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Ivo (he/him) went on a community mission

Mon 18th Sep at 6:40pm

Leav-ing summer behind

Tower Hamlets Report written by Laura Williams

GoodGymers gathered together this evening for our September visit to the Cranbrook Community Centre Garden...

Why were we here?

We were joining Janet and Eileen this evening to help clear a large amount of leaves from the area (and trim the hedges), in-and-around the Community Centre. The Centre is enjoyed by a number of local groups, well-attended by residents: leaves build up quickly, making their way into the Centre in abundance! A semi-regular leaf collection like this helps manage the number of leaves in-and-around the Centre, as well as helping to keep grass healthy.

The pre-task workout

Before we started on the big leaf collection, a small group enjoyed a short workout outside the garden. Focusing mainly on lower body, we got stuck in to useful moves such as single leg squats, side planks, lunges and plenty of stretches.

The task

We then made our way into the lovely Centre garden to learn more about what we’d be doing tonight.

Working in pairs, we covered all areas of the garden, raking, gathering and collecting leaves by the gate.

Focusing on the area between the Centre fence and the pavement railings was a fiddly but rewarding task, as we helped free up the area, home to many shrubs and flowers.

A small team also worked around the corner, trimming back the hedge, so passing pedestrians can pass without fear of colliding with overhanging branches.

At shortly before 8, we returned our tools and gloves to the toolbox, posed for that final task picture before heading our separate ways for the evening. Another fabulous start to the week.

Big shout-outs tonight...

...to Ricardo who came up with tonight’s pun, and to Jose who joined us for his first ever GoodGym! Great to see you Jose, look forward to seeing you again soon.

Next week, we head to gorgeous Meath Gardens, for our first task of the year with the brilliant Friends of Meath Gardens team as we head to the park’s litter hotspots.

Until then.

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Laura WilliamsHarvey GallagherCharlotte Proud
Amy L

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Laura Denham

Tue 19th Sep at 9:18pm

Great photos!

Laura Denham

Tue 19th Sep at 9:19pm

and fab work everyone!

Ivo (he/him) signed up to a community mission.

Mon 18th Sep at 6:40pm

THE BIG MONDAY NIGHT TASK: End-of-summer gardening at Cranbrook Community Food Garden (+ pre-task workout)

We're heading to the Cranbrook Community Food Garden to help with a variety of gardening tasks.

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