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Charlie Linton
Charlie Linton went on a group run

Wed 13th Mar at 6:30pm

Truly Mudly Deeply

Haringey Report written by Euclides Montes

4 Goodgymmers hankered after welly boots and head torches as they lent a hand in the dark at George Meehan House for a spot of lawn surgery.

The Beast At The Gates

Our four Goodgymmers arrived at the gates of George Meehan House for an early start to meet Luke from GrowN22 who needed a hand sorting out the flower meadow in the Wedding Gardens of George Meehan House. They arrived, all smiles and high fives but that quickly changed.

Enter The Beast.

Mylo, a Cerberus trapped in the body of the cutest Dachshund you have ever seen, guarded the gates and his human Luke with tenacious care. He barked and barked as our Goodgymmers settled into the task for the night.

It was a very muddy affair which made it very slippery underfoot but a lot easier to get rid of the top layer of grassy soil from the wildflower meadow in readiness for the 150 sunflowers, currently being lovingly grown in Luke's flower nursery somewhere in N22.

Very soon, we realised Mylo's barking was simply him trying to tell us he wanted to get involved, and before you knew it, he was digging along with Clare, Julie, and Charlie as Gramps stood around pestering our Goodgymmers for photos.

At around 7:30, and having lost the one source of light we had to low battery, we decided to call it an evening.

We all took turns at getting Mylo to do tricks and give him treats and call him a good boy, and he even joined in the high fives at the end. What a rock star.

Come next week! It's another early start but always fun as we visit Traid on Wood Green High Road.

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StephDucatHarvey GallagherDan DunnEuclides Montes
Charlie Linton
Charlie Linton signed up to a group run.

Wed 13th Mar at 6:30pm

Preparing The Wildflower Meadow At George Meehan House For Sowing

Come and help us look after the garden's of our Borough's Municipal Home

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Charlie Linton
Charlie Linton went on a group run

Wed 6th Mar at 6:45pm

Urban Edgend

Haringey Report written by Euclides Montes

Have you heard the one about the 5 Goodgymmers litter picking a Looney-Tunes-style pile of cans from Tottenham Green on a surprisingly mild, march evening? No? Well, you're in luck...

Edging Our Bets

On an evening when Plan A failed, the wonderful Laura from the Friends of Tottenham Green swooped in to our rescue despite feeling positively under the weather and arranged a fun session for us.

And it was much needed as a bunch of fine young men had decided to use the central path at the Green as a makeshift Reuse & Recycle Centre after what looked like a few days long drinking bender. I mean, the scale of this pile of rubbish was so cartoonish in its breadth.

Undeterred, our Goodgymmers tackled the industrial-sized pile in good spirits while some of the aforementioned young men questioned the finer points of running for fun, while also correctly identifying the level of hotness of our Dave.

Before you knew it, and a good 8 (!) full bags at last count, the Green resembled a public park again rather than a rubbish dump and Laura tasked us with our second job for the eve. On the High Road side of the park, we were asked to give some flowerbeds a proper manicure and redesign the edges of the beds. Overgrown and covered in old leaves and soil, it was difficult to see where the bed ended and the path began so we armed ourselves with spades, forks, and brooms and got on with it.

Reader, our Goodgymmers were natural-born manicurists. Little by little, the edges of the bed began to be redefined again and in what looked almost planned, we completed the job just as the clock hit Nurjehan Time™ (aka. 8pm).

We helped Laura collect the tools and put them back in her lovingly-curated shed and posed for some selfies before we headed off into the night. Boom.

Join us next week as we visit our Borough's Municipal Home to look after the Sunflower House Wildflower Meadow. Come!

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Thu 7th Mar at 1:03pm

I love it...'Nurjehan Time'! My favourite task.

Charlie Linton
Charlie Linton signed up to a group run.

Wed 6th Mar at 6:45pm

Charlie Linton
Charlie Linton went on a community mission

Sat 2nd Mar at 11:00am

It Wasn't Any Shrubble!

Camden Report written by Alex Murtough (he/him)

I fell asleep expecting a morning of pond digging. I think I even dreamt about it. Spades and mud, and digging deeper and deeper - first one pond, then two, then multiple puddles and pools - and people shouting "dig faster, Alex, dig faster we said, Alex, the ponds need digging, Alex!!!......"

...and then I woke and saw... the rain...

... which meant a damp journey to the lovely Ingestre Road Community Centre (a stone's throw from Tufnell Park station), where I was met by the wonderful grouping of Charlie, Emily, John, former Camden AA Pete, and Ingestre TRA supremo, Helen.

If you haven't been to Ingestre Woods, it's a tucked away spot of green sanctuary, housing mature trees, winding pathways, and a whole host of natural wildlife - it was a joy to be there today.

Having donned gloves and zipped up our waterproofs, we looked at the pond and agreed that it was simply too much of a pond today to be dug, and we swiftly turned our attentions to a large and expansive shrub covering one of the slopes. Thick branches mixed with green foliage and small berries in a mass of dominating nature, and we later learned (thanks to Charlie's quick eyes) that it was a cotoneaster, native to the mountains of Tibet... and the slopes of Kentish Town!

Across two hours, we collectively snipped, sawed, cut, and pruned, removing a quite massive amount of nature whilst sharing conversation and stories - it was wonderful.

Helen, Pete, and the Ingestre TRA will be using the cut away shrubbery to create a dry wood hedge, and the newly aired space will mean the surrounding fence can be repaired, the ground cleaned, and new ideas for plants considered.

Thank you, everyone - I had such a lovely time - and your work is hugely appreciated!

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