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Come and Guide Run with Achilles International (Paddington Rec Track!)
🗓Thursday 6:00pm

📍Maida Vale Underground Station W9 1JS

Be a sighted runner and explore the world of guide running!

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Thu 9th Feb at 6:00pm

Come and Guide Run with Achilles International (Paddington Rec Track!)

Be a sighted runner and explore the world of guide running!

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Charlie Linton
Charlie Linton went on a community mission

Thu 2nd Feb at 6:00pm

Keepie Uppie at the Emirates

Islington Report written by Simon Fitzmaurice

Our Goodgym and Achilles International collaboration continues to grew with another excellent evening of VI running and guiding at The Emirates Stadium. It was certainly weird to think that the last time we were here 2 weeks ago, we almost cancelled due to the icy conditions.

For visually impaired runners, we had Andrew (and the beautiful golden Mario lending his assistance), Naqi, Asfaq, Tom and new VI runner Tassia joining us tonight. Goodgym guides included Lasma, Charlie, Michelle, Emily and new VI guide Michelle trying out for the first time. Achilles regulars John, Harriet and Lewis were also in attendance.

We had great variety of runs on the agenda today, including some groups switching in and out between guides and runners (Tom, Emily and Charlie were one team, and Lasma, Tassia and Michelle were another), and a walking crew for Asfaq and Lewis, who are both recovering from different injuries, but still want to remain active. Andrew and Harriet completed 7 full Emirates laps together while John kept an eye on Mario, while Simon and Naqi tried a variation of the loop, involving an extension up and down the Benwell Road access slope and across Danny Fiszmann bridge.

Fantastic running everyone. Looking forward to returning to Paddington Rec Track next week!

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Charlie Linton
Charlie Linton went on a group run

Wed 1st Feb at 6:45pm

Shovelling Shed

Haringey Report written by Euclides Montes

9 lively Goodgymmers ran to the Haringey Learning Partnership tonight to lend a hand with a few tasks, as we stood in solidarity with all the striking teachers at the school.

Zen Gym

Having been scheduled originally to come and help dig out the foundations for a big toolshed, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the GrowN22 crew had done all the hard work over the weekend. So, instead, we were tasked with finishing the paths on the allotments area, prepping a side passage for a fence installation, and then we had to remove some old planks of wood from the allotment area and transport them to the composting bins. There must have been something in the air tonight as our usually rowdy bunch of Goodgymmers found themselves in a more introspective mood and they were very well behaved. The chat was quiet and deep, the banter demure and inoffensive. No one even made it into a bin (though there were some Julie-sized wheelbarrow shenanigans). A lovely, recovery run type of night for our crew.

Our Goodgymmers worked tirelessly and before you knew it, they were putting tools away and were getting ready for selfies.

A nice, quiet night full of zen in North London.

Join us next week as we no doubt descend into chaos again as we visit out old haunt at Tottenham Green.

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Harvey GallagherJack Da Silva

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Thu 2nd Feb at 12:00pm

In the main, it was a sensible session for GGHaringey. Great to be among, great people.

Charlie Linton
Charlie Linton went on a group run

Tue 31st Jan at 6:45pm

Off the back of a Van

Westminster Report written by Joel Wiles

14 amazing GoodGymers run, walked, rode their way to Charing Cross to help the amazing GROAD charity give out a Van load of supplies to Westminster's homeless community.

Great to have such a good group out in force to help with the evenings efforts. A new system which helped massively with ensuring only exactly what was wanted went to each individual so allowed many more people to be helped with vital clothing and sanitary supply's.

We had a railing long pop up show room which everyone go to have a look and choose what fitted and met their needs. Great interactions and help to find and get all of what was needed.

On the Van we gave out 60 sleeping bags, 40 pairs of shoes, 50 big bags, 5 folding chairs, 3 tents and 1 radio! Sone great sorting at the back and awesome skills at the to help as many people as possible with a finite amount of donations!

An hour gone in a flash and a huge impact on Westminster's homeless community!

Thanks for everyone for coming!

See you at another session very soon!


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