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Adam Parker completed a training run • 175. Inc. ParkRun 15/02/20
Sat 15 Feb
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Wed 12 Feb
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Wed 5 Feb
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Group run

The Rake’s Progress

Wed 5 Feb
Report written by Anastasia Hancock

We kicked off tonight's group run with a look back at the month before, and the incredible results of the January challenge .In a truly barnstorming effort that smashed last year's final numbers, team Hounslow finished up in fifth place on the silver table, which I think we can all agree is a very good result indeed! Overall there was an incredible 8655 good deeds done across the whole of January, which is a phenomenal amount of kindness across the UK. Well done everybody.

Don't forget that we have the extraordinary task award as an extra bit of loveliness this year. GoodGym wants to recognise those who went further to do something good. This can be a group, individual or task that went above and beyond, or which had a big impact on the beneficiary. The final award will be judged by an external panel of friends of GG. All the details are here.

If you're looking out for a community mission this weekend (and one where you can even squeeze in parkrun beforehand) then check out this one in Hounslow helping to create a peace garden at a local mosque. There are even rumours of snacks!

After a warm up and a discussion about our favourite treats - beer, champagne, coffee liqueur (is there a theme here...?) books, snacks, chocolate and Ben and Jerrys - we set off for our task at Gunnersbury Park.

Our job was to carry on clearing a huge overgrown space in the park for reuse. This time we were able to get all of us into the space to start work. Last time we had been there only two of us had been able to start cutting back the brambles as they were too high for us to get in. We had already made great progress, but there was a loooot more to be done still. After a few minutes of hard work, we realised that the floor we were standing on was actually stone, which means we think we are actually working inside the remains of the former lodge. It's going to incredible to see how we can turn the space into somewhere clear of brambles and weeds, and uncover its former glory!

Working seamlessly between hackers and rakers, we quickly revealed more and more of the area. Before long, the beautiful arch was much clearer, and we had released a set of metal fencing pieces from their brambley prison. There is definitely room for a few more repeat visits, but progress is certainly happening!

After returning all the tools and barrows, and our usual fumble with the locks, we headed back to base, finishing the night off with a good stretch. Hope you're up for our usual brand of fitness and fun next week, you can sign up here. Hat tip to Dave who came up with this week's Hogarth related pun. I think you'll agree it's a cut above my usual weekly run report title!

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Mon 3 Feb
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Group run

Second week with the brambles at Gunnersbury Park!

Wed 5 Feb 18:45 pm
Chiswick Town Hall, Heathfield Terrace, Turnham Green,, Chiswick,, W4 4JN
Another chance to clear the old lodge garden

Welcome to GoodGym Hounslow! We're a friendly and social group who combine exercise with helping out in the local community. We meet every week to get active and do a physical task to help the charities and community organisations and projects in our area.

The Task:

We did such a big job at the eighteenth century lodge garden clearing a phenomenal amount of brambles, but there is still a lot to go! Come and join us on this huge task and let's see if we can get the area ready to be replanted. Bring along your head torch if you have one!

The Run

GoodGym is for everyone. We welcome runners of all abilities and it is often possible to walk to the task if you would prefer. We always have a back-marker so no-one is left behind - we're about achieving something together so you'll always be welcome no matter what your pace is.

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Adam Parker completed a training run • 171. 29/01/20 GoodGym Hounslow
Wed 29 Jan
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Group run

Chair and chair alike

Wed 29 Jan
Report written by Anastasia Hancock

The January challenge ends tomorrow! That's just one more day for you to Strava the life out of everything you do, and fit in any last minute missions! You brilliant bunch have done pretty marvelously though, managing to rack up

  • 117 good deeds and 977 kms - and absolutely smashing last year!

  • GoodGym overall has done a whopping 8360 good deeds (beating our target of 8000) and covered 93657 kms. What a phenomenal wave of good happening all over the country in just one month.

  • Up for a community challenge next week? One that you can do after parkrun on a Saturday? Followed by a free lunch? I've got just the one for you. Help create a peace garden at Hounslow mosque on Saturday 8th.

  • Well done to all those that did the last Sunday Chiswick Bridge 10k, and congratulations to Eloise who managed not one but two massive PBs this weekend!

For our task last night we were finally back at the church on Ealing Rd - it's been shut for a while for building works, so we were keen to lend a hand. It was a tidy 3k run there, interrupted only by the mother of all roundabout roadworks at Kew bridge. It took us a little while to navigate through them, but made it to the church to find Gavin waiting for us.

We were quickly deployed into four teams - bathroom cleaners, kitchen sorters, chair stickers and shelf builders. While the communal spaces used by the people who benefit from the shelter were blitzed, little stickers were very carefully placed in what seemed to be a particularly specific way on the bottom of chairs. As Dave pointed out, it was an indoor and sitting down task - what more could we ask for?! Meanwhile Andy, Oliver and Helen were tackling a challenging job upstairs putting together what looked like a giant meccano set.

After half an hour of work, and while the engineers upstairs carried on toiling away, we just had time to fit in a quick tabata blast to get our heart rates up. It featured frogs, plank jumps, power lunges and all manner of high intensity exercises - perfect when you've only got a short window of time.

After a run back where again we were thrown off kilter by the roadworks (thankfully it's for a good cause and a shiny new cycle lane should be in place very soon!) we got back to the town hall for some stretches and a cool down. Next week we're back to clear the garden of the eighteenth century lodge in Gunnersbury park - this is a cracking task because we are slowly uncovering a beautiful space which will be put back into usage after becoming seriously overgrown. Bring your headtorch if you have one, and sign up here to get involved. Until then, run happy!

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Adam Parker completed a training run • 170. 27/01/20
Mon 27 Jan
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