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Rosalind Reason
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Mon 26th Sep at 6:00pm

The Star(s) In The East

Worthing Report written by JULIA GLEESON

*High Five GG Worthing *

It was an evening when it had turned cooler. rained on and off all day and the chill of Autumn had started to set in. Combine this with an out of borough challenge and I was super chuffed and grateful that 7 intrepid GoodGymers had turned out to support this task tonight.

Thank you so very much :)

Weeding out the weeds

Tonights task was all about weeding!

All of my team today shined through like the absolute stars that they are!

From Gillybeanand Rosalind who nailed the Eastbrook community gardeners bed to Sue Ricky,John and Duncan who all smashed the brief tonight of clearing the north facing wall of a large industrial unit bordering this local community crescent.

Super Proud

This was a task that went a long way to support the local community in an area where going the extra mile means more than alot. However, to me it went further than this. On a day and a task which wasn't pretty,local, high profile or easy, my team shone through with their commitment, hard work and good humour. Thank you so very much. You all deserve double kudos.

Next week is more local and way more popular - A Worthing favourite - Heene Cemetery. See you there at 6pm.

Have a great week.

Julia xx


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Tue 27th Sep at 9:19pm

Lovely report ❤️

Rosalind Reason
Rosalind Reason signed up to a group run.

Mon 26th Sep at 6:00pm

Weeding at this community crescent

Helping a small local group of gardeners

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Rosalind Reason
Rosalind Reason went on a group run

Mon 12th Sep at 6:00pm

A bit of joy and laugh-vender in a secret garden

Worthing Report written by JULIA GLEESON

Lending a helping hand at Linfield House

On an evening when numbers were light I so appreciated that Rosalind, Gillybean and Sarah had all turned out to support this task.

After a few false starts we started work in the pretty courtyard garden that we had worked so hard on last time.

Smelling of Lavender

Gill got straight to her usual fine pruning assisted by Ros. There was an amazing aroma of lavender throughout the whole garden which created a very relaxed and laid back feel to the task.

*Discovering the secret garden *

Around 40 minutes in, Jolanta , the care home manager came running out, full of apologies and gratefulness to unlock the gate to the secret garden that went all around the back and side of the courtyard that we had been working on. It was quite a relevation with not one but 2 further gardens for us to work on. Gill, Ros and Sarah got stuck in straight away to clear loads of weeds and reeds from around the water fountain area.

Meanwhile I had a chat with Jolanta who was armed with drinks and snacks ! She told me how she so very VERY grateful for our last visit to the home, just prior to their summer fate. They had raised £700 from the event which will put towards improving the other gardens and balcony patio area in readiness for next spring.

Rain stopped play

With heavy wet drizzle falling we reluctantly stopped work and promised to return ASAP.

Next week, due to the bank holiday in honour of the Queens funeral we will change the task to the Tuesday 20th September.

Have a great week and do hope you all stay dry !

Julia xx

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Rosalind Reason
Rosalind Reason signed up to a group run.

Mon 12th Sep at 6:00pm

Giving a helping hand at Linfield House

Supporting Guild Care with one of their dementia care homes

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Rosalind Reason
Rosalind Reason went on a group run

Mon 8th Aug at 6:00pm

Sea's the day with a Worthing wave !

Worthing Report written by JULIA GLEESON

A perfect summers evening

What an amazing day for going to one of our favourite tasks at St Botolph's Church Garden. We were warmly met by Rik and Val who set the tasks for the evening.

John usefully took a few before and after photos of the area south of the font that he, Barbara RickyBelinda and Sue were weeding and clearing.

Sarah, Sue Gillybean Rosalind and Paul were forcefully attacking the bindweed along the old stone wall bordering the church and the vicarage.

Val and I together with Belinda worked on sorting the debris between the compost and the rubbish heap.

In the end

Belinda and I headed out for a great run whilst Paul led Sarah, Ricky and Ros did the same . Around 18 minutes later we all reconvened for photos and a promise to return to the garden in September.

Sea heaven

Nearly all of us then headed to the beach for a quick dip and the signature Worthing wave picture. Many thanks to Gill who volunteered to take the photo ! Another one for the GG feel good album !

I hope to see you Wednesday at the beach hut task or next Monday at Lindfield House followed by fish and chips ( or similar ) on the beach afterwards.

Stay cool and have a good one :)


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GillybeanLucy Booth
Rosalind Reason
Rosalind Reason signed up to a group run.

Mon 8th Aug at 6:00pm

St Botolph's Church Garden then sea dip

Helping with the gardening project at this community garden

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Rosalind Reason
Rosalind Reason went on a group run

Mon 1st Aug at 6:00pm

Wicking away the weeds with a B.O.G.O.F

Worthing Report written by JULIA GLEESON

What a lovely evening to go on location to Southwick Square for a new task this evening.

We met up with the coordinator of Eastbrook community gardeners, Carol, together with members of The Friends of Southwick Square, Stuart , John and his adorable soul mate Alice who is a gorgeous black cross labrador / collie.

Blazing the trail

In advance of the main event GillybeanBelinda and John had made amazing progress weeding at the Eastbrook Road project before joining us at Southwick Square Gardens to continue their good work.

Team Work

On their arrival Gill, with all her essential tools in her trug , immediately put her expertise to good use with the pruning of multiple shrubs in the main hub of the garden. John and Belinda joined Gill whilst Carol, Anneand the other John supported by Alice worked on weeding in the heart of the garden.

Meanwhile Paul had launched into one of his favourite projects - cutting down trees! Check out the photos for the before and after images - High 5 Paul !!

With all of this amazing productivity going on, I was clearing the rapidly growing multiple piles of debris ( I could hardly keep up with the progress) whilst Ricky and Rosalind were working on digging out, weeding and cutting back weeds and nettles. They were also rapidly joined by Paul after he had cut down the tree!

Garden Makeover

An hour later and the progress was brilliant ( as usual) Visually it had a great impact and I think we are all agreed it was a lovely garden to work in and that we will look forward to returning in the future months.

See you all next week :)

Julia xx

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Lucy Booth
Rosalind Reason
Rosalind Reason signed up to a group run.

Mon 1st Aug at 6:00pm

Weeding in Southwick Square

Giving a helping hand with this community group

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Rosalind Reason
Rosalind Reason went on a group run

Mon 11th Jul at 6:30pm

An Eastern magic makeover

Worthing Report written by JULIA GLEESON

Worthing GoodGym on tour

Tonight was the first time we had a task outside of the borough of Worthing so officially we were on tour ( but without a tour bus or our social secretary! ) There was a variety of modes of transport with Ros, Paul and myself cycling over, Jay and Ricky running, Anne driving and John chauffeuring Gill :)

We had been approached to help out a very small group of 3 keen volunteers called Eastbrook Community Gardeners who have been working tirelessly on their own since lockdown to try and improve the local neighbourhood.

We were warmly welcomed by Carol, who could not have been more helpful setting us up with the task ensuring we were comfortable and safe.

With the the warm weather we switched next weeks painting task to tonight to ensure good drying weather. The task was to prepare the surrounding area to facilitate painting a low barrier that formed a border around 3 wild flowerbeds that the team had been cultivating for the last 2 years.

With brushes and secateurs in hand John, Anne, Gill and Ricky set about the prep whilst Paul, Jay, Ros and I started on the painting. What had seemed a daunting task for a couple of willing helpers, was soon done and dusted by the 8 of us. Carol and her team seemed super pleased with our progress.

With water and towels all sorted to clean our hands together with beer and chocolate kindly offered as a reward, we said our good byes until next week when we will return to weed!

Have a great week everyone and try and stay cool!

Julia xx

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