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Mon 3rd Oct at 6:00pm

Raking The Dead

Worthing Report written by JULIA GLEESON

Welcome Craig

We returned to one of our favourite tasks tonight, Heene Cemetery, for our final visit this year to assist Sue ( who coordinates the volunteers ) with raking the area after strimming, together with a general tidy up before winter sets in to this idyllic nature reserve themed graveyard.

Tonight we welcomed a new face to the group, Craig Big welcome to you! Many thanks for all your hard work this evening and for being an absolute star at joining in with the group in such a relaxed and sociable way. We all hope this will be the first of many visits to us :)

Special mention to the rest of my team

Heene Cemetery always attracts a great turn out due to its location and popularity and this evening was no exception

Many thanks (in no particular order)to Duncan. Gillybean Belinda Sue Anne Barbara JohnRicky Sue

Long Live Duncan

The team got straight on with raking, barrowing and moving a collection of logs. I pointed out a plaque on one of the gravestones with a large 'DUNCAN' printed on it ( you may just be able to see it in the photos) Luckily we had our very own live and kicking Duncan moving swiftly past the grave moving logs with Craig!

FIne Pruning

As ever, Gill led the way with her pruning skills together with Sue W, to remove the over branches overhanging the pavement outside with Sue ( heene) swiftly clearing up behind them with her wheelbarrow.

Chatting as we work

it was such a lovely vibe tonight with everyone taking time to catch up with each other whilst we made Sue really happy ticking off all her jobs.

With a great photo to finish and a promise to return next year ( or even next week to St Botolphs Church garden round the corner!) we ll headed home.

Social dates and tasks will be uploaded later today!

Have a happy, great week!

Julia xx

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Sue signed up to a group run.

Mon 3rd Oct at 6:00pm

Heene Cemetery Tidy up

Helping a local cemetery conservation with a tidy up

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