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An enthusiastic amateur runner who enjoys running & volunteering at parkrun.


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Belinda Robinson
Belinda Robinson went on a community mission

Sun 25th Sep at 10:00am

Good gym has Green dreams

Worthing Report written by Duncan Anderson

Sue, Barbara, John, Belinda, Lucy and Duncan attended the 2022 Green Dreams festival at Field Place spreading the word to other community groups and over 2500 visitors about Good Gym.

Belinda and John were very keenly talking with the Sussex Dolphin project to try and volunteer swimming in the sea with the dolphins.

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Mon 26th Sep at 4:17pm

Ha - Love it - Thanks Duncan !

Belinda Robinson
Belinda Robinson signed up to a community mission.

Sun 25th Sep at 10:00am

Promoting goodgym

Encourage others to join or network with new community groups

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Belinda Robinson
Belinda Robinson went on a group run

Mon 5th Sep at 6:00pm

Digging in at St Botolphs

Worthing Report written by JULIA GLEESON

The calm after the storm

A big welcome to Jane who joined us for the first time tonight. We welcome Jane's gardening skills and the energy and smiles she brings to our group and look forward to seeing lots more of you in the coming weeks and months. ( she asked to be added to the whats app groups!! )

This evening was our penultimate visit to this pretty and interesting church garden this year, which we have adopted as a bit of a project within our group. Rik and Val are Friends of St Botolph's and always give an appreciative, warm welcome to us. Big shout out to Sue from the friends of Heene Cemetery who always brings tools and stays on to help too. What a wonderful team !

*10K hero's and run Kudos *

Many congratulations toJohn, Sue and Anne who did the Littlehampton 10k yesterday and Rickywho did a 15 k off road run in preparation for his forthcoming half marathon.

Don't touch my tree!

With Paul away on his holidays I had been given strict instructions that no one was to touch 'his tree' in his absence... and no one did! Luckily it wasn't on Val's agenda for this evening - It would been a brave person to have touched it had we been asked to!

Digging in

The team quickly got stuck into the task. John and Sarah were in charge of moving the fencing away from the area that we had been asked to dig over. Sue W, Belinda, Sue A and Barbara cleared an area of brambles for the proposed storage of the fencing just before I whipped Sue A and Sarah away for a run. We even managed to persuade Peter ( from Heene cemetery)to come too!

Ricky, Jane, Val and Rick together with Sue ( from Heene Cemetery ) did some great digging over and weeding meaning the greens bin quickly got filled and the compost got well topped up too.

Rik messaged to thank me the following

Thanks for the great work of GoodGym tonight , Julia. See you in October.

I will see you all next week at Lindfield House at 6pm.

Have a great week.

Julia xx

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Belinda Robinson
Belinda Robinson went on a community mission

Sat 3rd Sep at 8:30am

First shall be last, and…..

Worthing Report written by John Robinson

Today saw five GoodGymers turning out to support Worthing parkrun. From set up and first timers briefing, to last person over the line, we had all bases covered. Belinda as Run Director took charge of proceedings. John on set up, and Sue A on first timers briefing helped to get proceedings underway. Sue W marshalled at the all important rowing club junction, ensuring no clash of morning activities. Anne, using "The App" for the first time, was there to congratulate finishers and scan their barcodes. John tail walked. His determination to keep with the last runner almost thwarted by a stray dog incident...... Another parkrun successfully completed! Look out for a GoodGym parkrun takeover in a couple of months.

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Sat 3rd Sep at 4:40pm

Great report John - hope the dog incident was sorted !

Belinda Robinson
Belinda Robinson signed up to a community mission.

Sat 3rd Sep at 8:30am

Worthing parkrun

Helping the weekly run take place.

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Belinda Robinson
Belinda Robinson went on a group run

Mon 22nd Aug at 6:00pm

Help is only a stepping stone away

Worthing Report written by JULIA GLEESON

Rainy days are here again

On a particularly damp August evening we all convened on the corner of Manor Road in readiness to do a good deed at Stepping Stones. This house is one that has been converted into medium to long term living accommodation for adults who have fallen on hard times and are in need of a helping hand to get back on their feet again.

In years gone by we have done a lot to help this hostel so it was good to be back ( despite the rain and a bit of heckling!)

In all honesty it felt like - Where do we begin? there was so much to do and minimal time to do it in. The garden looked fairly sad in comparison to how we ( I) remembered it. Due to internal improvements the major contents of the kitchen were either on the lawn or in the drive, rubbish was strewn everywhere and the lawn and beds were overgrown.

GG Worthing - thats the spirit!

In true GG style the team just got stuck into the task, and, little by little the work got broken down and progress evolved. John together withJay began clearing leaves and debris in the front corner of the garden near the composting area.

Belinda and Sue started on litter picking together with Ricky who multi tasked with litter and sweeping up.

In the back drive, Anne, Paul and Sarah had the unenviable task of clearing this scrubby area. Shortly Duncan also joined and together we all pitched in to make the area look a little less grim.


John turned his attention to raking the front garden and was joined by Sarah with her broomstick with Sue and Belinda keeping a close eye on proceedings whilst also pitching in!

Paul turned to pruning , Ricky stuck with his sweeping as did Anne with her weeding and sweeping.

Jay and Duncan then transferred their attention to drinking tea and eating chocolate mini rolls which were kindly provided to us by the duty officer who had stayed late to accommodate our visit.

We finished with a photo and a promise to return in drier weather to cut the grass and strim the borders.

Next week we will take a 1 week break due to the bank holiday but will return on 5th September.

Have a great bank holiday all of you and happy holidays Paul !

Julia xx

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Belinda Robinson
Belinda Robinson signed up to a group run.

Mon 5th Sep at 6:00pm

St Botolphs Church garden

Giving a helping hand to the friends of St Botolph's

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Belinda Robinson
Belinda Robinson signed up to a group run.

Mon 22nd Aug at 6:00pm

Stepping Stones Gardening

Helping out at a local homeless project

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