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Stephen Blaine went on a training session
Training session

Fitness ? Shell yeah !

Sun 12 Jun
Report written by JULIA GLEESON

On a stunning Sunday morning 5 of us met up for our monthly fitness session.

Worthing did not disappoint with its sunny weather. blue skies, turquoise sea and a happy people along the prom.

After a warm up around the pier we went into a lower and upper body EMOM ( Every minute on the minute ) We did 4 rounds and finished with a team buyout challenge with everyone helping each other to complete 100 reps of their chosen move.

It was really was an absolute delight to be with this gorgeous bunch TamsinAnneSarahStephen

Next months date to be announced in the next few days :)

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Stephen Blaine went on a group run
Group run

Post platti serving at Bugs Life

Mon 6 Jun
Report written by JULIA GLEESON

Sunshine and social

Following a 4 day platinum Jubilee weekend, GoodGym Worthing moved the 4 day extravaganza to 5 !

Tonight we combined a good deed with a social - what a perfect combination 👌 and we turned out in royal numbers!

On parade today we had (imagine a drum roll).....

Duncan, Gillybean,TamsinLucy, Sue, Anne Paul, Sarah Jay ,Stephen, Katharine John and Ricky

It was lovely to see so many familiar faces and I think it's true to say everyone enjoyed a great chat with each other whilst also doing some good stuff for the local community.

We were warmly welcomed back to the Bugcycle garden by Creative Wave's Nadia and Nessie. Tonights main task was to clear the 'lounge' area ready for a pergola to be built on Tuesday We also were weeding , watering and moving metal fencing and moving a decked wooden platform to its new home.

The majority of the team formed a chain of pure muscle to relocate some heavy rocks to make room for the pergola whilst others busiest themselves in various other ways around the garden.

One hour later and after a GG flag group photo we headed down to the communal barbeque's on Beach Green Despite a chill in the air, the sun shone and we all enjoyed sharing food and drink together. Here's to the next one in a month's time.

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Stephen Blaine has completed 25 good deeds with GoodGym. Sun 24 Apr 2022

Stephen has already done 25 good deeds with GoodGym. Instead of doing anything else, they've used their run to go and help people that need their help; digging, lifting, scraping, clearing, planting and weeding. Stuff that makes this a better place to be.

Stephen Blaine went on a community mission
Community mission

Having a ball at Worthing Run Fest

Sun 24 Apr
Report written by JULIA GLEESON

The Best of Both

What better way to celebrate Worthing Run Fest than to volunteer to give medals out to members of our GG Team who were running in the 10k and half marathon.

Massive thank you to my volunteer team Barbara, Belinda, Ros, Steve , on medal duty and Daisy, Duncan and Lucy on shoe chip duty.

Many congratulations to all the runners ..... John, Ricky , Sue , Natacha, Jay, Paul, and Anne. Hopefully there were some PB times there somewhere !

What an absolute pleasure of a morning .

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Stephen Blaine went on a group run
Group run

Every litt'er counts

Mon 24 Jan
Report written by JULIA GLEESON

The numbers game

What a wonderful turn out this evening with 14 of us. Such a great turn out that we couldn't stop talking long enough to get out of the door! So many exciting topics to talk about! This Friday we will have our delayed party with 22 of us sitting down to a festive meal together. The theme is 'dressed to impress'

We also discussed the January and took a gulp at the KM challenge we have of 3,075 km, We currently are at just over 2.000 so its going to take a massive commitment from us all to reach our goal. Get those steps in and don't forget to start and upload your strava! Dont forget you can also manually upload too. Cycling also counts too so you can also jump on the bike too !

On the plus side it looks as if we are well on track to reach our 52 good deed goal :)

Pier pressure

We headed off in 2 groups of walkers and runners and then almost ( all) met up at the pier. Thank you to John for chasing Stephen and the litter pickers down :)

Off the back of the running, we turned the session round and did the fitness first tonight. It was a partner based drill with 1 person running laps around the pier whilst the other did a variety of functional bodyweight strength exercises ( shuttle runs, press ups, tricep dips, bunny jumps, squats, burpees and squat jumps.

*Not a load of rubbish *

Tonight, I was hoping, that we could find any warmth there was, under the Pavilion end of the pier and also under the Lido. This is where the litter is often left and gathers. Getting rid of any litter on the beach is a great thing to do. On this occasion there wasn't a lot to do but now there's even less!

Star of the day

Special mention to Tamsin who did her own good deed tonight and that was sorting out our delayed Christmas meal and all the endless admin and financial complications it involves. THANK YOU Tamsin. We REALLY do appreciate it.

....Is it a cheeky question to ask if you will arrange this years too ? We could give you a title if it helps? You choose and you have the job!

See most of you Friday night in your glad rags and if not next Monday :)

Julia x

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Stephen Blaine went on a group run
Group run

Take the strain

Mon 13 Dec
Report written by JULIA GLEESON

Our Christmas Fun

On our last session before Christmas it was all about the fun! With our Christmas meal postponed it was even more important to ensure we had a good laugh tonight.

We had a walk and run option for the warm up but both groups headed around our gorgeous pier. We were so lucky as it was a beautiful calm, mild starlit evening.

We started with a tug of war and followed it with some traditional sports day games including egg and spoon, sack race, bean bag on your head, another round of tug of war and finishing with throwing the bean bag.

it was a lovely, happy way to finish the GG Worthing year.

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Stephen Blaine went on a group run
Group run

Raking it in

Mon 22 Nov
Report written by JULIA GLEESON

*F A B- U - L O U S turnout - Thank you ! *

What a wonderful turn out it was tonight. Honestly it was brilliant!

We had received an SOS call for help from Gwenn in the parks department to help with some raking and fine, tooth comb weeding of an area in the park which has been lined up for some 'Prarie planting' ( perennial ornamental late flowering grasses)

On a very chilly but, thankfully, still evening I feel i need to give a big shout out to each and everyone of ALL the team tonight.

Round of applause

  • Rosalind So good to see you every week now that you are off shifts :)
  • Duncan Thanks so much for making the effort to get to every task you can and for bringing GG to Worthing!
  • Belinda Thank you for coming out in the cold with your knees especially with all the kneeling!
  • Sue Thanks for pulling yourself out of your lovely warm flat!
  • Anne Always bringing the smile and the hard work. Thank you for always just doing it!
  • Paul It must be cold if Paul has his leggings on!
  • Barbara Well done for finding your way from Brooklands to us !
  • Paula Yee haaa lovely lady :) Always great to have your energy.
  • John Thank you for all the great photos and for the endless humour you bring to the group!
  • Natacha Yes Natacha - great to see you at a task again and not just for the burger :)
  • Sue Lovely to see you again and get well soon from your covid.
  • Stacey Fabulous to finally meet you! Let me know if you would like to join the whats app group chat :)
  • Stephen Great to see you at a task again.

And Finally

Hudson Gleeson - Great to see you at your debut appearance at Good Gym - woof woof. Less jumping next time please!!

Wrapping it up

Under the watchful eyes of Gwenn and Erin from the town hall we got down to the business of precision weeding and trying to stop any pesky weeds growing again! This involved raking and sifting and bagging the debris.

When it got cold we went off round the park for laps of either running or walking until the cold got a bit too much and 1 hour later we called it a day.

After loading the rakes into the car having a final photo and giving promises to return we all headed off in different directions ( no burgers tonight! )

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Stephen Blaine went on a group run
Group run

Hook, Line and Anchor

Mon 25 Oct
Report written by JULIA GLEESON

On a bright and breezy evening in Sunny Worthing it was great that 8 of us met up at Anchor Gardens to give some pro active support to this seafront community garden.

It was a real milestone of a week with It being Belinda 200 Good Deed with us. What an epic achievement Belinda! many congratulations. It was also Ricky2nd year anniversary with us - That time has flown by. many congratulations Ricky, your running has been an incredibly successful journey since you joined us and its been great to have you as part of the GG team :)

Our host Freda, asked that we cut back a large hedge so JohnDuncanStephen and Jemmie set about the task in hand.

BelindaTamsinRosalind and Rickywere really busy weeding and sorting out the large overgrown flowerbed.

Tamsin, Jemmie, Ros and I headed off for a little bit of fun running followed by having bit of a play on the outdoor gym equipment. Steve joined us for some pull ups ( Impresssive!! )

We had a chat about a social in a 2 weeks time and settled on a meal at Chipwick after our beach clean. I will take numbers and book :)

Same time next week - I will be bringing all the light I can summon up as the clocks will have changed by then. If you have a head torch please do bring it along with your gloves.

In a week where GG Area Activators are feeling a bit glum I'm feeling how lucky we are to have the loyal, amazing, supportive, happy group that we have in Worthing

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Stephen Blaine went on a training session
Training session

The fanta sea fitness session

Mon 15 Jun
Report written by JULIA GLEESON

The fitness challenge Flop

Today we met up to discuss how much we all love the fitness element of GoodGym and don't want to see it disappear as the current proposed post Covid plans suggest.

How ironic then that no one managed to do the challenge this week! As Sue so charmingly put it, the group 'need a chum' to motivate each other and hence Worthing unwittingly, made their very own protest vote to save our group runs and fitness.

Belinda gets 50 points for running and half capturing herself with Hudson so I declare her the winner this week:)

The meeting was rather disjointed as my internet kept crashing so apolgies for the technical difficulties but, regardless of this I think you all enjoyed a chat :)

Many thanks for the support that so many of you are giving me and our group right now. Watch this space for community missions that will be loaded up this week

See you next week:)

Stay safe and well

Julia xx

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Stephen Blaine went on a training session
Training session

A photo finish

Mon 18 May
Report written by JULIA GLEESON

Its a take!

With the lockdown rules being eased slightly it meant we could swap virtual fitness for an outside challenge.

I had outlined the idea to walk or run around as many of the sites where we had done good deeds in Worthing as possible with 10 points for each photo captured and bonus points for completing all of the suggested list that I had sent through. The idea was to get people out in the fresh air away from computer screens and having a bit of fun with their running. It was less about competition and more about having safe fun ( ooh err matron )

Picture perfect

The results were great with a good handful of our crew joining in the fun. Special mention to winners John and Natasha who looked like they totally nailed it with loads of laughs and bonus points for additional places visited and captured. John uploaded their adventures on an awesome app too ( sadly too big to upload on this site)

However Jay and Katharine get the prize for best photos as they look so cute together in all of them plus they did get round all of my list too.

Bring your pet week

We had our usual catch up at 6.45pm for a drink and a chat. Tonight as mant of us as possible brough our pets along both real and virtual ! John's Rex was especially amusing ! After the success and fun of our first quiz last Friday the jungle drums were beating loudly demanding another one as soon as possible! Paul has kindly offered so it is set for Friday 29th May ! time TBC

Look out for next weeks challenge called The Holy Grail Trail

Until then enjoy the sunshine and stay safe !

Julia x

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