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(she/her) Liverpool Area Activator, mountain hiking beach wanderer at heart, a surprised runner, and wild swimming wannabe.


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Ema Quinn
Ema Quinn (She/her) went on a group run

Mon 21st Nov at 6:30pm

Rainy days and Monday always have me in a litter picking mood

Liverpool Report written by Sophie McClellan

Another cold, wet Monday in Liverpool, means a perfect evening for a litter pick.

4 goodgymmers met on the corner of Lawrence road and Wellington road (not avenue!) and made our way through the drizzle to clean up the neighbourhood.

We managed six full bags with some excellent finds; including a school tie, forks, spoons and, of course, a glow stick!

With everything being so damp, it seemed to add to the weight of the litter. However, this was not enough to keep us from the cold and we came up with all kinds to keep warm - including some very silly walks!

It you take a look at the before and after pics, I'm sure you'll agree that the impact was obvious- Well done everyone!

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Olivia WallerEma Quinn
Ema Quinn
Ema Quinn (She/her) went on a community mission

Sun 20th Nov at 12:30pm

Olivia WallerIvoEma Quinn
Ema Quinn
Ema Quinn (She/her) went on a group run

Mon 14th Nov at 6:30pm

Clean Up on SmithDown

Liverpool Report written by Sophie McClellan

After a swift 1.7mile run, 4 runners arrived at The Asda to be greeted by 3 more goodgymmers. I was lovely to be joined by Guy too who heard about the task on Smithdown Matters. We'll hopefully see you at another task soon!

The task was to litter pick the stretch of road from The Asda back towards Lodge lane. As we worked out way up the road, the litter seemed to get worse and worse, with bus stops seeming to be the hotspots! We managed to get a whole seven bags worth of rubbish. Well done everyone!

We didn't quite make it to the top of the road so we will be back soon!

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Ema Quinn