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Nick Gleeson
Nick Gleeson went on a community mission

Sat 13th Jul at 4:00pm

A bakers dozen

Worthing Report written by JULIA GLEESON

Saturday social vibes

What a wonderful turn out on a sunny afternoon to support the Care for Veterans summer fayre. There were 13 of us including Jemima who came along in her GG t-shirt with mum Tamsin to help us too - If only there was a junior GG Jemmie would be there every week!

it was lovely to see Natacha again and we are looking forward to welcoming a GG baby boy in 3 months time :)

There was a guest appearance from Nick who brought some muscle along to compliment Johns!

Belinda, Sue Daisy and Anne together with Roxy and Paula all pulled out all the energy meaning that we managed to be cleared up within 1 hour. Myra was delighted and let us choose a drink whilst Jemmie oped for sweet treats ( lots of them! )

And so to the pub

We all headed to the pub to celebrate Belinda 300th good deed that she achieved last week. John had made an amazing GoodGym Gulliver in celebration and had also managed to keep it a secret from her too. Congratulation and thank you to Belinda Kudos to John too !!

It was a really nice way to spend a late afternoon. Roxy has requested a picnic next time!

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Paula Marten
Nick Gleeson
Nick Gleeson went on a group run

Mon 26th Feb at 6:00pm

Getting to the root of the matter

Worthing Report written by JULIA GLEESON

Sunday rewind

It had been a very successful Brighton half marathon for 5 of our group. Sue W, Sue A, Ricky ( who got a PB) Paul and John all did brilliantly battling a vicious easterly wind in the the last 5 k of the course. Massive kudos to Belinda and John too who were the intrepid supporters and who stood in the freezing weather watching and photographing everyone before getting soaked in the torrential wind and rain getting home afterwards.

Monday fun day

Luckily the weather had calmed down by Monday evening for our visit to Heene Community Centre gardens where we have a bit of a winter project on the go!

It was a surprise to welcome Nick back to GG. Nick had achieved some fantastic results the day before with 2 gold medals and 1 bronze in his regional ballroom and latin dance competition. With the attraction of spending quality time with his wonderful wife together with the idea of a social and food afterwards, it meant he turned up with a garden fork and spade in hand, ready for some digging!

John and Paul also fell in with the digging crew whilst Belinda arrived for some more photographic duties whilst her poorly thumb gets better.

It was all going smoothly with some great progress until Nick got obsessed with a stubborn root that he refused to leave and 'cover it over' as i requested ( quite a number of times,) Even Paulagreed with me but no, clearly I'm not th boss at home or on a GG task!

Craig to the rescue but then I realised he was just as stubborn as the flippin' tree root ( and Nick!) Whilst the focus was on this root, Paul, John and myself were just getting on with the original brief of the task. We did a great job digging, weeding and carefully replanting any valuable plants that we could rescue whilst the other two continued with their own agenda !

Job done

Thank goodness Craig and Nick finally got that root out! Belinda recorded everything and then we went to the pub for drinks and 50% off food ! Happy days !

See you all next week for ( hopefully ) the final chapter of the Heene rooms

Have a great week !

Julia xx

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Belinda Robinson

Wed 28th Feb at 8:17pm

Love the report!

Nick Gleeson
Nick Gleeson went to a social

Sat 2nd Dec 2023 at 6:45pm

All sung out !

Worthing Report written by JULIA GLEESON

What an amazing time we had !

Bravo Paul and John - you were amazing and a great time was had by all !

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Nick Gleeson
Nick Gleeson went on a group run

Mon 21st Aug 2023 at 6:00pm

It was a Bold Earth Move!

Worthing Report written by JULIA GLEESON

Lets see what we can dig up

On a beautiful evening in sunny Worthing we all met up at one of our favourite tasks at St Botolph's Church Garden and our regular hosts Val and Rik. Val is always super organised with her instructions so we were able to crack on with jobs straight away.

Natacha who made a return to GoodGym tonight and John set about their first, rather impossible, task to put some hooks into the wall to train the brambles upwards rather than along the ground. John stuck with this for a while but with the hooks being fairly short together with an unforgiving brick wall, it wasn't long before he spied the big boulders that had been bugging him every recent visit. Very bravely (and without permission from Val !) John decided to put all his strength training into practice and dig up and roll the boulders away from the area we were clearing. And WOW what a success ! Take a look at the photographic evidence and be prepared to be impressed!

In The Bigger Picture

It was also great to see newly retired Nick back after a long break from Monday night delights! Nick got stuck into digging with Paul and Ricky and Duncan.

Big shout out to Duncan who smashed out a 55km ultra yesterday with great success. He did admit to his legs being very tired but he looked incredibly fresh as he whizzed off on his electric bike to catch the train home. Also well done to his partner in crime Lucy who also completed the run in style.

Daisy made a clean sweep of the area and Belinda and Barbara worked tirelessly to attack aforementioned untamed brambles whilst also keeping an eye on John!!

Meanwhile Paula was weeding and clearing and loading the green bin helped by Belinda was also mulching down the debris to make room for more.

As the photos will show, this evening was a particularly sociable and ended with 4 of us heading to the pub for a drink to wet the baby's head ( our new grandson - Teddy)

Talking of this little bundle - apologies again, for the delay in getting this report out. I had literally just sat down to write the report yesterday evening and got a call to take Pecan the pug back to meet his new baby brother after a weeks holiday in Goring! I must have had GoodGym on my mind as I accidentally shared the photo of pecan in his car seat to the GG whats app group instead of the family one! Le oops !!

This week we are at Kamelia Kids on Thursday as we wont be at a task next BH Monday. I hope some of you will be able to make it please! Sign up here

Have another great week and, for those who are not retired, enjoy the late summer long weekend !

lots of love to you all.

Julia xx

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Nick Gleeson
Nick Gleeson went on a community mission

Sun 11th Jun 2023 at 11:00am

Seas the day and let your garden bloom along the shore

Worthing Report written by JULIA GLEESON

On a sunny Sunday in Worthing, three dedicated GoodGym volunteers came together to plant up a lovely seafront flowerbed. The team consisted of Nickwho returned after a long break from GoodGym, Barbaraan experienced gardener, and myself responsible for watering duties. Our combined talents made for a fantastic trio of skills.

Thanks to GoodGym's efforts in maintaining the flowerbed during the winter and spring months, it was in good order and ready for a transformation with summer bedding plants.

Barbara and Nick were in charge of weeding and planting out the new blooms.I took charge of watering duties fetching and filling multiple cans then passed them to Nick for his expert sprinkling! Here begins the watering rota for the summer!

The collaboration between the three of us worked really well and hopefully all the residents and visitors to Worthing will agree!

Thank you both so much for giving up time on a hot June Sunday :)

Julia xxx

Regenerate response

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Nick Gleeson
Nick Gleeson went to a social

Sat 10th Dec 2022 at 10:30am

Munching on the brunch

Worthing Report written by JULIA GLEESON

Post parkrun reward

Following the very successful parkrun we all walked along the prom, basking in the sunshine to Munch where we decided to rearrange the furniture to suit the GG worthing 'as one' ethos :) Luckily we narrowly got away with it despite a few stern words from chef Theresa.

With breakfast already pre ordered it was a ( relatively ) straight forward ordering of drinks etc. We all did slide down in our chairs when Stephen asked to alter his order ( although he was oblivious of our concern! ) but yet again, Theresa ( happily) agreed to the last minute change.

it was really lovely to see our very own mini Christmas star Jemima come along with Tamsin and what a great photo of her and of everyone by the tree:)

There were also very welcome guest appearances from Natacha , Pauls husband John, plus Nick who has been stuck on 67 good deeds for around 4 years - ha ha !

Save the date

Watch this space for our new years curry party on January 28th which our social secretary, Tamsin and I will be organising early in the new year.

Plus Bank Holiday Monday - walk and chat 09:30

Wishing you a very warm and cosy Christmas filled with love and good times.

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