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Alex Murtough signed up to a training session
Training session

Easy Like Sunday Morning - Session #2

Sun 23 May 11:00 am
Green Park Station (park-side exit), London, W1J 9DZ
Join this friendly group for an inclusive run, a few body-weight exercises, maybe a little run-along music, and a good ol' natter

Hi friends,

Come along and join a friendly group of runners and chatters for a little jaunt through our city's loveliest central parks. We'll be starting in Green Park, heading up through and around St James's, and will be finishing with a loop of Hyde Park. Along the way, we'll stop for a few quick body-weight exercises, will be joined by some nice chilled-out musical vibes, and will have a good ol' natter too.

For those wanting to take things speedy and quick, I'll send out the route in advance so you know where you're going. As for me, I'll be taking things steady and will sit at the back of the group. The route'll be roughly 10k and you'll be able to drop off at any point if this is a little far for a Sunday morning - and for those looking to spread their running wings up to the 10k mark, you'll be sure to find a super-supportive and relaxed group to get you there at the pace that works for you.

Looking forward to it, friends,


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Alex Murtough went on a training session
Training session

GoodGymers Went To the Parks

Sun 2 May
Report written by Alex Murtough

Walking from Charing Cross to Green Park this morning, I was having what the brother calls 'an anxious moment'.

'But what if no-one does? What about that, eh? Well I am worried, and so should you! No I'm not having one of my anxious moments - this is completely different - I'm simply asking you about a likely - okay, hypothetical (and likely) - scenario where no-one bloody turns up. Well I think it is likely actually - it's a Sunday and....'

Which went on for a while. A little (according to the brother) like Groundhog Day, but without Bill Murray and the fun.

Thankfully those thoughts and concerns were soon allayed and dissipated as we got to the fountains by Green Park station. For super good-deeder, Beth, had just arrived having already run a heady distance from North London - I know what you're thinking and yes, the running gods will certainly be smiling from above - that's right, Beth went on a run... to get to another run!

We shot the early morning breeze for a little before being joined by GG Greenwich regular, Maria, and GG Kingston's Rachel, who was on their first outing with GoodGym - welcome to the family, Rachel!

The little patch of grass with the nice deck chairs you're supposed to pay to use was where we headed to first. But oh no, we weren't there to sit. Well the brother did, but that's because he's lazy*. Because we were there to do what every primed athlete does before extreme exertion - we were there to limber. And limber we did until we were the lithest of the lithe in Green Park.

Which made us ready for our lovely chatter and run. A run that took us out to the Mall, along the Embankment, through St James's Park, back into Green Park (where we stopped for a few body-weight exercises), and over to Hyde Park to finish. Along the way we bobbed to a little boombox music, chatted, shared stories, and enjoyed a little of what we've been missing over the last year. It was, quite simply, just lovely.

A big thank you to Beth, Maria, Rachel, and Steve for making this morning a very lovely one for the memory bank.

Nice one.

*This may not be true.

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Alex Murtough signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Clean the river in Brookmill Park

Wed 9 Jun 18:00 pm
Brookmill Park, Brookmill Road, London, SE8
Remove the Himalayan Balsam

Mid-week river wading!

This is very exciting! We love helping out in the river, so are delighted to be able to pull on our waders again and clean the river in Brookmill Park.

Task details

  • Make your own way to the Brookmill Road south entrance - look out for the blue van
  • Take direction from Lawrence, who will lead the session
  • Listen very carefully to instructions and make use of all equipment provided (waders will be provided)
  • Bring your own gloves, sanitiser and drinking water, if needed
  • Follow all safety instructions and take your time in the river, it's a very lovely place to be!

Places are limited due to space and equipment available. Only sign up if you can definitely make it and, if you find you can no longer attend, please un-sign and try to find a replacement volunteer, this is a special task!

Enjoy :)

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Alex Murtough went on a mission

A Little Help for the Lovely Mrs J

Sun 25 Apr
Report written by Alex Murtough

This report will be a little short. Mainly because the stew I promised the brother is currently sitting in the fridge in the form of uncooked vegetables. I can see the frustration in his eyes as his belly rumbles.

But this morning was lovely. Lovely because I got to meet the very lovely and warm Mrs J. Having taken a Sunday morning trundle over the Heath, I arrived at Mrs J's to be greeted with smiles and a meticulously laid out list of essentials.

A quick jaunt over to the big Sainos in Lee for the food and to the handiest of handy places, Selectric in Blackheath village, for the insect spray (Mrs J is a having a few battles with unwelcome visitors), and I was back at Mrs J's. We shot the breeze (at a safe distance) as I unpacked her purchases, which gave me the joy of hearing about Mrs J's childhood as a publican's daughter. One of her Dad's pubs was opposite the Old Vic in Waterloo and Mrs J would spend her days soaking up time with stars of the stage and silver screen. Who knew that Laurence Olivier was a touch grumpy, eh..!?

Thank you to Mrs J for giving a little sun to my Weekend.

Nice one.

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Alex Murtough signed up to a mission • Help Mrs J with her shopping
Sun 25 Apr
Alex Murtough signed up to a mission • Deliver groceries for Mr J
Thu 22 Apr
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