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Isabella went on a group run

Wed 18th Oct 2017 at 6:45pm

Getting the royal (hill) treatment!

Greenwich Report written by Sarah Place

15 awesome runners ran 4km to help out at the Royal Hill Community Garden!

It was a freakishly warm evening last night, it had rained on and off for most of the day and it looked like it was going to rain some more.. but it didn't stop 15 of you lovely lot from coming out to run and get a good deed done!

We were joined by 4 new runners last night! AMAZING!! Isabella brought along her friend Balazs, I managed to rope in my friend Sally from the gym I work at, and we were also joined by two more lovely ladies Aimee and Lexy! Welcome to the family everyone! Make sure you join our FB group to keep updated with races and other wonderful things that this awesome group gets up to!

We dropped off our stuff and headed over for a quick warm up and then set off through Greenwich town centre and up to Royal Hill! We were greeted by two lovely gentlemen, Patrick and Jonathan who explained the tasks that needed doing.

Ground force!

There was a flower bed at the front which needed some holes to be dug to make room for some plants so a few people got stuck in with that. Vickie took a small group to the dark outback to rake up some leaves and put them in the compost. And the final group were tasked with a little landscape design project of making a heather bed which involved building a DIY dry stone wall out of bricks and other rubble they could find... Apparently according to Emma, well, Emma's granny, dry stone walling is an actual hobby and you can enroll yourself in a course to learn how to build one as it is quite an art form! But these guys did not need a course in dry stone walling... oh no! They just cracked on and it looked BEAUTIFUL. Alan Titchmarsh better watch his back!

15 minutes later and the group at the front had successfully planted the plants! WOOHOO! Next job was some bulbs to be planted in and around them. Patrick showed them the first one and then left the rest to them!

Everyone was doing a killer job! The leaves had all been swept away. The bulbs had been planted and finally the heather bed was looking absolutely stunning! So it was time to say our goodbyes, have a group photo and head back for some more RUNNING! Yay!

We had a little jog back to the uni and had loads of time to spare! And since the run to the garden wasn't very far, there was more running on the agenda! But that's what you're here for right :)

Laps, laps and more laps!

As I always say, speed work is SO important. I don't do it enough myself. And chances are you probably don't either! If you run 3 times a week, you should try and aim for one of those runs to involve some kind of interval training where your heart rate goes up and comes down multiple times! It gets you faster over time and really pushes your lactate threshold so you can run faster for longer! Which is ultimately what everyone wants, right? So.......

On the cards was 4x 2 laps fast 2 laps slow. 1 lap is approx 300m so to run round it 16 times would be about 4.8km which is a long way! But instead of making everyone do this, we did it for as long as it took the fastest person to complete it. The key to this one is running the fast laps at a pace where you can maybe say about 2 or 3 words at a time so a nice controlled effort and then running the slow ones REAAALLLYY slow as an active recovery.

Long story short... everyone did AMAZING. It was great to see you all really push yourselves and put in so much effort! And of course so great to hear the cheers for our super speedy Amy so everyone could stop! Ha! That was a tough session, probably one of the hardest we've done so newbies please don't be scared off!!!!

We had a nice little stretch and called it a night :)

Thanks so much everyone! You got so much done at the garden and the task owners were SO pleased at what you all achieved so well done! Also great job with those intervals, I know it was hard but you absolutely smashed it!!!! See you next time!

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Andy went on a group run

Wed 11th Oct 2017 at 6:45pm

We all sand together

Hounslow Report written by Anastasia Hancock (she/her)

Wednesday are pretty good. You've got half way through the week and the weekend is just about in sight. What could make it better? A run. What about a run with a group of mates? And throw in a community task that makes you feel good about yourself. A fitness session? Go on then! Lovely stuff.

Firstly, a huge well done to Remy and to Will who both smashed the Royal Parks Half on Sunday. If you've got the need for speed, don't forget that GoodGym are organising a trip to the Bucharest Festival of Running next May - sign up for details. It promises to be a fun weekend of running, eating and exploring and everybody is welcome!

Tonight we were heading back to a local school - Strand on the Green - to help out with a list of jobs that needed doing. But first - the warm up and the weekly Hounslow headscratcher. If you were invisible, where would be the first place you'd go? The Whitehouse, the Pentagon, North Korea, Downing street - looks like we've all got a bit of the secret agent in us.


It was only a short run to the school, so we set off, licketysplit , at a nice fast pace. One mile later we were there, finding Claire the caretaker waiting for us with a trailer of tools. Michelle got the work sweeping the bike shed and paths, Claudia took the scooter park, Remy, Will and Andy tackled the fenced play area while Ross, Adam and Jo dived into the huge pile of blocks that needed sanding.

Half an hour of elbow grease later, the jobs were done and dusted and we kicked off with our fitness session. It was a bit of a bumpy start with the flip a coin game, but eventually we got there, splitting into two groups with each side doing an exercise depending on the result of the flip. Next up was a timed obstacle course, which wasn't exactly plain sailing either and was eventually called off thanks to an apocalyptic shower of rain that came out of nowhere. Like a bunch of naughty school children we sheltered in the bike sheds under it had passed. Next week normal service will be resumed, promise!

We were just about to hit the road when disaster struck. It really wasn't our night. The code to the electric gates had mysteriously stopped working, and after several attempts at opening it from the outside and scaling the fence, it was hero Andy with super long legs who managed to hop the gate and release us. Well done Andy!

All that was left was a speedy run back to base, a few stretches and a bit of thawing out. Don't forget, Team Hounslow, that whatever the world throws at us, we all sand together.

Next week, we're back to school - a different one this time, for a spot of painting.

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Claudia Furchi

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Victoria Seaman

Thu 12th Oct 2017 at 3:30pm

Great work! I need to try you guys out

Anastasia Hancock

Thu 12th Oct 2017 at 3:57pm

We'd love to see you Victoria!

Louise signed up to a group run.

Wed 11th Oct 2017 at 6:45pm

Thrive LDN special - Flyering for the Markfield Project

We'll be running around Tottenham spreading the word

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Dee went to a social

Thu 5th Oct 2017 at 6:30pm

GoodGym Monthly Social - Birthday Edition

Camden Report written by Pritesh Mistry

Woohoo - another smashing social and you guys were out in force again as a whopping 53 of you joined me for a fantastic 'Birthday Edition' social. Thanks so much to all of you!

We had cake, lots of new faces - nice to Richmond represented for the first time and as ever Beth shipped herself in all the way from Worthing again!

Anyway, to the report:


  • For another month our very own Northern Powerhouse topped the good deeds table - with 19 it's Egg Cameron!

  • For the rest of the results check out the attached picture!

  • We had an amazing 11 get their black t-shirts and 4 (Helena, Egg, David, Alex got their wings with a huge 100 Good Deeds! One final shout out to Judy Reid who hit 200 good deeds in September!

  • Congrats to GG Wandsworth who had 28 new runners in September!

  • GG Bristol went big and had 241 attendances in September - smashed it!


  • We had our penultimate Big Six race of the year at the New Forest Races - some stellar performances and twenty-six of you went along - fantastic!

  • GG Ipswich launched, Woking is coming in October and we've got even more in the pipeline for 2018!

  • Looking forward we've got the last of the Big Six races in Oxford and later in October we will be picking the Big Six for 2018, the cross-country season kicks off for those of you in GG Race Team! Get signed up if you want to get involved!

Guest Speaker

  • Massive thanks to Sean Delaney for telling about his journey to becoming a World Record Holder and for enlivening his talk by bringing along part of the costume that earnt him that record! A great story and great to see the support he has got in GG Lewisham as well as from Stephen Corry with whom he couldn't've done the race and got that record! Brilliant story! As promised please find more information on the record attempt here and please please donate if you can here!

...and as ever the most important part of the GoodGym Social it is the... ** International Pun of the Month** with 36 of 95 votes...

"I shear you baby, shaping that arch" from GG Haringey!

That's GG Haringey's first #IPOM winner and a great entry it was. Thank you to all that voted on the night and the many of you who voted online too! Thanks for taking part!

Right that is it from me! Thank you all for coming, you keep me smiling every month and thanks again to all of those coming for the first time - i know it must be a bit scary but hopefully you are enjoying it and benefiting from meeting us regulars too!

Next month is the last social of the year (Christmas party excepted), please join us as we head east and are hosted by the awesome GG Newham - all the details here!


p.s. Please do join the facebook group here remember to add your area!

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Andy went on a group run

Wed 27th Sep 2017 at 6:45pm

It's raining squats and jogs

Hounslow Report written by Anastasia Hancock (she/her)

Last night eight runners braved the rain to help out at a local foodbank, got completely soaked, and still ended the night with a smile on their faces. What a team.

It started at the Town Hall with a little light drizzle and a lot of good news. Well done to Dave and Andy who both did great times at the Gunnersbury parkrun this weekend, to Remy, who gritted her teeth and beat the grueling Winshester half marathon, to Natasha who smashed a 5k race, and to Will, who joined us after an intense 10k the night before. What a week of running.

With a short warm up and a quick discussion about our favourite chocolate bars - which ranged from healthy dark chocolate and lime to good old Lion bars - we set off on the 3k run to Ealing Road Baptist Church. Shout out to Jennifer who had a great run down there, and to Michelle for battling jetlag womanfully! We also saw some excellent fartlek from Andy, Will and Remy.

Roger, the Pastor, was waiting for us with water and jobs as we soggily trooped into the building. A quick shake off and we were ready to get stuck in. It started with stacking books and chairs, which we completed in no time at all, before we moved onto the foodbank which Roger runs for local communities in need. With Will and Adam skillfully dismantling a stack of shelves the rest of us formed a (somewhat chaotic at points) human chain to empty and pack up the food. It turned out to be a lot of fun as well as a good upper body work out. Even if we did have to have several attempts at taking the video. " You actually have to move" said Natasha.

By the time the jobs were done the rain was coming even more steadily, which gave us a nice opportunity to 'cool down'. We're fighting a embittered battle to 'Beat the Streets' in Hounslow at the moment, and each have a card which we tap against a whole load of stations across the borough to record how far we've covered. So, despite the rain, off we went looking for meters, happily tapping and squatting our way round and noting all the good pubs that we weren't stopping at.

Before long we had made it back to our starting point, and with a few stretches we finished the night, already anticipating hot cups of Yorkshire tea, warm dressing gowns, even warmer showers and cold prosecco. Next week, it'll be warm and dry as we tackle the fly posters and graffiti under Turnham Bridge, so go on, sign up here.

Don't forget the social next Thursday at the fabulously named Blacksmith and Toffeemaker in Angel, where we will represent Hounslow at the monthly international pun of the month competition!

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Claudia FurchiRemy MaiselAnastasia Hancock

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Hounslow runner

Thu 28th Sep 2017 at 12:22pm

LOVE the pun Ana!

Anastasia Hancock

Thu 28th Sep 2017 at 12:24pm

Thanks Natasha! I'm very much enjoying the Yorkshire Tea photo - should be their next ad campaign!

Andy went on a group run

Wed 13th Sep 2017 at 6:45pm

We can't get no salsa-faction

Hounslow Report written by Anastasia Hancock (she/her)

One big task, seven excellent runners, 180 seconds of plank and six confusing maps!

It all began at Chiswick Town Hall, as shown by the GoodGym poster on the wall which has categorically never covered any other poster on the noticeboard. Just saying.

You've been dong some great running this week, Hounslow. A big well done to Adam who has been notching up the runs, with a new parkrun PB on Saturday. Must be the beetroot bread! A hat tip too to Jo and Andy who are sailing through the good deeds. Don't forget that we might have our first 50th good deed to celebrate next Wednesday, so stick around after the run for a little fun to mark this great milestone.

This week's task was leafleting for Waterman's Art Centre. Not everybody's favourite task, but a very useful one for the charity. This weekend is the centre's River Weekender - a festival inspired for the river packed with free events for the whole community. Our job was to spread the word in the local area, and it began, as all good things do, with a run.

After a quick warm up featuring a rather natty side hop ("isn't this just...running?"), we set off on the 2k run down to Waterman's. But not before finding out our favourite condiments! There was no stand out winner this week, but ketchup, Lea & Perrins (other brands are available), dijon mustard, mint sauce (from the veggie), pepper, chutney and BBQ were all contenders. Lovely stuff.

A nice speedy run later we arrived at reception to be presented with a bulging trolley full of leaflets and a series of highlighted maps. Cue several minutes of trying to figure out what to do next ("isn't this the same map? Turn it upside down. No, the other way"). We soon cracked it though, and split up into groups to start putting leaflets through doors, into hands, pubs and travelodges before meeting up towards the end of the run to smash out a few door to door sprints.

We finished on a bit of a high after having delivered countless leaflets and enjoying a nice stretch when we were brought up short by the angriest flamenco teacher in town. No we didn't move your poster, mister. Still, we had the plank off to make us feel better, and what a plank off it was. The seconds ticked by and everybody was going strong - who was going to emerge victorious? Some great work from everybody, but this week the crown goes to Andy with an impressive 2 min 37 plank. Wowzer!

Next week it's going to be all sorts of fun planting bulbs and hopefully we'll have something to celebrate too. Sign up here for your Wednesday dose of goodness and fitness!

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Chan S Nandhray

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Adele Prince

Thu 14th Sep 2017 at 11:04am

Lovely pun!

Bea Erdelyszky
Bea Erdelyszky went on a group run

Wed 6th Sep 2017 at 6:45pm

Get out (leaves), right now

Greenwich Report written by Sarah Place

22 awesome runners ran 3km to clear leaves at Ballast Quay Garden!

After a few weeks of 7k+ runs, it was nice to stay local for a change! And you can't get more local than Ballast Quay!

We welcomed back Glenn who ran with us a few times earlier in the year but had a break to climb Mont Blanc... NICE!! We were also joined by the lovely Winnie who usually runs with GG Southwark :) And lastly, Helen who turned up with a little baby bump... amazing news!!! SO happy for you Helen!!!! Maybe if it's a boy you can call him Jim and if he's well behaved you can say Good Jim :)

After a little warm up we got on our way, starting off with a lap of the uni that much resembled the time trial route that was to come later on in the session! We arrived in no time and were greeted by the amazing Diane who has been looking after Ballast Quay Garden since the early 60s. Such a legend! And of course Tom the dog was there too! WOOF!

A few tasks were on the cards. The first one being a hedge/plant/thing that needed trimming back which Alex and Steve attacked straight away. Some heavy compost bags needed shifting from one side of the garden to the other. And finally, all the leaves needed clearing. There were two brooms and a dustpan and everyone else got stuck in with their hands, filling up the bins! After about 5 minutes, the first bin was full... but amazingly Diane said it was absolutely fine to just chuck all the compost and leaves over the edge of the wall into the Thames.... she even checked with the council! So that was fun.

20 minutes later and the place had never looked so tidy! AMAZING!

We took a group photo and even Tom decided to join us! Diane had kindly left out some juice and biscuits so a few people tucked in... gotta fuel that time trial!!!

Everyone's favourite fitness session

The first Wednesday of every month means only one thing, our 1km time trial around the uni! We have done this for a few months now, hopefully some of you are seeing some improvements???? Here is the official Strava leaderboard and you should be able to see all of your attempts on there too, provided it picked it up alright on your GPS.

After the TT, we had a nice little stretch and finished up a bit earlier than usual... the pub was calling after all!!! We headed to the Old Brewery for some food and drinks and were reunited with Mridula, Vickie and Pulin who went to do the mission in Shooter's Hill.


Thanks so much for coming last night! I know there wasn't a huge amount of work for you all to do but you have saved Diane A LOT of time and effort and she really appreciates the work that you do so well done! See you next week for a NEW TASK!

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Sarah Moore
Sarah Moore (She/her ) went to a social

Wed 16th Aug 2017 at 8:40pm


Haringey Report written by Dave Mansfield

I noodled these runners would love my usual post run haunt.

The soup was as plentiful as the chat.

Thanks everyone!

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Stephen Corry

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Sarah Moore
Sarah Moore (She/her )

Sat 19th Aug 2017 at 12:40pm

Such a good photo with that backdrop!

Isabella went on a group run

Wed 16th Aug 2017 at 6:45pm

Running scout of time!

Greenwich Report written by Sarah Place

24 lovely runners ran 8km to help clear weeds and paint at the Scouts in Charlton!

Well the weather was a lot kinder to us last night in comparison to a week ago where it absolutely hammered it down! It was such a perfect evening for a run!

Another long one last night though as we headed back to one of our favourite tasks over in Charlton 4km away, the New Greenwich Scouts! Last week we started on some paint work inside and didn't quite get to finish it but thankfully Alan let us come back and have another go!

We were joined by a fair few new runners again which is always amazing to see! Please give a big cheer to Seb, Florence and Tasha! Welcome guys and gals! Hope you enjoyed your first run with us!

Chips n gravy!

I've been a bit slack recently on the old warm up games so decided to bring a firm favourite out of the woodwork. CHIPS & GRAVY which just involves a lot of running around and if you're quite unlucky, a lot of burpees! But there were also a few smiles so it was definitely worth the minute or two of pain!

After all those burpees, it was time to go, we were already a bit behind schedule (my bad). Ben C led a speedy crew and they were gone in a flash! By the time the rest of us had arrived, they had already got stuck in with some painting and weeding. AWESOME!

Everyone made themselves useful and either grabbed some tools and gloves for the weeding or armed themselves with a roller/paintbrush and began to paint! No hanging around for this squad!

After 25 minutes, the whole area outside had been cleared and Alan FINALLY managed to get the lawnmower on it which he looked VERY excited about. Health and safety siren was going off having seen all the bits flying out the back of that mower.... it looked like a rocket about to take off! But thankfully everyone took a sizeable step back!! It nearly clogged the mower and it sounded like it was going to blow but Alan did NOT care, in fact, I've never seen anyone look so happy! Great job gang!

Over in the paint corner, room 1 was looking lovely and pretty much done whereas room 2 still needed a bit of work. The girls were absolutely going for it! and when it was time for us to leave, I couldn't get them away, they were determined to finish! But sadly we had to call it a day. Until next time...


Since we were running short of time, we incorporated the fitness session into the run back in the form of a few sprints between different landmarks meaning we would get home quicker AND get a decent workout at the same time! Double win! It was great to see you pushing yourselves so really well done!

We had a nice little stretch when we got back, ate some cookies and called it a night!

For those of you who are new, please join our GoodGym Greenwich Facebook Group where you can keep up to date with all the races and other fun runs and things we plan. Also if you want to check out Oli's books, here they are on Waterstones (aka everyone's favourite shop!), have a look here! No I'm not on commission but maybe I should be.

Thanks so much for making it last night and putting all your effort into the task and the run! You got so much done so give yourself a pat on the back! See you next week for some more painting action (hopefully).

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Chan HAHANina MehmiBen Cooper
Andy went on a group run

Wed 2nd Aug 2017 at 6:45pm

Hounslow lends a helping hound

Hounslow Report written by Anastasia Hancock (she/her)

1 - Our first run for August! Last night we met in the mid-summer drizzle for our first run of the month. It's not the only first of the week either, because on Saturday Team Hounslow will be doing Fulham Palace park run together, and for many it will be a park run debut. Don't forget your bar codes! Good luck, athletes.

7 - Seven lovely runners gave up their evenings to do some good last night - nice work Dave, Natasha, Remy, Adam and Andy and Jo, who are both on their second GG run of the week. Way to go!

13.1 - The number of miles that Remy smashed out at the Wimbledon half marathon last weekend. You are a running superstar, Remy. Give her a cheer, Hounslow!

3 - The choices we had during our warm up - would you rather be the richest, most beautiful, or cleverest person in the world? We had a range of responses, but Dave's answer was the most canny.

2 - The distance (in miles) we ran to our task tonight. We've been to Friends of Cathja charity shop a few times before, and this time we split into two groups to continue clearing the donations pile and to shift a huge bookcase. While Remy and Natasha got stuck into the piles of bags, Andy and Jo started on clothes before moving over to Team Bookcase to help out Adam and Dave. It was a monster of a piece of furniture, but with a lot of elbow grease, some tactical shifting, and a whole load of clapping, it was soon in its rightful place and ready to start filling up with books. Lance Armstrong biography, anyone? Microwave cooking for one?

1 - The number of dogs we finally managed to win over last night. Bruce, you are now officially our friend.

2.7 - The number of miles we ran on the way back....thanks to a few twists and turns. It just keeps it interesting!

? - The number of squats we smashed out on the way back. Lovely, lovely squats.

10 - The day in August which will see the monthly social - come along to see if Hounslow wins the pun of the month. Sign up here. We also are doing a GoodGym Tooting park run takeover, so if you fancy pacing or volunteering then sign up here.

100 - The percentage of which you are brilliant, GoodGym Hounslow. Next week we're running to a food bank in a church, come along and join the fun.

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