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Cat went on a group run

Mon 26th Feb at 7:00pm

High Flyerers and Poster Boys

Bromley Report written by Mark Gilyead (he/him)

Tonight we were helping out local heroes St Christopher’s Hospice, spreading the word about their Fun Walk fundraiser.

We split into two groups:

⚠️ The Poster Boys headed up to Crystal Palace Triangle (and may well have seen Gary Oldman in action?!)

✈️ Whilst the High Flyerers ran to South Norwood.

Many posters and flyers were distributed to local businesses. Hopefully the Fun Walk is successful and St Christopher's rake in loads of cash for their amazing end of life care!

Top stuff as always, team! ❤️‍🔥

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Mark Gilyead
Cat went on a community mission

Sat 24th Feb at 12:00pm

Spruce-ing up our local park

Bromley Report written by Cat

A small army of GoodGymmers, scouts, councillors and other local residents helped to plant a Tiny Forest of 600 trees in Cator Park on Saturday. Expertly stewarded by the Friends of Alexandra Recreation Ground and Cator Park and the team at Earthwatch, all of the planting, mulching and raking was completed in less than four hours and there was even time for tea and home made cake. Yum!

You can find out more about the Tiny Forest project here

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Cat signed up to a community mission.

Sat 24th Feb at 12:00pm

Cator Park's Tiny Forest Planting Session 2

Creating a biodiverse space for local people to learn about

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Cat went on a group run

Mon 19th Feb at 7:00pm

Weed, don’t need no vegetation

Bromley Report written by Mark Gilyead (he/him)

11 legends used their Monday night to get in a jog and a good weeding deed for TNG Youth Centre.

We kicked off the evening with names and the place we’d love to wake up in. Some spectacular choices ranging from Patagonia to Japan to Antarctica.

After a quick warm up we headed to Sydenham. This was a DIY session with nothing but us, our gloves and the weeds.

Some nasty brambles were no match for Molly, and Adam cleverly suggested a spot in the bushes across the road for our piles of vegetation 👌

Once we'd scraped, yanked and whispered (yup) all the weeds out, we headed round the corner to the (apparently) famous 'SNUFFLE' - a wine bar, cafe and dog groomers/spa, "probably for tax reasons", said Emma.

We headed back via a different route. We had a wallsit competition. Cat won! 🏆

And finally we did some stretches and a few of us had a beverage. NICE.

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Catherine MitchellSarah HornseyMark Gilyead
Cat signed up to a race.

Sun 25th Feb at 9:30am

Brighton Half

Run a half marathon by the seaside 🌊

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Catherine Mitchell
Cat signed up to a group run.

Mon 19th Feb at 7:00pm

Cat went on a community mission

Sun 4th Feb at 2:00pm

Scrubbing up well

Bromley Report written by Cat

Our first volunteering session at Penge East Community Centre got off to a great start when we were greeted by a very friendly cat and an excellent selection of garden ornaments (see photos).

Once we'd all assembled, Gill set us to work cleaning the centre's windows, which had got quite cobweb-by. Many hands made light work of this task and we managed to wash, rinse and dry all the windows and doors (inside and out!) in less than 45 minutes. Speedy work team!

Thanks to everyone who gave up their Sunday afternoon to volunteer and I hope we can organise more tasks with PECC in the future.

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Judy KnappKate DooleyLinda GatleyMark Gilyead

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Mark Gilyead
Mark Gilyead (he/him)

Sun 4th Feb at 8:50pm

Nice work team 👍

Linda Gatley

Sun 4th Feb at 10:39pm

Lovely photos Cat - those ducks make me smile

Cat went on a group run

Mon 29th Jan at 7:00pm

Blindweed by the light (500 times)

Bromley Report written by Bromley runner

Our last Group Run of January, and what a way to blast out! 💥 We had a very special milestone to celebrate - read on to find out more....

January Challenge

Plus we were on 87 good deeds and with over 10 signups, reaching our target of 100 good deeds in the January challenge was tantalisingly close. What seemed an outlandish doubling of our 2023 target was now a realistic goal 🎯

A roadblock appeared, however. Winter 🌨️ is a notoriously difficult period to find tasks at times, but not for lack of trying. Mark managed to line up a task for us a couple of days before the run, though it sadly got cancelled on Monday afternoon, requiring some quick thinking 🤔

Best laid plans

Mark suggested we split into two groups - some guerilla gardeners to weed unloved planters 🪴 by Kent House station, and GoodGym promoters 🏃 putting up postcards on noticeboards to tell the world (well, Penge and Crystal Palace) what we do.

After introducing ourselves with a contender for the most odd question of the week ever (Which toothpaste do you use? 🪥), we prepared to divide. The promoters further split into two teams led by Cat and me (Stephen). We fought with rock, paper, scissors for who would go up the hill to Crystal Palace; Cat's scissors ✂️ resigned me and my paper 📰 to the steep incline and won her Penge.

Up the hill, down the hill

I wasn't alone, though, as David, Harry and Renier also volunteered for the harder route, and the band of merry men headed off for higher altitudes ⛰️. Mega shout out to David for pluckiness in seeing if newsagents, restaurants - anyone, really - would host our postcards in their window. We got positive response from numerous places we'd never promoted with before, and this was on Anerley Hill before we got near to The Triangle 😀

Mark's and Cat's teams flew towards Penge, with Team Green (Fingers) getting to work on the weeds at Kent House.

All together now

We met back at the Bridge House to hear each others' task stories and prepared to surprise an unsuspecting GoodGym'er, for it was none other than Mark's 500th good deed, an occasion demanding cake 🎂 and an amazingly augmented card and badge from Hannah!

Congratulations Mark! 👏

100 club

We're now a good deed shy of 100 - our goal is within reach and will surely be toppled before the month is done. Well done everyone who participated and helped us get there 🥳

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Catherine MitchellLinda GatleyMark Gilyead

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Tue 30th Jan at 12:29pm

Excellent report and excellent 500!

Jack Da Silva

Fri 9th Feb at 5:10pm

congrats Mark, amazing achievement!