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A Variety Of Tasks At The Meadow Orchard Project
🗓Tomorrow 6:45pm

📍Blue House Yard N22 7TB

Come and spend a magical evening in this oasis in the middle of North London doing good!

Euclides MontesNurjehanSam ChapmanDave Mansfield
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Sam Chapman
Sam Chapman signed up to a group run.

Wed 24th Apr at 6:45pm

A Variety Of Tasks At The Meadow Orchard Project

Come and spend a magical evening in this oasis in the middle of North London doing good!

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Sam Chapman
Sam Chapman went on a group run

Wed 17th Apr at 6:45pm

Slugs And Snails And Puppy Dog Tails

Haringey Report written by Euclides Montes

7 Goodgymmers dug deep on an evening of mixed weather and pre-London sympathy Marathon jitters as they lent a hand at the Haringey Learning Partnership with a spot of water feature creation.

Haringey Heroes

Not all marathons are created equal and it would be churlish to deny that the London Marathon holds a special place in the heart of most London runners. Which is why this year we are living [or running?] vicariously through our very own Sarah and Latoya who will be attempting to win the race on Sunday ;)

You are both amazing women and we are so proud you're representing us in London's Top Race - smash it and we'll be cheering you every step of the way!

<3 <3

Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

As sure as eggs is eggs, you get a group of Haringey Goodgymmers together to dig holes for an hour and most of the conversation that unfolds is quite frankly unprintable. To be fair, our resident Smutmeister- who shall remain unnamed - managed to hold her first bawdy double entendre until around the 7:41pm mark - so at least that is something. Anyway, let's concentrate on the task at hand instead, shall we?

A group of us met at the Blue House Yard for a very short sprint over to HLP, where we met Luke from Grown22 who's helping the school create their very own wild nature pond. There, we were joined by the walking GG crew and we were tasked with, effectively, digging a pretty big hole. Reader, we dug. Oh, how we dug.

At some point, Luke mentioned some heavy wood sleepers needed shifting to the other side of the school, and Niamh and Sam jumped at it, flexing their biceps as they went. This was perhaps timely because even though she had been digging a pretty massive hole for over half an hour, Sam didn't actually seem to know what she was actually doing, having been surprised to find out halfway through the task that we were creating a pond. Credit where credit is due - you give that woman a shovel and she will dig, and dig deep and relentlessly, no questions asked. Boom.

After about an hour, Luke was satisfied we had reached the depth we needed to reach this evening and bid us farewell, not before we took some selfies and had a little play with Luke's trusty sidekick - the sweet Mylo.

Great eve.

Join us next week as we go back the wonderful Orchard Meadow in Crouch End where tasks will include trimming a bush and some tool maintenance. Oh dear!

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Fri 19th Apr at 10:24am

Love the hidden Orchard. Light duties for me Gramps, please?

Sam Chapman
Sam Chapman signed up to a group run.

Wed 17th Apr at 6:45pm

Digging Up A Pond At HLP

Come and give this education centre a hand

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