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🗓Sunday 13th August 6:00pm

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Wed 31st May at 6:00pm

Weeding out the confusion and making beautiful memories

Worthing Report written by JULIA GLEESON

On a sunny Wednesday evening, four dedicated GoodGymers volunteered at The Dementia Hub in Worthing

The Dementia Hub is a new task for us and a centre that provides daily care and socialising activities for individuals with both early and late onset dementia. It offers respite for caregivers at home while engaging clients in cognitive exercises to enhance their quality of life. The centre's coordinator, Lynsey, reached out to the GoodGym team for assistance in clearing the back garden of weeds, allowing the clients to create a colorful visual display that would complement the vibrant colours inside the facility.


Gillybean Anne Paula Julia

Task Description

The main objective of the volunteering task was to clear the back garden of weeds and prepare the area for the clients to work together and create a visually appealing display. The volunteers were tasked with weeding, pruning, and bagging plants, rubbish, and brambles.


We arrived at The Dementia Hub at 6 PM and were warmly welcomed by Lynsey, the coordinator. After a brief introduction and a description of the task at hand, the team immediately got to work. Equipped with gardening gloves, tools, and bags, we began the process of clearing the garden.

Gill, Anne, Paula, and I worked diligently, carefully identifying and removing weeds from the garden beds. The volunteers paid close attention to ensure that only unwanted plants were removed, preserving the existing flora and fauna. Pruning was also necessary to maintain the health and appearance of the plants.

The garden proved to be more challenging than initially anticipated, with an abundance of plants, rubbish, and brambles requiring removal. I experienced a small mishap when encountered a thorny bramble - there is visual evidence but not caught on camera.

Throughout the one-hour volunteering session, the team maintained a positive 'get this job done' atmosphere supporting each other. Our dedication and hard work were evident as we steadily filled 14 bags with the cleared debris which Lynsey ( or her husband ) will take to the tip.


After a fairly intense 60 minutes, the team of GoodGym volunteers successfully cleared the back garden of The Dementia Hub, preparing it for the clients to create a vibrant visual display. The collective efforts of Gill, Anne, Paula and myself, alongside the support and guidance of Lynsey, contributed to the transformation of the garden space.

The volunteering session at The Dementia Hub not only benefited the centre but also showcased the dedication and compassion of the GoodGym community. By providing assistance in maintaining and enhancing the outdoor environment, the volunteers played a significant role in supporting the overall well-being of individuals living with dementia.

Thank you so much all 4 of you - VERY much appreciated and so good to see Paula back with us again! Big love:)

See you all next week

Julia xxx

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Anne Blokhus
Anne Blokhus signed up to a group run.

Wed 31st May at 6:00pm

Dementia Hub Garden

Giving a helping hand with this community project

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Anne Blokhus
Anne Blokhus signed up to a group run.

Sun 13th Aug at 6:00pm

Kamelia Kids

Getting this children's centre party ready

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