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Euclides Montes
Euclides Montes went on a group run

Wed 1st Feb at 6:45pm

Shovelling Shed

Haringey Report written by Euclides Montes

9 lively Goodgymmers ran to the Haringey Learning Partnership tonight to lend a hand with a few tasks, as we stood in solidarity with all the striking teachers at the school.

Zen Gym

Having been scheduled originally to come and help dig out the foundations for a big toolshed, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the GrowN22 crew had done all the hard work over the weekend. So, instead, we were tasked with finishing the paths on the allotments area, prepping a side passage for a fence installation, and then we had to remove some old planks of wood from the allotment area and transport them to the composting bins. There must have been something in the air tonight as our usually rowdy bunch of Goodgymmers found themselves in a more introspective mood and they were very well behaved. The chat was quiet and deep, the banter demure and inoffensive. No one even made it into a bin (though there were some Julie-sized wheelbarrow shenanigans). A lovely, recovery run type of night for our crew.

Our Goodgymmers worked tirelessly and before you knew it, they were putting tools away and were getting ready for selfies.

A nice, quiet night full of zen in North London.

Join us next week as we no doubt descend into chaos again as we visit out old haunt at Tottenham Green.

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Thu 2nd Feb at 12:00pm

In the main, it was a sensible session for GGHaringey. Great to be among, great people.

Euclides Montes
Euclides Montes signed up to a group run.

Wed 1st Feb at 6:45pm

Shed Construction at Haringey Learning Partnership

Come and helps us give this much-loved community space a hand

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