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Elizabeth went on a mission

Wed 19th Jun at 12:00pm

Flip for purpose

Camden Report written by Elizabeth

Mr. S is based in Camden and has some mobility issues and severe back pain. His consultant has advised him to have his mattress turned over as soon as possible. As Mr. S is unable to do this himself, GoodGym were asked to help. Consequently, Nick and I met up in Camden at lunchtime today to help flip a mattress for Mr. S.

Today's task was a pretty short Flip/tuck operation. Before starting (& after saying hello to Mr. S), we clarified with Mr. S exactly how he wanted his mattress flipped. In short, he wanted a straightforward roll of the mattress about it's longitudinal axis (no yaw or pitch rotations today!).

The fast flip was following by a slightly longer tucking, with a mattress protector and sheet being fitted around the mattress. Despite being slightly hampered by my natural inability to accurately match the length of a sheet to the length of the mattress based on sight alone, Nick and I completely finished today's mission within 10 mins of our start time.

With the glow of success buoying us up, we indulged in a short chat with Mr S before we left.

It was good seeing you, Nick! :)

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Suzanne Vost
Suzanne Vost (She/Her)

Wed 19th Jun at 4:46pm

Great work Nick and Elizabeth!

Elizabeth signed up to a mission.

Wed 19th Jun at 12:00pm

Flip a mattress for Mr S

Would be of great help to Mr S as he's unable to do this himself.

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Nick MooreMartin
Elizabeth went on a group run

Wed 3rd Apr at 6:15pm

We Had Our Good-Deeding Fill!

Camden Report written by Alex Murtough (he/him)

It was yesterday evening. I made tea. I sat on my bed. I opened my computer and went to YouTube.

how to DIY fill hole in wall

This was what I searched, folks. I was still scarred from my last attempt at using polyfilla. Which was 20 minutes before the check-out-scary-inventory-deposit-reducing-meeting at my last rental. They took the deposit, folks, they took it to do the holes again.

Yet... this evening was different! And certainly because I was surrounded by the wonderful Alice, Faye(who was on their first GoodGym good deed - congrats!!), Jackie, John, Liz, and Steve.

We'd grasped the spring worm this evening, enjoying the longer light to traverse the bustle between Barbican and the Brady Arts and Community Centre, where our task awaited us.

Social Action for Health are a gorgeous charity working within the community in Tower Hamlets, and they need their volunteer room at the Brady spruced and enlivened, and we'll be doing just that over the coming weeks.

Our task this evening was to get the ball rolling, which we did by removing brackets from yesteryear and filling their left-behind holes.

This group took the tasks and ran with them to completion. Amidst a setting twilight, this room became a happy space filled with screwdrivers, pliers, hole filler, putty knives, and hoovers. And 40 minutes later, we'd gotten this space a short span away from being ready to paint.

Thanks, everyone, I had the most wonderful evening, and you made a real difference this evening.

Nice one!

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Gwyn WilliamsPaul SalmanAlex MurtoughSam Lefevre
Elizabeth signed up to a group run.

Wed 3rd Apr at 6:15pm

Filling Holes 🪛 + Sanding Walls ⌛ at Brady Arts and Community Centre!!

We're helping a small charity called Social Action for Health, preparing their volunteer room for a facelift and revamp!

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Linda SharmanPeter Van Tongeren
Elizabeth went on a group run

Wed 20th Mar at 6:15pm

Our Final Time at AIC This Spring!!

Camden Report written by Alex Murtough (he/him)

We've been heading to the American International Church since December.

Since then, we've visited 10 times, always assembling, dressing, and organising the beds for their weekly winter shelter's guests.

Wednesday last week was the AIC's final winter shelter until the autumn, and we welcomed Elizabeth, Jackie, John, Lici, Louise, and Steve to our final hullabaloo until we return in October or November.

Our group's speed reflected our comfort in this space, as we swiftly made up the evening's beds in the male, female, and volunteer quarters, and we did so to our (now accustomed) speaker filled with sounds from the 80s.

I've loved this task over the past few months. Each week we make a difference. The shelter is made possible through the collected efforts of multiple people - the overnight helpers, the evening cooks (whose creations always smell so good), the AIC's core coordinating team, and... our very own GoodGym-esque help. It's a joy to be part of something that truly helps folks who need it.

We welcomed my partner, Suzanna, for the final couple of minutes, before we headed off for a well-earned spot of pasta on Tottenham Court Road!

Thanks, everyone, and see you soon, Alex

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Alex MurtoughEdward SharmanLinda SharmanGwyn Williams
Sam Lefevre
Elizabeth signed up to a group run.

Wed 20th Mar at 6:15pm

Post-Session Social 🥳 + Setting Up the Cold Weather Shelter at the American International Church! 🛏️ 💙

AIC's cold weather shelter helps 16 Londoners each and every week - you'll be making sure things are ready and inviting for the evening's guests :)

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Sam ChapmanLinda Sharman
Elizabeth signed up to a party.

Thu 14th Mar at 6:30pm

GoodGym social by the Elizabeth Line!


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Peter Van TongerenLinda SharmanJohn Shirley
Elizabeth went on a group run

Wed 6th Mar at 6:15pm

How to Make a GoodGym Bed

Camden Report written by Steve Murtough (he/him)

The below standard operating procedure was followed on Wednesday 6th March (evening) by some good people in the Camden area.

  1. Arrive outside the Francis Crick Institute at 6:15pm.
  2. Wait for Alex to appear dressed in red. He will tell you about GoodGym; a charity made for fitness and volunteering enthusiasts.
  3. Say your name and number (meaning: your position in the circle; please do not give out your personal mobile number).
  4. Alex will lead you into the bright night. Get lost in socialising chitchat.
  5. Suddenly, you will be outside the American International Church on Tottenham Court Road.
  6. Enter the church and head downstairs. Fold-up beds leaning against walls will be magically waiting for you.
  7. Unfold a bed by unclipping a small plastic fastening and be wary of the bed’s desire to fold back up.
  8. Place the plastic fastening in a purpose-made jug.
  9. Tuck a sheet onto a bed and chat to other people in red T-shirts about fitness and volunteering.
  10. Dance to Dire Straits.
  11. Invert a duvet cover and place it entirely over your head.
  12. Explore through touch the mysterious corners of the duvet.
  13. Listen to the guitar solo in Sultans of Swing.
  14. Fling the duvet cover forward and hope for the best.
  15. Once all beds are completed in the above style, go to the stage area of the church, which is found through a secret door, and set up another bed while admiring the theatrical set up in the room.
  16. Try and guess which show it is.
  17. Take a photo of all the people in red T-shirts without making it very blurry.
  18. Head back into the bright night, very proud and very happy.
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Sam LefevreLatoya Stephensanne malcolmLinda SharmanPeter Van Tongeren

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Peter Van Tongeren

Fri 8th Mar at 10:55pm

Still repping the black top I see, Liz 😁


Sat 9th Mar at 12:36am

It's the best one! 😌

Geraldine Mace

Sat 9th Mar at 11:41am

That one of the best report I've read. Missing you Guys

Elizabeth signed up to a group run.

Wed 6th Mar at 6:15pm

Setting Up the Cold Weather Shelter at the American International Church! 💙

AIC's cold weather shelter helps 16 Londoners each and every week - you'll be making sure things are ready and inviting for the evening's guests :)

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Elizabeth went on a group run

Wed 28th Feb at 6:15pm

A Great Chip to Calthorpe!

Camden Report written by Alex Murtough (he/him)

Attending a GoodGym session can, I always think, feel like stepping into two worlds.

In one, you meet lovely, interesting, kindred spirits like Alex, Jackie, John, and Liz, and you connect and share whilst doing something active and giving together.

And in the other, you get to move into the sphere of a wonderful and local community organisation - one you may have often walked past but never looked in - one you may know all about but have never seen things from the inside.

I felt like I had that joy last night as this brilliant group ventured into the gorgeous Calthorpe Community Garden. Sat in the heart of Central London, this garden has been part of and beneficial for the local community for over 40 years. Even in the dark, we felt separate from the surrounding urban hubbub as we trawled its weaving network of green paths and walkways. It's genuinely beautiful there.

Met by the kind and effusive Gaven, who's been part of Calthorpe for some 24 years, we were warmly shown to our tools and task for the evening.

We spent nearly an hour loading wood chip into wheelbarrows, meandering our ways to bare ground, and spreading the chip down neatly and fully. A few of us focused on a few of the raised beds in one corner, whilst Liz worked speedily to transform one of the paths.

Thank you, all, it was wonderful to see you last night! And see you again soon!!

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