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Area Activator for GoodGym Bromley. Mostly runs for the train. On purpose obvs. Also helping to launch new GG areas with the central team 🚀


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Mark Gilyead's next session
GROUP SESH // Bulb Planting @ Alexandra Recreation Ground
🗓Monday 4th December 7:00pm

📍Bridge House SE20 8RZ

Help make this lovely local green space even lovelier for locals

Sophia KleanthousMolly SmithCharlieMillieClare SFiona
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Mark Gilyead
Mark Gilyead (he/him) went on a group run

Mon 27th Nov at 7:00pm

Beck The Halls!

Bromley Report written by Mark Gilyead (he/him)

A nice, festive session last night! We were helping out Beckenham Park Care Home with some decorating.

First up, some of us met at the Bridge House (and shared our fave xmas tunes), a few people met at Shortlands Station and a few made their own way to the task.

It was a pretty long run for most of us (4.5k!) but a good way to warm up on a freezing cold night.

When we arrived, we were assigned to different parts of the care home to add festive flourishes:

🎄 Decorating a tree

🌿 Adding fake greenery to the stairs

🍽 Spicing up the dinner tables

🎀 Putting up beads and ribbons around photo frames and on the dog (see pic)

It was good to do an inside task in that weather although I'm not sure most of us expected somewhere so fancy...!

We smashed through it all in half an hour and went our separate ways.

Nice one team! 💪

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Anastasia HancockKate DooleyMark GilyeadHarvey Gallagher
Mark Gilyead
Mark Gilyead (he/him) signed up to a training session.

Tue 28th Nov at 6:30pm

Mark Gilyead
Mark Gilyead (he/him) went on a community mission

Sun 26th Nov at 10:30am

Saving lives one worm at a time

Bromley Report written by Kate Dooley

Four goodgymers met with the Friends of Betts Park volunteers to plant some bulbs on Sunday morning!

Braving the cold November morning, mark, Becky, Louise and Kate planted croucus and daphodils which will come back in the spring bringing colour and wildlife to Betts parks.

We all agreed that bulb planting was a great task generally and you gets lots of them at this time of year.

Generally all smooth sailing apart from when a shriek was heard from Louise, who was gallantly trying to avoid killing a worm who was in the way of her trowel!

I haven’t yet checked to see if that thing we were told as kids is a myth - that is you cut a worm in two, it survives…it makes no sense when you think about it now…but nature is surprising so …

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Anastasia HancockMark GilyeadHarvey GallagherSam Lefevre

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Mark Gilyead
Mark Gilyead (he/him)

Tue 28th Nov at 10:55am

Great report Kate. What a lovely morning of type 2 fun.

Kate Dooley

Tue 28th Nov at 11:33am

Haha bulb planting is type 3! We won’t see the fun until spring l! Ha

Mark Gilyead
Mark Gilyead (he/him) went on a community mission

Sat 25th Nov at 8:30am

Michael WelshNathan WoodHarvey Gallagher
Mark Gilyead
Mark Gilyead (he/him) went on a community mission

Tue 21st Nov at 7:00pm

What ALLOT of twigs

Bromley Report written by Mark Gilyead (he/him)

For our second Tuesday evening Bromley sesh (🥳) we were at Southlands Road Allotments. Local sustainability charity Greener and Cleaner have inherited a space which they're turning into a community garden. There's a few fruit trees, a shed of sorts, a compost and not much else. The plan is to turn it into a thriving growing space where the local community can learn to grow and eat fresh fruit and veg! 🥕

Can you dig it?

Job one was digging a hole for a massive metal container. It's going to become an accessible growing bed but first needed cementing in place.

Gettin' twiggy with it

Meanwhile we needed to transfer loads of the twigs and branches from the top of the compost heap into the metal container. These will have compost added and then rot down.

Bottling it

Whilst this was happening, Jo and Clare were cutting up huge plastic bottles into a specific shape so that they can become strawberry pots!

Nailing it

The majority of the materials used for the community garden are repurposed and upcycled. Stephen was removing nails from some pallet wood using a hammer.

Cracking job team! 👍 Thanks for sharing your favourite veg and your energy to get this community green space up and running 💪 Special shoutout to Jo who attended her first GG sesh! Welcome to the gang.

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EllieAnastasia HancockHarvey GallagherSam Lefevre
Mark Gilyead
Mark Gilyead (he/him) signed up to a community mission.

Sun 26th Nov at 10:30am

Bulbs for Betts Park

Nicer outdoor space for the community to enjoy

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Kate DooleyChalomi KingJohn Shirley
Mark Gilyead
Mark Gilyead (he/him) signed up to a community mission.

Tue 5th Dec at 7:00pm

Cleaning Chairs for Community House Bromley 🪑

Service users will have a much nicer place to sit!

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Catherine Mitchell
Mark Gilyead
Mark Gilyead (he/him) signed up to a group run.

Mon 11th Dec at 7:00pm