful haul was gathered that will be distributed to the local community and food banks, with only a few disappearing (with permission) into GoodGym stomachs 😋

💪 Meanwhile, the other group were building their arm muscles moving the compost heap from one side of the garden to the other. Some people were armed with forks, shifting the compost into wheelbarrows, which were then barrowed to the new compost heaps by the barrowers. The question of why is (almost) always good to ask of a GoodGym task and Louise was able to offer multiple explanations. Firstly, it was a good opportunity to turn the compost, which is a positive thing anyway. Secondly, there has been a recent rat infestation in the nearby streets and although Louise was confident (and our work also supported) that these weren't originating from the compost heap, it was good to be able to show this and thus maintain good relationships with the neighbours 🙌 Oh, and despite the lack of rats, there was a notably huge spider uncovered, generating different emotions among nearby GoodGymmers 🕷️

🥒 When people had finished their official tasks, Louise sent some of us on some unofficial foraging (for ripe courgettes) and/or tasting (of mulberries) missions. There were some mixed reactions to mulberries but the overall verdict was probably positive and the impromptu renditions of "Here we go round the mulberry bush" made any slight tart taste bud explosions all worthwhile 🎶

🎤 At some points, this delightful nursery rhyme was the soundtrack to tonight's fitness season (once we'd remembered the words and tune). Fitness was a mash up of plank musical chairs with the addition of the fitness dice of doom for anyone not planking plus a few cones of joy activity. I'm not entirely sure if a sense of joy or doom dominated but it was hopefully a good workout at least 💪

⌚ And with that, it was time to head back to base and on to the pub for many of us 🍻

👏 Thank you for some brilliant work tonight everyone, and hopefully see you at one of our other sessions this week 🥳

🎉 Credit to James S for tonight's pun.

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Stefan Durkin went on a community mission
Community mission


Mon 1 Aug
Report written by Abi Perrin

Finishing off the work we started on Friday, a team of 10 polished off the pile of woodchip in 15 mins, before posing for a team photo, with strong Grange Hill energy.

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Stefan Durkin completed a ride • Morning Ride
Mon 1 Aug
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