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Paul Woodcock
Paul Woodcock went on a group run

Mon 26th Feb at 6:00pm

Paul Woodcock
Paul Woodcock went on a group run

Mon 19th Feb at 6:00pm

Weed it it again

Worthing Report written by John Robinson

Report written by John and photos taken by Belinda Thank you both

On Monday seven of us returned to Heene Road Community rooms where we had previously done some weeding and clearing ready for early spring planting. Our return visit has been somewhat delayed due to the recent poor weather - the impact of which greeted us on arrival! The wet conditions and reasonably mild temperatures has triggered the regrowth of the weeds, and seems to have strengthened their resolve to continue the defend of their territory against tidiness and neat planting!

Fitting in the fitness

Meeting at the task meant there was to be fitness opportunities during the task. It seems that John was the only one to acknowledge that a proper gardening session is a good all over workout. Clearly they didn’t all dig it!

Julia sent off a trio of runners; with Paul mistiming his arrival slightly (just a minute later Paul, just a minute….) his brief hesitation when asked “was he running” was declared an affirmative and he set off with Sarah and Craig on a timed run.

Belinda and Daisy opted for the walking route, and Julia and John got stuck in to the clearance task.

Little weeds

Luckily the work previously done wasn’t a completely wasted effort. Much of the weed covering was rooted only just below the surface so loosening the soil with a fork enabled them to be lifted. This also meant we could avoid disturbing the bulbs which are beginning to sprout telling us that despite how the weather seems currently spring is really on the way.

I don’t give a fork

On return from their first run, the three speedsters were keen to get stuck in. Paul had brought along his own fork, and he was soon working like a human rotivator. Craig wrested the fork from a very reluctant John, who clearly was desperate to carry on digging, but graciously gave in. John must have already done a lot of the hard work. How else could it look as though Craig’s efforts were more efficient and successful. Sarah went in search of some accessories!

The walkers return

This heralded another quick change of role. The runners were sent off again with a simple instruction, nay, demand, from Julia: “Be quicker!” They were! Daisy got stuck into some weed gathering and bagging while Belinda focussed on ensuring our efforts were suitably recorded.

By the time it came to the final (“you must be even quicker!”) run Paul had clearly realised that a ‘fork holding workout’ was a ‘sufficient workout’ and he threw himself fully into single handedly clearing a huge patch of weeds.

It’s mostly fun

Although intriguingly there is, to date, no Strava evidence to support this, Craig and Sarah declared their final run as the fastest of the evening. Clear up and group photo time followed. John is still adamant that he was NOT throwing dirt and weeds at Daisy. She just happened to be in the “discard” area. It was no more than unfortunate timing. Honestly!

Absent friends

As always when we are working in a reasonably closed space there was plenty of time for chat. We discussed Sarah’s intriguing, but clearly successful rotational system, and asked after ‘absent’ GoodGymers wellbeing. Particular care and concern was expressed for Ryan who according to Sarah had had a ‘slight’ slip at the parkrun finish on Saturday when he may have ended up a ‘little’ dirty.

Just like Arnie

“We’ll be back” - here next week hoping to get the last of the area cleared ready for planting. And there will be beer (or other beverage of course) with a GoodGym Get Together following the task.

Great report and photos- thank you Belinda and John :)

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Paul Woodcock
Paul Woodcock went on a group run

Mon 12th Feb at 6:00pm

A ship shape job

Worthing Report written by JULIA GLEESON

Monday fun day

What a great turn out we had on a crystal clear star lit sky. Anne led the running group withSarah and Paul I led the walking group with Ryan,Daisy,John and Barbara. Special mention to Barbara who has returned after a horrible six weeks of injury and nasty illness - it was great to have you back!

Star Gazing

John and Barbara forged ahead walking whilst the runners caught up the remainder of us and paused to do some star gazing whilst en route to the task.

Anchoring Down

We arrived at our regular task - Anchor Gardens with 1 mission, to have a really good tidy up and litter pick of this prominent seafront garden that is so visible to all that walk past along the seafront and also the road alongside it.

Sarah and John set about doing the litter pick, entertaining themselves with a ' name the chocolate bar ' game whilst the rest of the team bagged up all the debris that we had cut down last time and which was still sitting in the big white grab bags looking an eyesore. This was all sorted with some lovely mulching compost re distributed over the beds too.

We have some nice events to look forward to with a drink food on Monday 26th after GG at the Railway Inn plus a plan in the pipeline for a downs run and roast later in March. More details to follow! Have a great week.

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Paul Woodcock
Paul Woodcock went on a community mission

Sun 11th Feb at 10:00am

Fun in the sun

Worthing Report written by JULIA GLEESON

On a sunny Sunday Paul and Paula together with Hudson and I had a tidy up of our flowerbed on the seafront.

Following this we headed to the pier - what an ideal venue for interval training! Paul did an amazing 5 laps of the pier with escalating pace each time ranging from 2.50 mins to 2.19 He absolutely nailed this and completed the brief perfectly and has certainly set the bar high for next time !

on the way back we gave a cheer to Ricky who had just finished his half snickers training run ( marathon - in case you are wondering! )

it was a great way to finish a really lovely hour.

See you all next time

Julia x

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