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I've always loved outdoor stuff from Scouts as a kid then Air Cadets in teens before joining the Army, hobbies= running,cycling,camping


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Fri 15 Oct
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🍁 Leaf us to it 🍂

Mon 11 Oct
Report written by Nicky Woodall

🌡️On a deceptively chilly Monday evening, a group of excellent GoodGymmers met to do good (and get fit) for not one but two organisations in York.

🍂 After a warm up that involved us discussing our favourite things about autumn (who knew that leaf-catching was such a big thing in York?!), we split into two groups.

Laura led a group to Holgate Community Garden where they cleared the overgrown circle around the climbing frame of weeds and brambles. They also weeded around the small fruit trees and the very important play train, along with raking and brushing leaves and litter picking around the garden. Phew, what a productive half hour💪

🌱 Meanwhile, the rest of us headed to Acomb Primary School, via the "scenic route" (definitely deliberate, right Mitch?!) We were met there by Amanda who gave us the infamous instruction to...

*Clear everything * (except the trees and raspberries)

🍪 We didn't need telling twice, especially when we could see the biscuit-based reward that Amanda had in store for us.

🦆 We congregated at the excitingly apparently unheard of Holgate Dock for a fitness session of some classic primary school games of British Bulldog and Squat, Squat, Goose.

🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️ We then ran back to base for stretching and the pub.

🙌🏼 Thank you everyone, looking forward to seeing you all next week, and huge good luck to the marathoners and 10 milers this weekend.

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Group run

Group Run - Acomb Primary School community courtyard and Holgate Community Garden

Mon 11 Oct 18:15 pm
York CVS, Denham Room, 15 Priory Street , York , YO1 6ET
It will provide a comforting space within the setting that children feel safe and happy and learn about wildlife and growing their own food.

Welcome to GoodGym York!

We're a friendly and social group who combine exercise with helping out in the local community. Every Monday we meet to get active and do a physical task to help the charities or community organisations in our city.


We meet at the Priory Street Centre and our usual room is the Denham Room. As you approach the front of the Centre, turn right and go to the car park area. The room we use is locked whilst we're out so you can leave your bits and bobs in there. We will have a person at the door managing one in, one out system while dropping the bags etc. There is no requirement to wear a face mask when entering the building, as you will be there by yourself and only for a short period of time, but you can wear one if you feel more comfortable that way. 10 bay pay and display car park is available behind the nursery block, to the left as you approach front of the Centre. In addition on street parking is available on Priory Street.


We have two tasks tonight. One group will be going to the Acomb Primary School to clear up the large courtyard area in order for the children to create a tranquil community space that will support local wildlife. The second group will be going to the Holgate Community Garden to undertake various gardening tasks to help local volunteers with upkeep of the space.

Please bring your gardening gloves.


GoodGym is for everyone. We welcome runners of all abilities and if the task is close enough we have a walking group too. It's possible to walk to this task (2km each way). Walkers will leave at 18:25 promptly so please arrive in plenty of time.

We always have a back-marker too so nobody will get left behind - no matter what your pace is.


We will head to The Ackhorne Pub on St Martin's Lane after our run for a spot of liquid refreshment and a good chat. Please join us!

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Stefan Durkin completed a training run • Morning Run
Mon 11 Oct
Stefan Durkin completed a training run • Morning Run
Mon 11 Oct
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