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Paul Woodcock
Paul Woodcock went on a group run

Mon 22nd Aug at 6:00pm

Help is only a stepping stone away

Worthing Report written by JULIA GLEESON

Rainy days are here again

On a particularly damp August evening we all convened on the corner of Manor Road in readiness to do a good deed at Stepping Stones. This house is one that has been converted into medium to long term living accommodation for adults who have fallen on hard times and are in need of a helping hand to get back on their feet again.

In years gone by we have done a lot to help this hostel so it was good to be back ( despite the rain and a bit of heckling!)

In all honesty it felt like - Where do we begin? there was so much to do and minimal time to do it in. The garden looked fairly sad in comparison to how we ( I) remembered it. Due to internal improvements the major contents of the kitchen were either on the lawn or in the drive, rubbish was strewn everywhere and the lawn and beds were overgrown.

GG Worthing - thats the spirit!

In true GG style the team just got stuck into the task, and, little by little the work got broken down and progress evolved. John together withJay began clearing leaves and debris in the front corner of the garden near the composting area.

Belinda and Sue started on litter picking together with Ricky who multi tasked with litter and sweeping up.

In the back drive, Anne, Paul and Sarah had the unenviable task of clearing this scrubby area. Shortly Duncan also joined and together we all pitched in to make the area look a little less grim.


John turned his attention to raking the front garden and was joined by Sarah with her broomstick with Sue and Belinda keeping a close eye on proceedings whilst also pitching in!

Paul turned to pruning , Ricky stuck with his sweeping as did Anne with her weeding and sweeping.

Jay and Duncan then transferred their attention to drinking tea and eating chocolate mini rolls which were kindly provided to us by the duty officer who had stayed late to accommodate our visit.

We finished with a photo and a promise to return in drier weather to cut the grass and strim the borders.

Next week we will take a 1 week break due to the bank holiday but will return on 5th September.

Have a great bank holiday all of you and happy holidays Paul !

Julia xx

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Paul Woodcock
Paul Woodcock went on a group run

Mon 15th Aug at 6:00pm

Come on E'Irene

Worthing Report written by JULIA GLEESON

Reasons to be happy !

This evening turned out to be of those real feel good special evenings where it felt like a warm fuzzy feel good few hours spent with great company.

Could one of the reasons for this be because Daisy was back on her 28th task with us?! So VERY good to have you return to the GG fold.

Or maybe it was because Jay also returned and even better, brought along a surprise for us in the shape of - Katharine Together they brought news that they will be moving back to Worthing soon :) Tonight was Jays 97th task so 100th celebrations are in the planning. Also notable was that is was Katharine's 105 good deed ! Kudos to you too:)

*More reasons to be happy *

Paul, JohnBelinda and Ricky also joined us making a nice tidy group of 8.

New venue - new task -one for Irene

This evening we were at Lindfield House. This centre is one that Guildcare manage to provide a caring bespoke environment to support people with dementia. This coming weekend they are having a summer party, hence why we were asked to help with giving the garden a really good spruce up.

With minimal tools at our disposal we did the best we could to dead head, prune, sweep, rake and water. With the relatively compact are of the courtyard garden it was easy to enjoy some great conversation amongst us all. Belinda observed that just over the railings, in Victoria Park, was where GG Worthing all began back in 2017!

I observed the several tributes in the garden to residents and especially 'Irene's bench'

Very soon the green bin was full. In all honesty we could have stayed all day but we will definitely be returning!

Cheers to good times and good people

With the Brew House so close it would have been rude not to avail ourselves of a well earned drink - so we did! and there finished a very happy evening of work and play.

Have a great week and see you all next time :)

Julia x

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