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New Task: Helping Out Our Local Tiny Forest
🗓Wednesday 4th October 6:45pm

📍Blue House Yard N22 7TB

Come and join give this local space a hand

Euclides Montes
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Wed 20th Sep at 6:00pm

Pop Dead Gorgeous

Haringey Report written by Euclides Montes

3 Goodgymmers Cool Brittaniaed their way through a Britpop-infused evening as the staff at Wood Green Traid blasted their way through a lovely, and sometimes itchy, playlist.


Nurjehan, Neil, and Gramps - as Common People as they come, battled the elements tonight and made their way to the High Road in Wood Green for a task at which we keep Getting Better and better every time we go.

A bit soggy but still smiling, our Girls & Boys cracked on with the job at hand in proper This Is Hardcore mood.

We unhooked some clothes, We sometimes even tried some of them on

It gave us a sense of enormous well-being


After an hour or so, and once we were satisfied we had left the Wide Open Spaces of Traid Sorted For Es and Whizz, Nurjehan - our resident timekeeper - came along and She Said, this is the End Of The Century. A bit dramatic, perhaps, but Queen Khan does as she pleases. Alright.

Having enjoyed the musical interlude, we all headed home in the cold, cold rain. And whatever you do, just don't bring up Oasis around Gramps - he comes up in hives

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Harvey Gallagher

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Fri 22nd Sep at 4:43pm

So musically Wired! Love it Gramps. And at a BOGOF price, your worth it. 😜

Euclides Montes
Euclides Montes signed up to a group run.

Wed 4th Oct at 6:45pm

New Task: Helping Out Our Local Tiny Forest

Come and join give this local space a hand

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Euclides Montes
Euclides Montes signed up to a group run.

Wed 20th Sep at 6:45pm

New Task: Helping Out Our Local Tiny Forest

Come and join give this local space a hand

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Euclides Montes
Euclides Montes went on a group run

Wed 6th Sep at 6:45pm

Letterly Caught In A Web

Haringey Report written by Euclides Montes

4 non-arachnophobic Goodgymmers got entangled in a myriad of spiderwebs as they lent a hand to the Friends of Westbury Banks Nature Reserve.

Queen Julie

All hail the all-conquering Julie who completed her 100th marathon over the weekend. Hero.

Congrats also to everyone else who completed Julie's 100th race or the Big Half on what was frankly a ridiculously hot day for it. You all rule! <3

Into The Spiderverse

The beautiful sign to the Westbury Banks Nature Reserve had to come down following a number of letter thefts and weather damage so it felt fitting that we were invited to do the deed, having been the team entrusted with putting them up in the first place a couple of years back.

When Gramps arrived there, however, the site was a spider heaven and the risk assessment check for the site involved clearing a path to the letters through a multitude of 8-legged creatures. Even for a non-arachnophobe, this was an icky job.

All the same, by the time Dave, Rosa, and Nurjehan arrived to the site, Gramps was mostly in one piece (if a bit evolutionary shaken in a deep and private place) and our team got on with the job at hand.

First we did a thorough litter pick of the site, so the Reserve looked ace from the road once the letters came down.

Then, one by one, the letters came down. I'd like to say it was a sombre and respectful affair, but the team of Dave and Rosa were absolutely ruthless. The letters tumbled down faster than a 9 pound wheel of Double Gloucester cheese on Cooper's Hill.

Once we had stored the old letters away and removed all non-recyclable tags, we called it quits for the evening and we all headed home.

Join us next week for a new task at Ally Pally!

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ElizabethJimmy Mitchinson

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Thu 7th Sep at 12:07pm

Brilliant title report. You are simply too clever. We did a good job in the heat. A new task next week. Exciting. Don't forget the social on Thursday 14th September!

Euclides Montes
Euclides Montes signed up to a group run.

Wed 6th Sep at 6:45pm

Euclides Montes
Euclides Montes went on a group run

Wed 30th Aug at 6:45pm

Unscrew You!

Haringey Report written by Euclides Montes

7 screw-loose Goodgymmers ran to help the lovely folk at the Community Hub in Wood Green to un-Ikea and feng shui their office furniture


Busy running weekend coming up with the little matter of Julie's 100th Marathon (!) finally upon us, where she will be joined by Dave, Sam, and Louise (and in spirit by Niamh and Gramps as their spirits are the only thing working running-wise at the mo <3 ). We at GGH HQ are super proud of you, Julie, and think you are ace. Have wonderful race, you four.

And to all those running the lovely Big Half (too many of you so Gramps won't try to list you all in case he goes and misses someone ) but have a cracking day. And get your free drinks!

Heroes - we <3 you. Run well.

The Turn Of The Screw

The lovely folk at the Community Hub in Wood Green pressed the big red button marked Goodgym Haringey as they needed some help clearing up space at their offices, getting rid of some old office furniture that couldn't be found a new home after a lot of trying.

So, it was time for the old desks to go and have a rest at the big old desk heaven in the sky and we were the team asked to help them on their way. And that's what we did.

Screwdrivers in hand, our crew made light work of the furniture. You should've seen them. They dismantled that furniture like Gramps working his way through a pepperoni pizza - methodically and relentlessly. One by one, the desks and filing cabinets came apart and our Goodgymmers transported them to the basement floor where they went to make their peace with their maker.

After about 45 minutes, we had completed our task - the speed of our job not lost on the Hub's caretaker who was very impressed by our hustling.

As we said our goodbyes, there was only one topic of conversation floating around so let's finish this report by saying it again - SMASH IT THIS WEEKEND, TEAM. <3

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Jack Da SilvaHarvey Gallagher

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Thu 31st Aug at 5:09pm

Yes, smash it Julie and Co, and all those running The Big Half. GGH HQ love ya all. 😘

Euclides Montes
Euclides Montes signed up to a group run.

Wed 13th Sep at 6:45pm

New Task: Litter Picking at Ally Pally

Cleaning up the People's Palace - cant's say fairer than that!

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Euclides Montes
Euclides Montes signed up to a group run.

Wed 20th Sep at 6:00pm

Come And Get Fashionably Fit at TRAID

Help this ethical clothes shop with a floor clearout

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Euclides Montes
Euclides Montes went on a group run

Wed 23rd Aug at 6:45pm

I Shoes You! (Because You're My Best Bud-leias)

Haringey Report written by Euclides Montes

6 peace-loving Goodgymmers rolled with the punches in a feisty evening at Tottenham Green

Budding Ambition

The first rule of GGFight Club is... you don't mess with Niamh.

It was a very pleasant evening at Tottenham Green as we all came together, having made our way to task by running, walking, and even a short drive for our crutch-swinging Niamh. Laura took us to the tool depot to collect our toys for the evening and then... Enter the scoundrel.

Not all Goodgym tasks are created equal and alas, tonight's was an aggy one to say the least. One of the park users was a - how to put this delicately - a right twonk and decided to take offence at a group of volunteers spending their Wednesday evening cleaning up and weeding a public park. Go figure.

Although faced with a lot of aggression, our heroes remained polite and in good spirits - engaging in the tried and tested don't engage with flipping twonks in the park strategy. Or at least we did until the scoundrel took it a bit far and this is when he discovered the first rule of GGFight Club. To be fair, our Niamh put it back in his box very nicely, steely as she was.

Anyway, never ones to let an idiot ruin our party, we rallied and we cut down buddleias and sycamores to our hearts' content and did a thorough litter pick.

We took the time to find some old shoes, marvel at Dave's heart-shaped sweat patch, photograph beautiful spiderwebs before they were summarily obliterated, and banter about which GGHer would be the most likely recipient of a King's Honours List title (and what Gramps and Niamh would suggest the King do with them should they ever be offered one).

In the end, all's well that ends well and we smiled as we helped Laura put the kit away and hobbled home with our convalescent comrade. Just don't ever piss her off.

As always with thanks to Charlie and Niamh for today's punnery and photography.

Join us next week for a new task!

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KarolinaJack Da SilvaHarvey Gallagher

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Sarah Moore
Sarah Moore (She/her )

Thu 24th Aug at 12:24pm


Euclides Montes

Thu 24th Aug at 12:30pm

Haha. I forgot about that particular pearl of wisdom 🤣🤣🤣


Thu 24th Aug at 3:38pm

Good Gym are the peace and love club. We twinkle in twonk company.

David Mansfield

Fri 25th Aug at 12:45pm

Ah the wonders of random twonks. I do love it when they see us running and ask what we are doing, as if they've never seen someone run before. Good work you guys!